Cold smoked mackerel

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Cold smoked mackerel


Salt 100gr
Sugar 1h l
Black peppercorns arbitrarily
Bay leaf 1 PC
Water 1 liter

Cooking method

  • In order to cook such a fish at home, at home, and not at the dacha or somewhere else, since not everyone has a dacha (this is me about myself), you need to purchase such a thing, her name is "Cold smoking generator ", which I did two weeks ago, which one I took, I will not say, so that it would not be perceived as an advertisement. So, let's begin:
  • Fish, I have frozen mackerel 10 pcs without external damage (this is important) defrost until slightly soft, clean the abdomen and remove the gills, and rinse thoroughly. Prepare the brine - I took 3 liters of water, added 300 g of salt + 3 hours. l sugar + 3 bay leaves and tsh 10 peppercorns, brought to a boil, boiled for 5 minutes and cooled to room temperature, pour the fish with brine and refrigerate for 2 days. After 2 days, take out the fish and rinse under the tap without zeal, tie ropes to the tails and hang them to dry, insert spacers in the form of toothpicks into the abdomens, just cut off the sharp ends so as not to pierce the abdomens and leave them for 12 hours, preferably there is a draft and protection from flies. I hung it all night. In the morning, I outweighed the fish into a homemade smoking cabinet (my husband did it), poured wood chips (beech + apple tree) into the generator, turned on the generator and it went. The whole structure was on my loggia, I put the smoke outlet hose into the street between the sliding windows, opened 2 more windows a little to create a draft on the loggia itself in case smoke appears, but this was not needed - all the smoke slowly went out through hose outside and dissolve in the breeze. The whole thing was smoked at one gas station for 9.5 hours. In the morning at 8 o'clock the beginning and at 17.30 I finished. Then she took out the fish and hung it up for airing at night so that there was no thermonuclear smoky smell, and only then she packed all the fish in baking paper and put it in a chill-nik so that it was finally ripe for a day. Stunned, how delicious it is !!! If you really want to, then everything will work out!

The dish is designed for

10 pieces

Time for preparing:

4 days

Cooking program:

cold smoking


We plan to make cold smoked pink salmon balyk now!

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Cold smoked mackerel

Irinawhat deliciousness!
nut, look how cunning. You don’t want to do advertising, now I’m just wondering what kind of animal is this? Show me in the photo.
Gayane Atabekova
Irina rybka otpad. If possible, a snapshot of the generator and the entire installation. And how many kilowatts per hour it consumes.
Girls, thank you for the fish - it really is awful: nyam
Cold smoked mackerel
The box itself is closed with a lid tightly from above and there are no cracks anywhere, only such a pipka stands on top and a hose is put on it. How many electricians pulls I don't know, it works silently - it's a little black thing, it says 220-240v 8w
The generator is a very necessary thing, there is an ordinary smokehouse, I have not bought such a pribluda yet. There are generators with an upper outlet and a lower one. So that's it. As if there is an opinion that the upper outlet is preferable, since hot smoke passing up through the chips will be additionally cooled and have just an outlet temperature of 25 degrees on average. Keep this in mind who will buy. And the box is a regular compressor for an aquarium.
The mackerel is super! I think I will definitely buy a generator over the summer.A really useful thing for those who are fond of smoking. Hot is good, but not good.
Both me and me such a fish can be without beer !!!
Serg22, you wrote everything correctly - it was me who chose the upper smoke outlet, this thing has one more chamber on the side, where the smoke is purified from any harmful tar - they are collected there in the form of condensation. After the end of smoking at the bottom of the tube, the bolt-cap is unscrewed and the contents are poured out - it's just horror, such a black oily muck and it was 80-100 ml with a full load of the smokehouse with chips
Masha Ivanova
nut, Irina! And on the side of your homemade wooden box, what? There are visible two cylinders, as if attached to a wooden box, and two black devices. Which of them belongs to the cold smoking generator, and what, besides the box, do you need to do yourself?
I was very interested in the device. I want such a fish!
Masha Ivanova,
The generator is, roughly speaking, a cylinder, there are chips in it, air is supplied to it from a conventional compressor for an aquarium, it is most likely powered by a step-down power supply. And the exit, from where the smoke, even to the box, even to the old refrigerator, into any box that is. The better the wood, it absorbs moisture. And the generator should be chosen with a top cork cover, not a stainless steel. The wood absorbs excess moisture.
The only thing that I have not seen before is like a dry steamer at a moonshine at the exit. This is new to me. A year ago, when I looked closely at them, just a pipe outlet of smoke immediately into the box. And here you get a smoke cooler and removal of excess moisture. A very interesting solution. I went to the Internet.
By the way, there are a lot of such generators on YouTube. There are homemade canned pineapple cans. They will be enough for several times. Buy only a compressor and that's it.
Masha Ivanova
Serg22, Sergei! Thank you so much! But I didn't understand much. I would be very glad if you, having searched the internet and found what you need, give a ready-made recommendation of a specific "model". And so that not for a short time, but immediately for a long time, it is better forever. You are a man, and you understand this. And we, women, have different brains, we don't understand everything in technical matters. And many women on the forum will be very, very grateful to you!
So far, what I've found is the Smoke Generator. Type in Yandex search. And this additional thing that cools and cleans the smoke from excess tar and water is called the Dephlegmator. Oh how. I didn't even know. Live and learn.
What links have I found so far:


