Kamchatka-style stuffed squid

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Kamchatka-style stuffed squid


Squid fillet (triangles)
Bulb onions
Pickled cucumbers (barrel)
Bulgarian pepper Option
Dill Option

Cooking method

  • I was lucky and I bought domestic (thin) files, but more often there are imported (plump) white triangles. The amount directly depends on the number of eaters, so how much you need, or how much your baking dish holds, adjust yourself.
  • Kamchatka-style stuffed squid
  • We put rice in the slow cooker (I have jasmine), including the rice program and do the minced meat.
  • Fry the onion until golden brown, add the chopped mushrooms in a rather large cube (ideally, white, but it also worked out with champignons).
  • Kamchatka-style stuffed squid
  • Three 4-5 barrel cucumbers, cut dill and small beads into half of sweet pepper. Add some salt to the rice and mushrooms, as the cucumbers and their juice will add the main salt.
  • Kamchatka-style stuffed squid
  • We mix all the ingredients and fill our triangles with minced meat.
  • We put in a mold, grease with mayonnaise / mustard and on top, without fanaticism, a little grated cheese.
  • Kamchatka-style stuffed squid
  • 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees and a delicious lunch on the table.
  • Kamchatka-style stuffed squid

The dish is designed for

For family

Time for preparing:

40 minutes

Cooking program:



Do not overdo it in the oven so that the fillet remains tender)) 12-15 minutes is absolutely enough, since we have minced meat ready

Zhanna, this is delicious! We used to serve stuffed squid in one small restaurant, it was a very tasty dish)))) And now for some reason it disappeared (((You should try to make it yourself according to your recipe))) You won't send me home)))
lettohka ttt
I love squid, it looks very appetizing !! Thank you Zhannochka for the recipe, I'm taking it to your bookmarks)
Tatyana, Natalia, girls, help yourself !! This is an instant dish. I wrote for a very long time, but there is nothing to do)))
Jeanne, very impressive, although I'm indifferent to squid. Thank you)
Angela, to your health !! Even the most indifferent ears crackle
Squid here in a very fragrant and spicy bunch and together they are very much even nothing
No doubt.
Yummy !!! I love our kashmariks, which are so ugly and need to be cleaned, imported fuuuuuu ... byaka.
Tatyana, even nothing to add, rubber ..
Soooo, and where was I running around that I overlooked such squids ?!
Jeanne! : rose: Thanks for the interesting recipe! So I haven't cooked squid yet)))).
I take it to bookmarks, as I find the right squid - I will do it! We have inexpensive ones in chitin, straight correct.

Girls, about the choice of squid. I advise you (as a person who was born on the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and lived with him for the first 20 years of his life) to take our squids, and with chitin! Straight ugly, burgundy-pink and there are the most delicious, because the whole aroma is in chitin. Like shrimp. Without a shell, I don't take them at all - there is no smell or taste. If you are embarrassed that the squid is to be cleaned in the parko, there is an excellent, probably well-known, method: wash the carcasses, remove the insides (if there are or were left inadvertently), pour boiling water over them. And you clean off the curled chitin with your hands - that's all, the squids are clean.
Jeanne, I do not know when, but I will definitely cook it thanks for the recipe
Anastasia, thanks for the tips, let's try
Tina, so this is especially for you, with mushrooms, as you like))) I hope you will cook
Zhannptica, Zhannulkawhat a beautiful recipe! Well, as always
I have never tried such stuffing, an interesting idea!

Added on Tuesday 14 Jun 2016 01:12

Quote: Zhannptica
but there is nothing to do there)))
Was she joking? For me, cleaning squid is just Ashmar!
I remember at school we had the Code of Criminal Procedure, so I did practice in the canteen. And who was sent to clean the squid ??? Of course we, schoolchildren. And there, these squids, a whole full bath! I hated this practice, however ...

