Mushrooms without vinegar for frying in an autoclave

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Mushrooms without vinegar for frying in an autoclave


Forest mushrooms

Cooking method

  • For all lovers of fried potatoes with mushrooms)))
  • We clean, cut, wash the mushrooms at least twice. I leave it in cold water overnight. In the morning I rinse it again and set it to cook in a saucepan until it boils and a copious foam appears.
  • Mushrooms without vinegar for frying in an autoclave
  • Without removing the foam, pour the mushrooms into a large colander and rinse with water. The saucepan in which the mushrooms were cooked is also mine, and I put the mushrooms there again. I add water 5 cm above the level of the mushrooms and put it on fire again. Salt right away. No spices are needed, we make these jars exclusively for frying. Add salt as if you were cooking a soup, plus a tablespoon under the knife (for a pan of 10 liters)
  • After boiling, remove the foam, if it does appear and turn off the heat. Roughly 3-5 minutes should boil, like the first time.
  • We put the mushrooms in jars, adding a little broth. And we roll up the jars with lids.
  • Then we install it into the autoclave and follow the instructions for your autoclave model.
  • Upon reaching the working pressure (I have 4.2, the rate is 120 degrees), we detect 15-20 minutes and turn off the heating.
  • I have been making mushrooms in this way for the fourth year. Stand at room temperature.

Cooking program:



Many people freeze slightly boiled or fresh chopped mushrooms, including myself. But freezer space is limited and the taste is different. It's easier for me to open the jar, drain the liquid and directly into the pan to the fried onions. And then at least julienne, even with potatoes, even in pies))
Delicious blanks for you))

Zhannptica, Jeanne, cool mushrooms ...
I liked the method very much. I always have a lot of mushrooms. Salted, pickled, caviar is boring, and here's a new recipe. There is no autoclave, but there is Steba's quick car. I'll do it in it. Last year I used it as an autoclave, on the advice of Kubanochka.
Quote: Florichka
There is no autoclave, but there is Steba's quick car.

Zhannptica, Jeanne, the savior of my freezer! Thanks for the recipe!
I already stocked up with jars. If I get hold of mushrooms, I will close them according to this recipe.
Jeanne, thanks for sharing. There is no autoclave, by the way, there are no mushrooms either, but there is Shteba! I'll go look for advice Kubanochki, so as mushrooms fall on me, to be fully armed.
Quote: Lanochka007
I'll go look for advice from Kubanochka,
and stick me there!
Oh, thank you all for the praise and attention to the recipe !!!
This really helps a lot and the space in the freezer is significantly freed up))))
Thanks a lot for the recipe, Zhanna !!!!!
I will definitely try, only there are no mushrooms yet, but we hope
lydia, so they already exist !!! Rather into the forest)))
Quote: Zhannptica
so they already are !!! Rather into the forest)))
in ours not yet, but we hope, because today it is raining actively, watering mycelium to try the recipe

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