This is without cooler, top outlet. Maybe he is still not so needed. Simply cheaper.

Otzovik about the generator Dymka, the person did not understand the principle of smoking a little and what should be heated there and what should not. Read it, it will be clear from subsequent comments. That is, the smoke should be cold, and if you need to raise the temperature of the product, then it is not the smoke that is heated, but the chamber itself. By the way, cold smoking of a decent piece of loin takes up to 5 days. With a generator, it will look like adding wood chips every 10-12 hours. I would fall asleep in the evening and sleep. This is not for an apartment, for a private house anymore.
ps the site does not allow you to post a link to the otzovik, erases the word at least kill yourself.
before com, write the word otzovik in Latin. (nonsense)
Masha Ivanova
Serg22, Sergei! I'd better wait until you figure this out completely. Itself all the same I will not understand much.
Still, smoking at home is for extreme people.
Recently I smoked mackerel in an aerogrill, yes, it’s delicious, but the smell of smoke, although it was not a pillar of smoke, and the cracks were all closed, and the hood and the open window were very strong and took a long time to disappear.
In short, I no longer stage such experiments in urban conditions.
Outdoors in the country, please. But not at home.
Girls and boys, search for "Merkel Smoke Generator" - who is interested
nut, Irinawhat a beautiful fish, and a piece of pliz for me ...
Irina, and at what temperature was smoked?
Olga the temperature inside the box was + - 23-25 ​​*, measured with a simple thermometer through the upper smoke outlet
Irina, thanks, we put a smokehouse at the dacha (a gourmet's dream), but so far we only smoked hot smoked, but I really want to try cold
Irisha, I looked after your recipe for a long time, became interested in the smoke generator, rummaged in the tyrnet and now I am the owner of a smokehouse, I salted the fish, my husband will smoke tomorrow.
Gayane Atabekova
Irina ! I wanted a merkel. But they are not expelled from Russia. The experienced one ordered smoke in Ukraine. I'm looking forward to it. I love this fish very much. Shop all on liquid smoke. There is a hot-smoked smokehouse, but there I make sausage and ham. And my husband doesn't like fish. It was you who encouraged me. Thank you.

But I do it with a wet ambassador. For 1 liter of water, 5 tbsp. l salt, 3 tbsp. l sugar, lavrushka and pepper. I keep it in brine for 4-5 days, rinse it, dry it and hang it on the balcony. Then I smoke. There is a Chinese smoke generator. But he's certainly not so hot. You can eat like that. It turns out a very tasty spicy salted fish.

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