Chanterelle jam with antonovka

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Chanterelle jam with antonovka


My recipe:
Fresh chanterelle mushrooms 500 grams
White sugar 500 grams
Sour apples antonovka 500 grams
Lemon juice 1 PC.

Cooking method

  • I saw this recipe for jam in the Gastronom magazine, then I found it on the Internet, the author of the recipe, Maria Didurenko, and it is called "chanterelle jam." Only Maria, when making jam, also adds vanilla, cinnamon, which for me is already too much, against the background of mushrooms.
  • Chanterelle 1 kg.
  • Sugar 1 kg.
  • Apples 200 grams
  • And a very long cooking jam, up to 2-3 hours! At the same time, looking at the video, I would like to say "I do not believe", there is too much liquid in the bowl, does not correspond to cooking for so long, the liquid should have evaporated.
  • And then I saw on the Internet recipes for jam from chanterelles and with red rowan, and on lingonberry juice ... then a recipe from chanterelles has a place to be))
  • And unpretentious poems and an unpretentious motive are constantly spinning in the language, which, it seems to me, are very suitable for this recipe :)))
  • Riba danced with cancer ...
  • The fish danced with cancer
  • And parsley - with parsnips,
  • And tsibulya - with garlic,
  • The red girl is with the Cossack.
  • But the carrot didn't want
  • Because she could not.
  • The fish danced with cancer
  • And parsley - with parsnips,
  • And the salad was surprising
  • How the parsley danced.
  • And the beetle, like a fool,
  • I just sat at home.
  • My recipe, my recipe)
  • I took only 500 grams of chanterelles, and it turned out two glasses of jam, plus a little in a bowl for "try-lick your lips"))
  • Sort out chanterelle mushrooms, peel, wash. Cut into small pieces.
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka
  • Add sugar, stir and leave for 8-9 hours, you can leave it for longer.
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka
  • During this time, the mushrooms will give a lot of juice.
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka
  • Put mushrooms on fire, let it boil, reduce heat, and simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes. Stir the jam constantly with a spatula.
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka
  • Cut the sour “Antonovka” apples into small cubes and add them to the mushrooms.
  • And add the juice of one lemon.
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka
  • Cook for another 15-20 minutes, until the apples are transparent.
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka
  • Put the finished jam into jars and close the lids, put on the lids until they cool.
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka
  • Chanterelle jam with antonovka


Let's try!
Delicious blanks for you!

Maybe I would have walked past this recipe so I wrote it down on a piece of paper at the table in a cafe ... it seems like you can forget
But, after a couple of days, at the market I saw our local old man, with two bags of chanterelles, and appeals to "buy, the last remained", well, I got tired of the old man, you need to help out! And then I remembered about chanterelle jam on a piece of paper
So the fate of the mushroom jam was decided.
But, having read and seen enough, I went my own way ... I changed the recipe and the cooking method along the way, adjusting the taste to my taste preferences Not every day, after all, and not every season you make mushroom jam

Quote: Admin
I'll tell you the rest tomorrow
Tomorrow has come))) waiting)
: girl-yes: everyone is waiting ...
Fly away, from which only jam is not made, but from mushrooms!
Tanya, write at least how it tastes
Tannyayayaya me too to stacks of unconscious unexpected combination ...
and I'm also waiting for the taste
Tanya left ... and did not return ...

Is it for tea? Or with potatoes?
The way I cooked it, according to my recipe, it is more "table jam".
The taste of mushrooms is practically not felt, if I did not know about it, that chanterelle mushrooms are at the heart.

And Antonovka apples, sour, make jam better, give it taste. Today, I would put less sugar, for me it is sweetish.

You won't eat such jam with tea, although ... everything can taste and color

This is more a pleasant addition to meat, cottage cheese, perhaps to potatoes))) ... and the like. Putting in a little, a tablespoon as an addition to the taste will work very well. And moreover, you will get a lot of pleasure when the guests find out that the basis of the jam is ordinary forest yellow FOXES !!!
The taste of the jam is pleasant, and does not repel either in appearance or taste
I would cook it exactly in the same way as mine with a lot of Antonovka content.

Jam has a place to be, for pleasure, as an additive for taste, as show-off - something like that
Quote: Admin
This is more a pleasant addition to meat, cottage cheese, and possibly potatoes)
The husband said that it was apple-mushroom sauce)))
As an experiment it is interesting, but I probably won't dare to try
Tatyana, and how much is obtained from this amount?
Quote: celfh

The husband said that it was apple-mushroom sauce)))

Tan, it doesn't look like sauce but chutney - yes!

Anya, the output is not large, two jars of 250 ml. (cups) enough to try and surprise
The idea is very interesting ......... But I'm afraid that the household will call the orderlies ...............
Would treat, whoever .....

Well, I'm alive! How many days have passed
Even today I was engaged in procurement And there are plans for mushroom jam
I love exotic sauce with ginger and pineapples for meat, probably this jam is from the same series - the taste is sweet and sour, a little spicy, delicious! Immediately gives an unusual taste! This sauce, probably from the same series, was taken away in the bookmarks, Admin- Tatiana, You are a WITCHER !, thanks for another culinary delight

Sveta, thanks for the kind words Nuuuuu, I love different differences

If exotic is needed, I have such recipes - delicious, I use it myself

Chanterelle jam with antonovkaChutney from peaches, tomatoes and dried apricots
Chanterelle jam with antonovkaTable marmalade made from salted lemons.
Quote: Admin
Nuuuuu, I love different differences
- I realized this a long time ago, peeping at your recipes from behind the bushes. I study, I try, I put it in the bookmarks, I twist it! and what I didn't have time to try to cook, so while at least I lick my lips
The family asked to calm down a bit, so we need to make one glass
The idea "for show-off" is very stimulating to action
Quote: Zhannptica
The idea "for show-off" is very stimulating to action
Zhannptica, but then with what pleasure these "show-off" hamsters and especially the same home
Quote: Zhannptica
then we need to make one glass

A very small amount, it is difficult to cook such an amount, it will spread over the stewpan.
It's better to take the proportions from me - the very minimum will work
Quote: ElenaMK
I probably won't dare to try

And why, Lenochka ?!

