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How to calculate the number of cans and marinade for preserving vegetables and fruits

Often in the recipes there are complaints and discontent about "not enough marinade", or "there is a lot of excess marinade left."
In the first case, it can be additional cooking of the marinade, where again you can not please with the quantity, or you have to add hot water to the jar, which is not good.
In the second case, it's a pity for the products that went to the marinade.

Or a common question: how many cans will be required to preserve a certain amount of vegetables and fruits.

Question: how to achieve the optimal solution to the problem, and as accurately as possible to calculate the amount of marinade for preservation and vegetables and fruits.

1. The easiest solution, when the jar lacks quite a bit of marinade, up to 50 ml. approximately (no more!). The reasons may be different: boiled away, not enough, ran away, and so on ...
This problem often arises when vegetables are pre-fermented, and then they need to be preserved - the amount of the primary marinade does not always coincide with what needs to be poured when transferring vegetables to jars.
In this case, I just cook boiling water in a ladle, add a little salt, sugar, and maybe vinegar (if required), stir the resulting marinade, and add it at the end of sterilization to a can with conservation (as needed). Done! In the future, the poured marinade will be mixed with the main marinade in the jar, and the composition of the total marinade will be equal, the taste will not suffer. And most importantly, vegetables and fruits will not be naked in the jar, but completely covered with marinade, which will keep them from drying out and possibly from spoiling.

2. The problem is more complicated. When you pour the marinade into the jars, and it is already clear that you miscalculated - the marinade is not enough for everything !!!! And we urgently need to prepare additional marinade !!!

How do I deal with this situation when you need to first calculate the number of cans required and the amount of marinade.
I will do this using my template as an example:

How to calculate the number of cans and marinade for preserving vegetables and fruitsCanned tomatoes

I canned tomatoes in liter jars
I made a preliminary calculation on the subject of how many cans I need for preservation, and how much marinade needs to be prepared for pouring, so as not to miss the "undershoot-flight".
I take a 1 liter jar, put tomatoes in it (now the jar and tomatoes can not be washed), pour water to the very top of the head "under the knife", then pour the water into a measuring cup, and see how much water fits in the jar with tomatoes.
This will be the basis for calculating the amount of marinade. I got about 450 ml in a measuring cup. water, round up to 500 ml. for even counting, and to keep a little surplus "let it be, it may come in handy"

How to calculate the number of cans and marinade for preserving vegetables and fruits

I take the tomatoes out of the jar and count their number. I had about 9-10 pieces in the jar, and their weight was 500-550 grams.
Based on this, I will need 9-10 cans, 1 liter in volume, to preserve my tomatoes.
And marinade, in volume (500 ml. X 9-10 cans = 4.5-5 liters). When I fill the jars with tomatoes, then I will finally adjust the amount of marinade.
Already now I can say in fact: I needed 9 cans of 1 liter, and marinade 4.5 liters (500 ml the marinade remained, which is normal for topping up if necessary).

We fill the jars with spices, pickled herbs, garlic, chili, horseradish.
We lay the tomatoes. I also add some herbs and roots on top.

How to calculate the number of cans and marinade for preserving vegetables and fruits

Preparing the marinade. Measure the required amount of clean water into a saucepan and put on fire to boil the water. I got a marinade in two passes of 3 + 2 liters.
Weigh on a scale (or measure with spoons as in the recipe) salt and sugar, and add to boiling water, stir, let it boil for 30 seconds.
Pour tomatoes in jars under the knife with salty-sweet water, cover with lids, and let the tomatoes stand for about one hour, so that they warm up, and managed to absorb the marinade a little.

How to calculate the number of cans and marinade for preserving vegetables and fruits

If, before sterilization, there is a shortage of marinade in jars (absorbed into herbs and tomatoes), then add it from a small excess that we prepared in advance.
We put cans of tomatoes for sterilization.

The result was canned tomatoes, where the marinade was enough for them, and the "extra" was nothing, about 300 ml. - this is normal!

How to calculate the number of cans and marinade for preserving vegetables and fruits


By the same principle, you can calculate the amount of MARINADE or SYRUP for conservation and other various vegetables, fruits and berries.

Now I ask you to share your "chips" on how to accurately calculate the amount of marinade for conservation, how you do it
Tanya, she gave a good and necessary calculation. True, I have never had such that the brine was not enough, more often it remains. But in your tomatoes with vegetable crumbs, the liquid turned out to be not enough and I had to add water with salt and sugar. I'll see what happens. Tomorrow I will repeat, I will hold the tomatoes longer in the basin, maybe more liquid will come out.

Luda, such conservation, a separate conversation.
Here the tomatoes (or cucumbers for salad) are already sliced. And if you keep them in a marinade-their own juice for a long time, then the juice flows out of them under the influence of salt, and the tomatoes "shrink", lose their shape, which is very important in the appearance of canned food.

I would have acted differently. The tomatoes were mixed with spices, mixed for uniform penetration of the marinade and the marinade enveloping the tomato, and put them in jars. I immediately poured it with hot marinade, let it replace tomato juice with marinade. But this is already in the jar, and there should be no change in the appearance of the tomato. You can let the tomatoes stand for some time, if necessary, add the marinade and put on sterilization.

I think it will be more correct. What do you think?
But about the hot marinade, I doubt something. Are the tomatoes cut, won't they flow much? And then, if you pour marinade, then what's the difference - is it hot or cold? The amount of liquid is the same. And the marinade turns out a little, I think, from the fact that a small amount of tomatoes. I did it for 1 kg. We'll see tomorrow

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