Spring rolls with meat and vegetables

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Spring rolls with meat and vegetables


any meat 200 grams
cucumber 1 piece
bell pepper sweet 1/2 piece
radish 6-8 pieces
young cabbage 100g
sweet and sour chili sauce taste
arugula 50 grams
rice paper

Cooking method

  • Spring rolls with meat and vegetablesFinely chop the cabbage, wash the salad and dry it. Cut the radish into segments, cucumber and pepper into long cubes. I have the meat Chicken thighs with lime and honey.
  • Spring rolls with meat and vegetablesDip the rice paper into water for a few seconds.
  • Don't keep there. Otherwise, you won't wrap anything in it.
  • Spring rolls with meat and vegetablesWe put bright vegetables on the edge of rice paper,
  • then arugula, cabbage. Put the meat on top and pour over the sauce. Wrap it up like spring rolls. Everything is ready. You can eat)
  • Spring rolls with meat and vegetables
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do everything with love for your loved ones.


In fact, the total number of products on the list is approximate. Everything can be put as you wish and taste. Meat and vegetables can be anything. There may be seafood. Vegetables can be lightly fried, as well as the rolls themselves. A recipe from the series "by eye" and "everything that is at hand." Highly recommend.

Declassified rolls - all insides are visible! : girl_haha: Great! And, of course, beautiful, tasty, versatile! Thank you, Angela!
ang-kay, Angela, I confirm, it's very tasty, my son loves to cook such rolls with different fillings, thank you,
Girls, thanks for stopping by. Everything ingenious is simple, fast and tasty)
ang-kay, Angela, beautiful rolls.
I want to make vegetable spring rolls as a barbecue appetizer.
Rolls with salad, Korean carrots, cucumber ... well, what else I will buy. Can you tell me about the sauce? Which one is suitable if you eat these vegetable rolls with barbecue? Sweet and sour chili? Somehow something wrong with meat: girl-th: regular soy?

And further. If you cook them a little beforehand, will they stay in the refrigerator normally? Nothing happens to rice paper?
Quote: Lisichkalal
if you eat these vegetable rolls with barbecue? Sweet and sour chili? Somehow the usual soy goes to meat?
Why "not that"? Although a matter of taste. You can not use any sauce or any that you like with meat.
Quote: Lisichkalal
If you cook them a little in advance, they will lie normally in the refrigerator.
The paper can be very soft from the juice emitted and tear. This shouldn't happen in a few hours.
ang-kay, Angela, thanks for answers
Served with soy sauce.
The next day was no worse, so you can cook in advance.
Well, great)
ang-kay, Angela, this is really fast and tasty. When I have pieces of smoked meats left, I chill them, a green onion there, a cucumber. I wrap everything up and with soy sauce - yum

Thank you!!! Delicious!!! They ate for three days ... Nothing happened to them ...
Quote: Orshanochka
I wrap it up with soy sauce
Orshanochka, Tatyana, delicious)
Quote: Helen
They ate for three days ... Nothing happened to them ...
Rolls are handsome. Excellent that they are. I always do little so as not to leave. I thought they would come apart)

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