Soufflé "Bird's milk"

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Soufflé Bird's Milk


Protein 6pcs
Sugar 400g
Agar-aha 3-4h l
Lemon acid whisper
Condensed milk

Cooking method

  • Hello again (s) !!!
  • As promised, today I will tell you about the "agar souffle", named after the popular cake, renamed "Bird's milk". By the way, not an isolated case! "Puff pastry with cream" (in the collection of industry recipes) is called sonorously and simply "Napoleon".
  • I will tell you a lot and for a long time, excuse me! I was silent for so long. Again I will try to explain WHY, not HOW. So that you consciously engage in confectionery creativity, and not blindly copy other people's recipes and wonder "why not?"
  • Inventory
  • Syrup pot
  • Souffle bowl
  • mixer
  • forms.
  • Let's discuss the ingredients.
  • Proteins - we take fresh ones. ideal from homemade chicken. carefully separate from the yolks and refrigerate. Preferably in the same bowl. where we will shoot down.
  • Sugar - needed to fix the foam mass and the sweet taste of the product. You can cook without sugar, soak agar in a small amount of water. boil it and pour into the whipped proteins. The result is a GENERALLY UNSWEETHE soufflé. But the taste of agar will be bright and you will have to kill it with something. More details on this topic will need to be discussed with Alexandra
  • Agar-measure and soak in a little water. Let it stand for about half an hour. more is possible. There were advice to soak in hot water. In vain! Premature gelation of not yet swollen agar is absolutely unnecessary for us. Therefore, the water is cold or warm.
  • Lemon acid. You have to be careful with her. We don't need the sour taste of soufflé, but we do. "sweetness balancer", sugar anticrystallizer and preservative... Strongly boiled syrup can easily clump into a lump of sugar. To prevent this from happening, add molasses to the syrup. We don't have her, so instead of her we'll pour in a pinch of lemon.
  • Butter. I did not write the weight, because it, like all the ingredients listed below, is not required in the soufflé. If you want to get a soufflé "like in a store", you don't need butter and condensed milk at all. If you need a more delicious delicate homemade version, then this portion of butter proteins can be 150-200 g. Put it in a warm place to warm up and even melt a little. Mash with a spoon until smooth.
  • Why is there no butter in the shop soufflé? For two reasons. 1. As soon as oil gets into the soufflé, it immediately begins to "sit down" and decrease in size. This is not at all profitable for the manufacturer - he needs to "weigh 10g, but look 100g", especially in a small piece (cakes), where they do not sell weight. and the view. 2. the oil is unstable in storage. The shelf life of the soufflé immediately decreases from 5 days to 36 hours! And later the oil starts to turn rancid and damage is visible visually. Replacing with margarine is ineffective, although some people do it.
  • Condensed milk. In the store soufflé, it is also not.It also "plants" the soufflé significantly, it raises products like oil (with a decrease in volume). A common practice is the "Condensed Milk" flavor. Do you need condensed milk in your homemade soufflé - it's up to you. "Sweeter than sweet" mass is for an amateur, but the taste and aroma of condensed milk, and even complete with butter, is For 6 proteins of condensed milk, 100g is enough (tablespoons 2 - 3 tablespoons)
  • A flavoring agent is highly desirable. Vanillin,"Creamy vanilla aroma" (Teresa Pak "releases) ... If a fruit or berry cake is conceived, then add a touch of color and light to the souffle" in the theme ".
  • Fillers. If you are not a fan of contrasts, then It is better not to put hard fillers in the souffle (candied fruits, nuts, etc.) Pieces of chocolate, pieces of marmalade behave well (!!!) ... make it up!
  • Inventory:
  • Prepare a saucepan for syrup meticulously as I described in the recipe "Protein cream" ... Do not neglect!
  • The soufflé bowl is clean, absolutely dry.
  • Souffle molds - flight for your imagination. The plastic packaging from the cakes behaves well. cakes, donuts, etc. In my photo you will see "Eurotunnel" and a special plastic souffle mold. The forms need to be prepared. Take a foam sponge and dip it in sunflower oil. Apply a thin layer to the shapes, carefully working out all the indentations. I do this for safety reasons. Sometimes the finished soufflé easily falls out, and sometimes it sticks. And spoils the appearance ... Therefore, it is better to thinly oil, so that the soufflé looks smooth and neat. How silicone molds behave - I DON'T KNOW AT ALL! Never worked.
  • Well. FROM WHAT WE DO told. Now for the second part. HOW WE DO
  • Part two.
  • Actually, the soufflé is the same protein cream, only additionally fixed (to rubberiness) with agar. Protein custard recipe can be viewed HERE Therefore, there will be few photos.
  • An important point: the soufflé is done very quickly, so everything must be ready BEFORE the process begins. Namely:
  • The molds are prepared and oiled.
  • Soufflé Bird's Milk
  • The butter is softened enough. If you decide to put condensed milk too, then stir the butter with condensed milk in advance (in any way, even with a spoon). Why should butter and condensed milk be warm? Because the cold piece in the cream takes longer to stir, and we can't stir it for a long time - the proteins sit down. And one more thing - the soufflé freezes before our eyes, and then something cold got into it, it grasps even more and you just don't have time to stir your cold ingredients, they will remain in the souffle like streaks and pieces.
  • I decided to make two options at once - with oil and without oil. You can make three at once: with butter, with butter and condensed milk, without anything. Thus, you will conduct a tasting and find out which option is preferable for you.
  • If you decide to experiment, then prepare 2 bowls. Stir 2 tbsp in one. tablespoons of condensed milk and 2 "matchbox" oils. In the second, only oil (the same amount)
  • We put the pan on fire. It contains water and sugar.Andreevna, along the way I will explain to you why your soufflé turned out to be soft. You began to boil the syrup right away with the agar, it thickened and you could not control the thickness of the syrup: (If it were a cream, it would flow corny. But the agar did not let him do this - he tied the excess moisture. But the soufflé remained soft. That is why I first boil the syrup to the thickness I need, and then I stir the swollen agar there.Then nothing will confuse me.
  • I continue. Boil the syrup to "white bubbles" or test in cold water until "caramel" test. I add a lemon and puff in agar gruel. I mix everything quickly and vigorously. Who does not understand what I mean, look at the protein technology, there are pictures there.
  • I turn off the fire, start knocking down the squirrels. I get them to the same state as in protein cream. Now I pour in the agar syrup, but in a thicker stream, as thick as a pencil. Stir vigorously with a mixer.
  • Now attention:
  • Unlike cream, soufflé does not need to be whipped until it cools. We work as a mixer for just a couple of minutes
  • As a result, we got this HOT mass:
  • Soufflé Bird's Milk
  • We begin immediately to lay out on the prepared tins (or, by wrapping the finished cake with paper or form rings, lay it out in a thick layer on the future cake)
  • There is one subtlety about laying out the soufflé. Apply in small portions and gently, each time crushing with a spoon in the corners and edges. we need the soufflé to settle down without voids. It seems to you. that it will fill in all the irregularities by itself, but it is not! Lay with a spoon!
  • Soufflé Bird's Milk
  • I spent half of the souffle mass. Gently mixed the other half with butter. The mass has become a little thinner, it can be seen even in the photo. I spread the second half in the same way.
  • Soufflé Bird's Milk
  • Now you can leave it to harden at room temperature, or in the refrigerator. Freezes quickly.
  • We spread from the forms.Look at the photo: I laid out the round shape with spoons and the relief turned out to be. despite the complexity, ideal. But in the tunnel, hoping for the simplicity of the bottom, I deliberately. so that you can see the defect. piled the soufflé in bulk. Here is the result "on your face"
  • Soufflé Bird's Milk
  • If, according to the plan, pour chocolate fondant on the soufflé, then put the finished soufflé in the refrigerator. let it cool down to zero. At this time, prepare any lipstick (ideally chocolate. Flavored with cognac) Fondant lays on a cold surface better! I ask you to share recipes for successful sweets in this thread, because I myself have not cooked it for a thousand years, I use ready-made ones. In the word: your fondant should be shiny soft, but not flow from the base. Suggest!
  • One more important information. Soufflé (and soufflé cake) can be frozen in the freezer without compromising quality. Prepare the cake at least a month before the guests arrive! If the finished soufflé is covered with spray velor, then freezing is generally a prerequisite !!!
  • About cake technology. We ALWAYS soak the bottom cake !!! Andreevna did not seem to have a dry cake because the soufflé turned out to be watery. If the soufflé is of the right consistency, the cake will be dry! Impregnate by all means !!!
  • Cakes can also be made "on the basis". Thin biscuit, but my children love on the basis of "potatoes" We make a flatbread from a tiny semi-finished product, in common parlance "I blinded it from what was and did not regret cocoa in the final" and put a souffle on it. It is possible between them some kind of cream or something else ... Come up with it !!!! But it looks very organic: a chocolate "potato", a thick layer of soufflé and everything is covered with chocolate on top ... And for dad, inside the soufflé there was a fried cherry
  • Uuuuuf ... everything seems. I'm waiting for questions on the topic and without a topic. And I also definitely hope for your creative ideas and bold experiments based on the above. The cake is yours.


