Stuffed squash

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Stuffed squash


Medium zucchini 1 PC.
Minced meat 200 gr.
Round grain rice 1/2 tbsp.
Large tomato 1 PC.
Large onion 1 PC.
Garlic 4 slices
Mayonnaise 1-2 tbsp. l.
Olive oil for greasing the mold

Cooking method

  • Wash the zucchini, peel, cut in half lengthwise and remove the seeds with a spoon.
  • Stuffed squash
  • Prepare minced meat. I have it from a piece of yarn pork shoulder. Boil rice until tender and mix with minced meat.
  • Stuffed squashStuffed squash
  • Cut onion and tomatoes into half rings, garlic - not too small circles.
  • Stuffed squash
  • Grease the form with vegetable oil (I have olive oil), put the zucchini halves and sprinkle them with "Tasty Salt".
  • Stuffed squash
  • Fill the grooves with minced meat, top with tomatoes, onions and garlic. Lubricate with mayonnaise.
  • Stuffed squashStuffed squash
  • Bake in the oven at 180 gr. 1 hour.
  • Stuffed squash
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

1 squash

Time for preparing:

1,5 hour

Cooking program:


I take it myself, thanks!
I always pay attention to recipes with zucchini. I did this with blue ones, only I did not remove the middle, but simply cut the middle of the boiled eggplant.
As I will, I will bring the report!
Olya, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this version of the zucchini. I'm waiting for the report.
Hahoy savory zucchini - that Check mark! Stuffed squashStuffed squash... Wow, you've got yummy! Stuffed squash And, mine will forever raise wild boars - champions. They have never brought little ones to me from the dacha!
I will growl for the little ones again!Stuffed squash Maybe I'll finally get it.
Irisha, thanks for stopping by. For this dish, overgrowths are just very good.
Quote: gala10
oversized are very good.
In the sense: for the whole company at once?Stuffed squash
Urge, then, you can get used to it. I really liked you that you put tomatoes on top of minced meat. I have never finished this before!
Now, thanks to you, I will definitely cook like that.
Irisha, try it, I've been doing this for twenty years, especially on the festive table, always flies away with a bang. And if a big fool comes across, and there are few eaters, then it's also okay. It lives well in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, we cut off pieces for a meal and heat in the microwave.
Checkmark, as I successfully entered. Zucchini were flooded with all the dope in the country. thanks for the idea
Larochka, thanks for stopping by. I am very glad that you liked the recipe. Try it! I hope it will be delicious.
I love zucchini very much. A wonderful recipe. I took it to the bookmarks. Thank you for sharing such a delicious treat with us.
Larissa, Thank you! I have this recipe - one of the zucchini on duty in the season. And it doesn't get bored.
gala10, but I would not have thought of so stuffing zucchini I cut into columns and instead of seeds - minced meat.
Now I will sculpt the same beauty.
Checkmark, thanks for the recipe
Natusya, I also did not think of it myself. My aunt taught. And since then I have even been somehow strange - with columns. I am lazy, and boats - less fuss.
Galina, I love zucchini. Thanks for the recipe.
Nina, try it for health! Thanks for stopping by.

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