Fish sausages

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Fish sausages


fish fillet (I have a sole) 550 grams
cream of any fat content 2-3 st. spoons
small carrots 1 piece
turnip onion 1 piece
small pickled cucumber 1 piece
dill taste
egg 1 piece
salt taste
pepper mix taste
vegetable oil for frying
cling film

Cooking method

  • Fish sausagesCut the fish fillet into long thin strips. This is so that the piece is immediately captured by the auger and does not wrinkle again.
  • Fish sausagesPass the fish through a medium sieve of a meat grinder.
  • Fish sausagesPeel the onions and carrots. Chop the onion into small cubes and grate the carrots on a coarse grater.
  • Fish sausagesPour a couple of tablespoons of oil into the pan, heat and fry the vegetables until soft.
  • Fish sausagesTwist the vegetables to the minced fish.
  • Fish sausages
  • Fish sausagesPeel the pickled cucumber and cut into small cubes.
  • Fish sausagesWash the dill, shake off the water or dry, chop finely.
  • Fish sausagesAdd egg, cream, chopped cucumber and dill to the minced meat with vegetables.
  • Fish sausagesSeason with salt and pepper. Keep in mind that minced meat contains pickled cucumber.
  • Fish sausagesMix the minced meat and beat well.
  • Fish sausagesCut the cling film. We put it on the board. We take the minced meat with wet hands, form an oval and put it on the film.
  • Fish sausageswrap the minced meat in film, roll it, shaping the sausage.
  • Fish sausagesWe twist the ends on both sides, thereby compacting the minced meat. We turn the ends underneath.
  • Fish sausagesPour water into a saucepan, put a sieve on top for steaming dishes. When the water comes to a boil and steam starts, put the sausages (the ends are turned down), cover with a lid, tighten the fire and cook for 10 minutes. We take it out, let it cool slightly, remove the film.
  • Fish sausagesLightly fry the sausages on both sides in vegetable or other oil. Can be served with a side dish or vegetables. You can eat it as an independent dish.
  • Fish sausages
  • Fish sausages
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones)

The dish is designed for

9 pieces


Delicious. Prepared from hake fillets and sole. It is good both in one and in the other version.
Can be cooked in a multicooker on the "steam" program, a double boiler and a mantle. Recommend)

Angela, delicious !!! We must do it. I do not like the sole language, but I will make it from pollock or cod.
Good luck in the competition. You are a great fellow !!!
Tanyulya, Thank you. You come to me, and I studied your cupcake. I don't like the sea language either. But I don’t know what the men listen to when you send them for food. I asked for hake or pollock. He brought tongue, cod carcass and halibut fillets.
Angel, here we go to the store only together, my husband has an honorable mission to roll the cart and carry everything to the car.
Scops owl
Angela looked and wanted to cook. Looks very appetizing. Such cutlets are neat, even in the film. I'm taking it to the soundtrack. Thank you.
ang-kay, Angela, Wonderful sausages!
oh what sausages!

I exclude the cucumber (for lack of), add sauerkraut (for excess) and

in munyu))))) menu that is! beautiful and tasty! thank you!
Angela, very good! Fish and tartar sauce in one vial sausage. Bravo! And yummy with fried lemon!
Girls, thanks for your attention to the recipe. Help yourself. Tasty and simple)
Angela, thanks for the recipe!
I took the fish to the piggy bank, maybe mine will like it ...
Ooooo yummy ooooo)))))))
Fried lemon in the brain bookmarks !!!!

Added Monday, 07 Nov 2016 10:26 AM

And smoke the halibut !!!! On a pear))
Angela, it's really very tasty !!! Thank you!
Quote: Zhannptica
And smoke the halibut !!!! On a pear))

Zhannptica, quietly moaning AT LEAST SPOILER HIDE such suggestions !!! Well this is a killer from such deliciousness
Quote: Zhannptica
Fried lemon in the brain bookmarks !!!!
- as exactly said! I will speak like that now too
Girls, Thanks for the kind words. I would be glad if the recipe is useful to someone. Tasty, juicy)
Quote: Zhannptica
And smoke the halibut !!!! On a pear))
We need to think Pear, thanks to you, I have. Only I do not like hot smoked fish, and I will not succeed in another. Although I did mackerel, it turned out great. I wanted to show it, but somehow it doesn't work out. I'll try)
Quote: Zhannptica
in the brain bookmarks !!!!
Capacious expression And if in the tabs (instead of the brain) there is already MurgUrin, as my spouse says?
Quote: ang-kay
Although I did mackerel, it turned out great. I wanted to show it, but somehow it doesn't work out. I'll try)

So!!! Another "torturer" was added. Say the day when you will expose the recipe - I will not go to the computer, so as not to damage it ... with my teeth
I do not even know. There are so many plans in my head that I'm afraid there won't be enough competition to show everything
ang-kay, I will definitely try, but also not from the language
My fishmonger has excellent cod, catfish ...
Angela, sooooo delicious and beautiful, you are just a sorceress
Katerina, to your health. It is only advisable to do skinless fillets), more tender.
ang-kay, thanks, I will consider)
I would never have thought of making sausages from fish! And even with a pickled cucumber!
Nata0901, the internet is a great thing. If you don't guess yourself, then someone will definitely do it
A very tempting dish. : bravo: And I couldn’t cook this sea tongue deliciously !!!
Elena, the sausages are delicious despite the fact that it is a tongue. I don't like him either.
Angela, and what can you substitute for cream and an egg to cook this beauty in Lent? Cream for vegetable oil, I guess. But the egg?
izumka, you can put a couple of spoons of semolina. You don't need to pour oil. Just take all the products, excluding the egg and cream, add semolina. I always make fish cakes in the post when I can eat fish.
Angela,: girl_love: now in this post we will have fish sausages!
izumka, to health)
And if you need a gluten-free diet, starch works well instead of semolina - either potato or corn starch ... Sorry for the interference. It's just relevant to me. Maybe someone else is also concerned about this problem (celiac disease) ...
June, in this case, you can make a flaxseed egg.
even soaked oatmeal well replace the egg
want sausages ?. I have them ..
Fish sausages
swoop in before you eat it !!!
Angela, thank you very much from the family))) they really liked it - very tender, almost dietary cutlets
AlenKa, such beautiful sausages, but more! Hochuuuuuu Look very appetizing, and what is delicious, no doubt. Thanks for trusting the recipe)
Have you by any chance tasted unroasted sausage? How is she?
Svetlana, fine. Like steamed fish sausage (cutlet).
Angela, Thank you! Bookmarked

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