Whole wheat pancakes

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Whole wheat pancakes


Whole grain flour 90 g
Kefir 200 g
Egg 1 pc (I have C0, 58 g)
Sugar 20 g
Baking powder 4-5 g (or 3 g of soda)
Salt 2 g

Cooking method

  • Measure all ingredients into a bowl, mix with a mixer at low speed until combined. The dough is not very thick, do not be alarmed. Bake like all pancakes - in a thick-bottomed pan over medium heat, 2 tablespoons per pancake with a diameter of 10-11 cm. I greased it only before the first pancakes. Flip over when bubbles appear in the center. The pancakes are fried very quickly.

The dish is designed for

9 pieces

Time for preparing:

10 minutes


Due to the catastrophic lack of time for goodies, I became addicted to pancakes. And since I love food not only tasty, but also healthy, I decided to try pancakes with whole grain flour. The result exceeded all my expectations. They turned out to be delicate, soft, porous. The taste is quite neutral, it can be used with different fillings. They absorb everything like a sponge. Cooking is obscenely simple, and if you have a pancake maker for 6 pancakes, then it's also very, very fast. From one portion I got 9 pancakes, enough for two, no more for three!
Maybe, in general, when examined in detail, these are not exactly pancakes, I don’t know, I don’t presume to argue, but at least once this recipe is worth trying. Especially if you like baked goods made with whole grain flour. It is better to use baking powder than baking soda. For flavor, you can add vanilla if you eat with a sweet filling.

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Whole wheat pancakes

Luera, flour 90 g is not enough?
No, not a little. I did just that. In any case, you can add a little more, the flour is different
Well, who would refuse tasty, but healthy! I will definitely try

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