Lightly salted fish

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Lightly salted fish


Raw fish 0.75-1 kg
Salt 2 tbsp. l
Sugar 1 tbsp. l
Dill / any other favorite greens, maybe even dried, but fresh is better by consumption
Bitter pepper pinch

Cooking method

  • Local fishermen taught how to quickly salt fish.
  • Fish (any: pink salmon, carp, chum salmon, bream, capelin, perch, halibut, pilengas, carp, herring, mackerel, pike perch, cod, trout, hake, etc.; preferably fewer bones ...) cut to the state " fillets on the skin. " Cut large fish into pieces, small, for example, capelin, and leave. If the fish was frozen, do not defrost it completely: it is much more convenient to remove the bones this way.
  • Mix salt with sugar, pepper and, if desired, any favorite spices.
  • Place a row of fish slices skin side down on a piece of baking paper. Salt with curing mixture, cover with a thin layer of greenery. You can also add garlic plates. If the fish is low-fat, like hake or cod, sprinkle with a few drops of vegetable oil. Put a row of fish pieces on top, skin side up - as if you get whole pieces with skin on both sides. Turn the paper over so that the fish is wrapped. Repeat the process as long as there is fish. Then wrap it in several layers of the same piece of paper, put it in a tray and refrigerate under a kilogram of oppression. If not all of the salt is used, leave it for the next time or just sprinkle it next to the fish wrapper.
  • Small fish is ready in 2 hours, large fish the next day.

Time for preparing:

20 minutes.


I salted freshly caught pilengas - delicious!

Tatyana, river fish is dangerous to cook like that, in my opinion. She needs more time to shrink.
Nadyush, they have the Azov Sea, and pilengas is a sea fish, delicious, yes, but I would also be afraid in 2 hours, even capelin.
and salt-sugar, too, so salt the fish
More time is not needed because the fish is under pressure. It is very important! And the capelin is ready in 20 minutes even without oppression ...
River fish should freeze in the freezer for at least 3 days
Then the pond too? Never heard of it. We buy live (the seller muffles it) and immediately cook it.

And for what purpose to freeze? If to get rid of possible parasites, then this is not a method - it will not help. If, for fear of being poisoned raw, why should you poison yourself with fresh fish ?! If the stomach of raw fish does not accept, then this is more likely a problem of a particular stomach, and not fish ...

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