Canned tomatoes

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Canned tomatoes


Ground tomatoes, ripe "finger-cream" How much do you need
The water is clean 1 liter
Stone gray salt 1 tbsp. l. with a slide / 32-35 grams
White sugar 2 tbsp. l. with a slide / 47-50 grams
Acetic essence 70% 1 teaspoon in 1 liter jar
Fresh greens (or dried) marinade mixture of herbs and herbs (dill sticks and umbrellas, currant and cherry leaves, tarragon, horseradish leaves, horseradish root, fresh garlic, bitter chili pepper)
Spices of your choice mustard, coriander, dill, fennel seeds, 1/2 teaspoon per can

Cooking method

  • I took my recipe for canned cucumbers as a basis:
  • Canned tomatoesCanned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"
  • Used dried herbs:
  • Canned tomatoesGreens, horseradish, garlic for conservation, dried
  • The root, horseradish, chili pepper, garlic were fresh, sliced.
  • Acetic essence 70% in a bottle
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Primidorks ground, red, ripe
  • Canned tomatoes
  • I canned tomatoes in liter jars
  • I made a preliminary calculation on the subject of how many cans I need for preservation, and how much marinade I need to prepare for pouring, so as not to miss the "undershoot".
  • I take a 1 liter jar, put tomatoes in it (now the jar and tomatoes can not be washed), pour water to the very top of the head "under the knife", then pour the water into a measuring cup, and see how much water fits in the jar with tomatoes.
  • This will be the basis for calculating the amount of marinade. I got about 450 ml in a measuring cup. water, round up to 500 ml. for even counting, and to keep a little surplus "let it be, it may come in handy"
  • Canned tomatoes
  • I take the tomatoes out of the jar and count their number. I got about 9-10 pieces into the jar, and their weight was 500-550 grams.
  • Based on this, I will need 9-10 cans, 1 liter in volume, to preserve my tomatoes.
  • And marinade, in volume (500 ml. X 9-10 cans = 4.5-5 liters). When I fill the jars with tomatoes, then I will finally adjust the amount of marinade.
  • Already now I can say in fact: I needed 9 cans of 1 liter, and marinade 4.5 liters (500 ml of marinade remained, which is normal).
  • Now directly cooking.
  • We wash jars and lids for them, sterilize.
  • We wash the tomatoes in hot water to wash off all the dirt from them, cut off the specks, if any.
  • Now I will try to chop the tomatoes with a toothpick to avoid cracking them. I make an injection with a toothpick into the center of the speck, where the stalk was, and a couple of injections nearby, half the depth of the toothpick. Tomato peel bursts when preserved, what should I do?
  • Canned tomatoes Canned tomatoes
  • Maybe I did not chop there, but the tomatoes were partially cracked from heat treatment, and I will not spend more time on this - let them be cracked in the right side - this does not affect the taste of finished tomatoes))
  • We fill the jars with spices, pickled herbs, garlic, chili, horseradish.
  • We lay the tomatoes. I also add some herbs and roots on top.
  • Canned tomatoes Canned tomatoes Canned tomatoes
  • Preparing the marinade. Measure the required amount of clean water into a saucepan and put on fire to boil the water. I got a marinade in two passes of 3 + 2 liters.
  • Weigh on a scale (or measure with spoons as in the recipe) salt and sugar, and add to boiling water, stir, let it boil for 30 seconds.
  • Pour tomatoes in jars under the knife with salty-sweet water, cover with lids, and let the tomatoes stand for about one hour, so that they warm up, and managed to absorb the marinade a little.
  • Canned tomatoes
  • If, before sterilization, there is a shortage of marinade in jars (it is absorbed into herbs and tomatoes), then add it from the excess that was prepared in advance.
  • We put cans of tomatoes for sterilization.
  • I do it for a couple!
  • We put a large saucepan on the fire, put a pan support on 3-4 legs on the bottom (so that it does not sway when you put the cans on it).
  • Pour enough water into a saucepan so that the support grate is only slightly covered.
  • Put the jars covered (but not tightly closed !!!) with lids on the wire rack. I got 2 cans of 1 liter in the pan.
  • And today I found an "expansion ring" for the pan - I put on the second pan from the mantle without a bottom - it turned out super !!! After sterilization, I removed the top of the mantle with the lid, put it in the sink, and calmly took out the jars from the pan to screw the lids. I really liked this business !!!
  • Canned tomatoes Canned tomatoes Canned tomatoes
  • We are waiting for the water to boil in the pan, you can lift the lid and see that the water does not boil, but only boils and releases enough steam.
  • Sterilize 1 liter jars. we will be 15 minutes - time!
  • As soon as the time runs out, carefully open the lid on the jar of tomatoes, pour 1 teaspoon of 70% essence, cover the lid again, take the jar out of the pan, put it on the board, and close-twist it tightly. In this case, use a towel or special rags so that it is not so hot and your hand does not slip over the jar and lid.
  • Gently turn the jar over and put it on the lid until it cools completely.
  • I do not add a blanket to the tomatoes. Vegetables are covered with hot marinade, heat treated with steam, and give them extra heat ... in my opinion, it is not worth it, so that the vegetables do not become soft and overcooked. On the contrary, put the vegetables on the table, on a board-stand on the lids and let them gradually come to their senses away from drafts, cool down. After all, everything that could happen to them has already happened - they were doused with hot marinade, they were boiled under steam - and waking them up, they had enough alcohol!
  • And that's it!
  • Now we are waiting 35-40 days for the tomatoes to ripen and become edible!
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Now check the concentration of the essence in the marinade.
  • The jar holds 500 ml. water.
  • Tomatoes contain approximately 90% liquid juice per 100 grams. I have about 500 grams of tomato in a jar, which means approximately 450 ml. liquids.
  • Total liquid in a can is 500 + 450 = 900-950 ml. water-liquid.
  • In a teaspoon 5 ml. liquids.
  • Thus, we dissolve 5 ml. vinegar essence 70% in a volume of about 900 ml. liquids. This is the concentration of vinegar we get.
  • Water content in vegetables and foods (for flour-liquid balance in bread dough

