Smoked and boiled lard at home

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Smoked and boiled lard at home


fat Your weight
water according to the formula
nitrite salt 0.5-0.6% according to the formula
Bay leaf
sweet peas
metal stand
thermometer probe
fruit tree chips

Cooking method

  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeWash a piece of bacon with meat, scrape off the skin and wash again. Allow water to drain. Weigh the fat.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeCooking the brine
  • Boil water with spices, cool completely. Remove the spices.
  • Dissolve salt in cooled water.
  • Formula for calculating salt and water:
  • Water
  • Water, l = meat weight, kg * 0.4
  • Salt
  • Maximum salt, g = water, l * 100
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homePut the bacon in a clean dish. It must be pre-doused with boiling water or wiped with vodka. The dishes should be narrow and high. There is always little brine, so it will better cover the fat. Put bacon in a bowl, pour brine. If, nevertheless, the brine has not completely covered the bacon, then press the bacon with a saucer or plate, or turn over every day. Refrigerate. Lard ripens from 7 to 14 days at a temperature of + 4-6 degrees.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeWe take out the bacon and leave it in brine at room temperature for 2-3 hours. We take it out, rinse it under water, dry it and tie it with twine so that the piece does not deform during thermal circulation.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homePut chips in the cauldron at the bottom.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeWe wrap the lid of the cauldron from below with foil.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeWe make a "dome" of foil over the chips.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeWe put a metal stand.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homePut foil on the stand, and lard on it. We turn the foil, making small sides.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeCover with a lid and set on the strongest heat. After 10 minutes, make the fire minimal and keep the bacon for another 20 minutes.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeIn half an hour we get such smoked bacon.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeWe transfer the fat to clean foil, insert a thermometer probe from the end of the piece. Put bacon on the oven rack. Cover the top with another piece of foil so that the meat layer does not dry too much. Temperature 80 degrees.
  • Smoked and boiled lard at homeWe keep it in a convection oven until the temperature inside the piece reaches 71-72 degrees. If at some point the temperature inside the piece "froze", more often it happens after 60 degrees, put a bowl of boiling water in the oven under the wire rack with lard (meat, sausage) and continue cooking.
  • Take out the finished bacon, wrap it in foil. Allow to cool to room temperature. To cool the lard faster, you can wrap it over the foil with frozen towels. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours. During this time, the taste will mature.
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones.


More information about the salting formula can be found here:
Smoked and boiled lard at homeWet salted chicken fillet, smoked (Brand 6060 pressure cooker-smokehouse)

This is how you can make meat without smoking
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Sometimes I really want smoked bacon, but there is no smokehouse at home. I found this way out. This fat turns out to be very tasty, soft and very smoked. In this way, I smoke chicken, which is ready in a cauldron. More details here
Smoked and boiled lard at homeFried eggs with vegetables and home-smoked chicken breast

Smoke in the house is almost inaudible if there is an extractor hood. A pleasant smell, like in a bath. Did it several times already. Family and acquaintances appreciated. Highly recommend.

Angelawhat are you doing with us?
the desire to run for brisket and cook! after all, it's so easy on microns, even like wrapping a lid with foil ... for broad masses
ang-kay, Angela, what a beautiful piece of fat. And after your recipe for smoked chicken breast, I began to master smoking, I got involved in this process. I was interested in the fact that after smoking the bacon is placed in the oven. I tried to just smoke, but I keep it longer than here in the recipe. And also according to the method Lena Kubanochka: first for a couple of 15 minutes, and then smoking. I really like this and that method, I always do the brisket like this, now I will try your recipe too. Thank you so much for sharing
FSE, I am lost, I am lost ... how to live now
Anzhelochka, well, shosh is going on, well, I don't want to show such beauty!
Angela, this is awesome! So beautiful ... And that means it's delicious ... All the time I look at different smoked meats and in an amicable way they take curls. How many times I wanted to create something smoked, but all the time something stops me. Now I'm afraid everything will be saturated with the smell of smoked meats, then I start to look closely at the home-made smokehouses (they are not worth the money that they ask for). Angel, your home smoking method is very good. I'll take it into service. It seems to me that it should work out. Thank you.
Angela, beautifully!!! I will never try this, and I don’t want to be honest, but it’s sooo beautiful and most likely I will cook it, I really liked the recipe!
Angela, what lard And everything is painted in such detail and shown that it seems and is not difficult at all Thank you very much
Super! Thank you!
Quote: ok
Angela, what are you doing to us?
Quote: Trishka
FSE, I am lost, I am lost ... how to live now
I agree with the girls! Gorgeous fat! Thank you!
Girls, help yourself and be sure to do it yourself. You will not regret, you will definitely not regret it)
They did it more than once
The main thing is to cook the potatoes on time, otherwise, well, not a piece will remain, everything will be swept away fiends beloved household))))
Jeanneand I have no doubt that you do so.
Quote: Zhannptica
boil potatoes, otherwise, well, not a piece will remain, everyone will sweep away
Nope. We eat chunks and only cold.
AngelaAs I saw the recipe, the thought settled down: I will do everything for the new year. Salted, and today day X has come)))

Smoked and boiled lard at home

This is right after smoking, now it is being cooked in the oven. There is not much smoke and smell, there is more smell from the meat itself. But I opened the cauldron on the balcony))) I also decided that the next time on the balcony and I will do it on a camping tile. Now I'm just thinking how to save it to Ng and where, can I freeze it? And thank you for the recipe!
Yaroslavna, very nice. I have no doubt that it will be delicious. Use it to your health. Share tomorrow how it tastes.
Store just in the refrigerator. It lies perfectly due to nitrite salt and smoking.
Angela, I will definitely share it, but it's scary to somehow shoot a sample, I'm afraid we'll try it and nothing will remain for NG)))
give it out for painting A piece, like, not small.
Angela, I share my impressions: it is very, very, very tasty. The meat is soft and aromatic.

Smoked and boiled lard at home
Yaroslavnahaven't eaten everything yet? Very appetizing)
Angela, no, not all, cut off piece by piece and put it in the far corner of the refrigerator)))
Angela, can I finish it in Brandovskaya's smokehouse?
Natasha, of course. After all, you have it.
Angela, thanks!
made according to three recipes, this one with vinegar and gypsy ... I wonder what happens?
I will definitely unsubscribe
Natasha, I will wait)

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