In vain, honestly, in vain !!!

I made this jam the very next day it was before our Tanechka posted the recipe), after my husband bought me a new issue of "Grocery store" !!!

Today my mother again brought chanterelles from the forest, I'll cook another portion !!!

Quote: Admin
Today, I would put less sugar, for me it is sweetish.

I immediately halved the amount of sugar), in fact, it was necessary to quarter ...

It seemed to me too sweet ...

In! I cooked it and you are still silent I wonder the opinion about the taste
Reduce the amount of sugar, and there will be mushroom chanterelle caviar
Tatyana, you are like Masha from the cartoon, she made jam from cones, mushrooms, etc. Bear, not a fool, ate everything.

And on our forum there is jam and cones We have everything, as in Greece
: girl-swoon: go nuts, mushroom jam and I decided for something that I wouldn't be surprised at anything on the bread maker
I also thought about the cones. Then I remembered that we have pine cone here, but jam with mushrooms - the dump of the head is just

Not a dump of the head - but quite edible and even tasty
Yes, I believe!! But I won't even try to do this, and in general, I have no mushrooms!
Quote: Admin
Reduce the amount of sugar, and there will be mushroom chanterelle caviar

Well, yes, a kind of sweet mushroom caviar ...

In the morning I cooked one more portion !!!

In the process :

Chanterelle jam with antonovka

A little later I will show it ready-made / crushed ...

Cooked exactly according to a recipe from a magazine "Deli", only the amount of sugar was reduced exactly by half, and that is sweetly strong, even despite the fair amount of lemon juice, I have 70 gr. the latter, by the way, worked out) ...

Tomorrow I will cook from porcini mushrooms !!!

So, the idea appeared - I close the caviar in jars, add sour apples
Tanechka, 1000 apologies for curiosity, but where is the layout below from?

Quote: Admin
Chanterelle 1 kg.
Sugar 1 kg.
Apples 200 grams

What's interesting), in "Grocery store" recipe mushroom jam as follows:

What do you need:

1 kg. chanterelle

400 g sour apples

1 kg sugar

1 lemon

half vanilla pod

2 cinnamon sticks

What to do:

1. Soak the mushrooms in cold water and rinse thoroughly, then finely chop and cover with sugar. Let it brew for 8 hours.

2. Put the pan with mushrooms on low heat, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes. Place the peeled and diced apples. Cook until the desired thickness for 20-25 minutes.

3. Add lemon juice, vanilla and cinnamon, then cook for another 10-15 minutes.

4. Whisk with a blender until pieces remain. Remove from heat and pour into pre-sterilized jars, seal with lids.

I watched a video in which Maria prepares her mushroom jam in nature), so everything is not quite the same there, the time for boiling mushrooms in syrup is 1 hour ...

It turns out Delidid the sheep alter Mary's recipe in their own way or what?
Inna, I write in the recipe itself "My recipe, my recipe)"
I also changed it in my own way, because in such "vegetable" jams I hate vanilla and other spicy additives

I saw the magazine in the store, where the jam-jam (I don't even know what to call it better) looks brightly sunny-orange, and in pieces it is very beautiful, which was what bribed me to do.
And in the video of Maria, this is a jam with a lot of liquid, dark in color (where they try it with a correspondent).

After such a discrepancy, it didn't matter to me who and how cooked the jam or jam, I was seduced by the very composition of the chanterelle-sugar-Antonovka ingredients, and then I went to cook it to my taste.

I was interested in the very fact of mushroom jam

I think that such a recipe for chanterelle jam has been around the Internet for a long time, since I came across chanterelle jam with lingonberries while searching, and something else ...
Here, I write in the recipe: And then I saw on the Internet recipes for jam from chanterelles and with red rowan, and on lingonberry juice ... then a recipe from chanterelles has a place to be))
Quote: Admin
I write in the recipe itself "My recipe, my recipe)"

Tanechka, yes I’m no complaints !!!

Of course, this is your recipe, with ingredients selected to suit your taste ...

Perhaps it was wrong, but I realized that you were starting from these proportions:

Chanterelle 1 kg.
Sugar 1 kg.
Apples 200 grams

And since the proportions in the magazine are different, I was curious where the above numbers came from, and that's all ...

My tongue is my enemy, forever I will climb ...

My curiosity will ruin me ...

Inna, what are you talking about? Dispersed in apology - chill
You asked - I answered - WORLD-FRIENDSHIP-BAKERY!

And just do ... I have a bo-bo head this morning
Quote: Admin


Quote: Admin
I have a bo-bo head this morning

Get well soon !!!

Be the same as always !!!

And so that not a trace of your illness remains !!!

Found a use for chanterelle jam

Chanterelle jam with antonovkaFried pork neck with apple-mushroom jam, sour cream sauce

Added to the sour cream sauce, as a taste regulatorto reduce the acidity of sour cream I really liked

I used chanterelle jam only for one reason: the taste is specific and you won't eat it with tea. But in such a dish, for stewed meat, in sauce, as a taste regulator, it went well, and only 1-2 tbsp. l. for a whole frying pan

Only because of these qualities, I'm ready to cook chanterelle jam again. Perhaps I will do so in the fall

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