The dish is designed for

Output 5 kg. tomato, 9 cans of 1 liter

Cooking program:



I canned the tomatoes today, so there is no final photo of the finished tomatoes, and it won't be for a long time.
I post the recipe for those who want to canned tomatoes according to my recipe.
Bon appetit, everyone! And tasty blanks for you!

My "cannery" - making life easier when canning at home

Canned tomatoesCanned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"

Tanya, the idea with the mantle is wonderful. And if it (mantle) is fully used? I'm looking for a sterilization pot. That is, the pan is large, but I can't find anything to close it. Do you have a lid on top with a hole? I have one with a hole, it probably needs to be closed so that the steam does not escape

Luda, I have this completely set of dishes for cooking manti - I have been buying it for a long time.
I use the lower pot constantly for sterilization. And today the question arose of how to build up a pot for liter cans. I went to look and came across the upper part of the mantle.
The cover is also native to the set. But at hand was this blue, from a double boiler - the hole does not interfere in any way. There is enough steam in the pan, the water below is boiling actively.
No dirt !!! And there is no steam in the air - there is no bath!
Well, thank you. So I will use the mantle. Otherwise, I didn't think about her.
Yummyaaaa! Why can't I, I love everything sooooo much
I will still preserve and devour
I have already made several cans, there are still three weeks of blanks ahead

Because the forbidden fruit is sweet
I, too, and I want to ... and not always possible. But I do it anyway
oh, like a recipe for tomatoes, but here:

As soon as time runs out, carefully open the lid on the jar with cucumbers
we wait 35-40 days when cucumbers will ripen

Thank you!
Right now I will change for tomatoes, because I checked the recipe is almost the same
This is speed !!! I'm amazed

At the right time and in the right place ... it just so happened

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