Added on Tuesday 14 Jun 2016 01:14

Quote: Zhannptica
Do not overdo it in the oven to keep the fillet tender)
It's yeah! Very important! They need minimal heat treatment and then they just melt ...
j @ ne
Zhannptica, Zhannochka, what an interesting version of the filling, and I only stuffed them with mashed potatoes and onions, I will definitely do it! And how cool she laid out everything, this comparison for me - "we cut small beads half of sweet pepper "just hooked, and step-by-step photos are so delicious - just MALADEZZTSTS!
Elena, thank you, kind woman !!!!!! But I did not clean anything, they have been sold for a long time in the same form as in the first photo. Only a transparent solid strip in each, and nothing else, so there is nothing to do here)) do not get lost))
Evgeniya, I'm glad I got it with the filling. By the way, I don’t know the other, my friends from Kamchatka somehow cooked these squids for us, so I often mold them)
Help yourself!!!
Quote: Zhannptica
they have been sold for a long time in the same form as in the first photo
And these are Russian ones?
We have, here, everything is also full of these ... the most natural ... dirty little ones
Elena, uh huh !! They are, Dear ones, and the difference with lilac rubles is 70, so there are also insides and films. So the choice is clear
Quote: Zhannptica
so this is especially for you, with mushrooms, as you like))) I hope you cook
Zhannochka, thank you, dear, as soon as I run into beautiful purple squids (I just love them), I'll cook them right away
Quote: Zhannptica
so there are also insides and films
Well, yes, after these entrails you won't want any squids. It's good when there is a choice! I took clean ones and you can cook them right away!

Jeanne., how are you with link inserts? Understood?

Quote: Zhannptica
and the difference with lilac rubles is 70, so there are also insides and films.
I'm probably not like that, but I like to buy squid in a lilac film-skin and then tinker with them myself
Quote: V-tina
then mess with them myself
V-tina, Tina, well, we are all different. I see, from school age, a "squid" scar on my psyche
Quote: Elena_Kamch
you see, from school age "squid" scar on the psyche
and I didn’t see those squids in my childhood
Tina, you are just the same, so it just throws me up when the fish needs to be cleaned or squid, but I always set myself up, pick it up and go. I also buy fish only in carcasses, fillets don't roll, they put a lot of ice there. I'm going to clean the mackerel. Again today is a fish day, I bought myself a rectangular grill pan, I urgently need to try it out)) and what could be tastier than mackerel in garlic ...
Quote: Zhannptica
Again today is a fish day, I bought myself a rectangular grill pan, I urgently need to try it)) and what could be tastier than mackerel in garlic ...
Zhannochka, in garlic it is very tasty and have you tried the recipe from Ramsay? We really enjoyed
Elena, you believe, yesterday for the first time in a week I was at home from lunch, so there was no time for links. Today seems to be a free day, I dream of getting to the oven, hunting cookies or rolls ..., and only then I'll sit down and figure it out
Quote: Zhannptica
and what could be tastier than mackerel in garlic ..
Zhannptica, blue-green halibut Yummy that still!

Added on Tuesday 14 Jun 2016 07:37

Quote: Zhannptica
and then I'll sit down and figure it out
Well, if anything ... getcha Let's continue with the pictures.
Tina, I don’t know what the recipe is, but the point is that you squeeze 10 pieces of garlic and lemon into olive oil, and coat the fillet with this paste, and put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. And then on the grill, and then ....., in general, I went to butcher mackerel, otherwise I will choke on thoughts

Added on Tuesday 14 Jun 2016 07:39 AM

Elena, I really want to knock and will certainly use the invitation
Jeanne, it is very similar only he adds paprika there (and I add adjika), I have in recipes
V-tina,: girl-yes: I'll see))) I'm ready to sprinkle with my favorite red pepper beads. Rolls very
Zhannochka, thanks for the recipe, I promised very tasty - I really liked it, the only thing, I overdid it a little with cucumbers and the mustard interfered with my taste, but I basically don't like it, so next time I will cook it taking into account these nuances
Yummy yum-m-m
Jeanne, thanks for the recipe! I did everything according to the instructions, it turned out delicious soft. Previously, I stuffed it with crab sticks and first boiled the squid, and then fried it in batter, so much fuss. And your recipe is a godsend
Olga, I'm happy
We also have them in our favorites, no hassle and the result is excellent !!
Thank you)))
Thank you very much for the delicious and non-spoiled recipe. We have only white Chinese squids, but they turned out to be very tender. Did it without cucumbers and mustard, added grated carrots and soy sauce.
Thank you, very pleased that you liked it and everything worked out

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