Fermented flower tea "Garden Mix"

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Fermented Flower Tea Garden Mix


Marigolds, calendula, nasturtium, cornflower, monarda - petals

Cooking method

  • We collect flowers of nasturtium, calendula, marigolds, monarda - better freshly blossomed, and in the morning.
  • Fermented Flower Tea Garden Mix
  • We break off the petals, put them in a bowl, leave them to creep slightly, you can even for a day,
  • Fermented Flower Tea Garden Mix
  • then gently rub with hands, put on fermentation.
  • You can leave it for three hours in hot weather, I like closed languor at T 36 degrees, three hours. It is good for this to use home appliances with temperature and time control.
  • Then we dry it in a conventional electric dryer. A properly prepared tea retains its natural color.
  • Fermented Flower Tea Garden Mix
  • Store in a glass container with a tightly screwed lid, not exposed to light.


Edge flowers cornflower contain glycosides, flavonoids, vitamins, tannins, mineral salts, dyes and alkaloids.

In flowers and leaves nasturtium contains such minerals as iodine, potassium and phosphorus, a high content of vitamin C, B1 and B2, carotene.

In flowers marigold contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron. And also zinc, which helps to strengthen the immune system, copper, which helps to cope with the inflammatory process, molybdenum, which traps fluoride and prevents caries, selenium, which prevents the formation of atypical cells, strengthens the immune system and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Have marigolds especially useful are red-brown flowers, they contain carotene (provitamin A), pigments, as well as carotenoids, in particular, lutein, which prevents the development of cataracts.

Monarda - many useful properties; one of the most important is anticarcinogenic.

Elena Kadiewa
Ndaaaa ... cool recipe! But where to collect so many flowers? and there is no monard ... sadness.
Thanks for the recipe, Ol!
The recipe is interesting, but what is the taste of this tea? I would use this tea to decorate gift teas, I think it will be beautiful. I myself do not like additives, I only like Ivanushka flowers, they smell like honey.
elena kadiewa, Lena, you can do without a monarda, do it from what you have! Already marigold with calendula and nasturtium they grow by themselves, you just need to water it, and that's it! The more flowers you cut, the more new ones bloom. And you don't need many flowers, just a little for a change ... again, tea makes you look fat, yes!

After all, simply, without anything, you won't drink tea, yeah. Now a candy, then a pie, then a cookie, or even a sandwich with sausage. Yes, you will lose weight here!


Nadyushich, Nadezhda, the taste is tart, with a very slight bitterness.
Elena Kadiewa
Ol, for me tea is a separate dish!
Well, sometimes there is a cake, a cookie ...
elena kadiewa, Lena, what? without anything? at all? and I always eat something with the seagull ...
Olga, thank you. I want to make. There are no cornflowers and calendula. There are nasturtium and marigolds. Can you use phlox? There are also meadowsweet flowers, Roses, Ivan tea flowers and Potentilla flowers of Kuril or Kuril tea. What do you recommend? I do not want to dry, but do it exactly according to your method.

Added on Tuesday 02 Aug 2016 01:18 PM

Olga, at what temperature to dry and how much, based on your experience?
Florichka, Irina, it is possible from the petals of nasturtium, marigolds, monarda - a breathtaking aroma! - phlox - I will collect tomorrow !, and from Kuril tea. And from the flowers of ivan-teaFermented Flower Tea Garden Mix - what tea! Fall away! It is from fermented flowers!

About flowers of nasturtium - this is not for everybody. Astringent taste! But if assembled with other flowers, then the sharpness is not felt.

And then, as a result of light fermentation, the chemical composition obviously changes. I tried to just dry it before, but this year I began to ferment - the difference is obvious in favor of fermented flowers! This is noticeable even in color - fermented ones practically do not change color, unlike simply dried ones.
Quote: MariV
And from the flowers of ivan-tea
MariV, Olyaand it doesn't taste bitter? How many times have I met that there is bitterness from flowers. Maybe when without fermentation ...
Thank you. I will do it, I picked up more chicory flowers.
Elena_Kamch, Elena, that the dry fireweed flowers are bitter - I learned from you!
That year I just dried the flowers, this year I fermented them, they don't taste bitter! Specially, I just brewed seagulls from ivan-tea flowers - a miracle of what tea does not taste bitter.

Florichka, Irina, I dry in a very simple electric dryer, it does not give out more than 60 degrees. And I dry it in stages - I dry it for an hour, turn it off, mix it, then turn it on again. And so on until ready.

Then - on your own advice - to the bank, and I give time to stand still.

Until today's rains I collected - all differently, phlox of all colors that grow with me

Fermented Flower Tea Garden Mix

wilted a little, gently wrinkled with hands, fermented for about 12 hours and dried.

Fermented Flower Tea Garden Mix

I could not resist, made tea

Fermented Flower Tea Garden Mix

Nice seagulls!
My God, what beauties! Hurry summer!!!
Both goodies and usefulness! Mixed with Ivanushka yellow Green tea - fermentation in Brand 100 yogurt maker and Brand 701 multicooker very well!
I loved the fermented phlox petals. Added to various teas. The aroma and taste of smoked smoky. Delicious!
Florichka, Irinayes, there is a light smoked flavor! Thank you again for the phlox!
Hello tea makers! The season begins. There are several questions.
Did anyone make lilac flowers?
Is it better to ferment cherry and blackthorn flowers or just dry them?
Luna Nord
Quote: MariV
this year began to ferment - the difference is obvious in favor of fermented flowers! This is noticeable even in color - fermented ones practically do not change color, in contrast to
During fermentation, the color does not change, but when rubbed, it is unambiguous, because juice is released. Why are there such beautiful leaves in the photo?
I tried to dry Ivanushka flowers quickly, then their juicy color is preserved. I just think that tea from petals, when brewed, turns into something brown, in any case, Ivanushka's flowers behave this way, and they float in ugly white flies, but there it serves only as a decor, but here everything is made of flower petals. But the photo above refutes my suspicions.

Quote: Natalyushka
cherry and blackthorn veta is best fermented
I dried the flowers of the bird cherry, because of their small size, some kind of dust turned out. But the hawthorn flowers remained almost intact, probably depending on the size, although they break, there are more of them. The hawthorn flowers were simply dried and added to tea made from cherry leaves, such an unusual smell appeared in tea. Although, of course for an amateur, it smells unusually, tart, but I liked perhaps the most.

but fermented tea rose petals .... and I can’t say anything, I don’t remember this tea. Although I made rose tea from the leaves and flowers of garden red roses and with a tea rose.
Good day! I was interested in the topic for a long time, but my hands did not get to try to ferment. And then they treated us to cherry tea ... And that's it, we were gone. Some of the leaves have already been made. Lies waiting for winter. And since we are fans of black tea, we only love to add aromas to it, the theme of flowers is the most ... Now I am finishing the chubushnik. I did it according to the recipe - I put it on, twisted it through a meat grinder, put it on fermentation. I seem to have caught the brightest smell. Dried in a pan, over low heat in a thin layer, until the moisture evaporated. I dry naturally on a grid. I read that the smell disappears temporarily.Now that the tea is almost dry, it smells slightly of jasmine and caramel.
And so, I have a question: did any of you make jasmine? Please tell us how. Maybe it is for him that some special subtleties need to be observed? Thank you in advance!!!
Quote: Irena
Made a white acacia
Now I'm finishing the chubushnik
Irena, did you completely make flowers from flowers or only from petals?
Natalyushka, I made from whole flowers.
Quote: Florichka
The aroma and taste of smoked smoky.
And lilacs with a haze.

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