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Recipe Soufflé "Bird's milk" with molasses
And me with my souffle:
Soufflé Bird's Milk
I didn't think it was done so quickly, I set the fish to fry and started making the soufflé ... one side didn't have time to cook, the soufflé was already ready Thank you, Tortyzhka, I didn't think that I could cook something like that, now the cakes are not scary))
I made 2 squirrels (there were no more eggs) I got 8 such molds)
For more similarity, I think the oil still needs to be added.

Question: There are grains of swollen agar-agar, what did I do wrong? With some water, he stood for at least 15, the sugar just dissolved very quickly and began to thicken.
I also made Bird's milk for two proteins, it turned out superb, although at first everything was not easy ... I miscalculated and poured twice as much water into the syrup, I had to cook it longer, wait for the necessary or at least similar bubbles I tried - it seemed there was not enough acid, and for some reason did not think to add it, instead she stuffed two pieces of sour red currant marmalade into the soufflé molds. And in the saucepan at the bottom and on the wall there were traces of syrup with agar, it’s a pity to send it to the sink, I decided to dispose of it. She poured cocoa and milk into it and boiled fondant. Well, another piece of butter. Just the soufflé froze, took it out of the mold and poured it with this beauty, and on top with coconut flakes ... well, in general - heaven on earth And all thanks to Tortyzhka !!!
I also wanted to thank Cake for "Bird's milk", everything worked out the first time, I added butter and sunflower halva to the souffle, it’s painfully we all love bird’s milk with halva, childhood memory 4 rubles. 50 kopecks for a cake, my granny ran to the factory and stood behind them for five hours, took three pieces, each grandson one piece.)). Then she started driving her husband for these cakes to the factory, and today he sighed with relief and summed up: -Uf !!!!! Thank God I left. Thanks again !!!!!
Quote: londar

I also wanted to thank Cake for "Bird's Milk", everything worked out the first time, I added butter and sunflower halva to the souffle ...

And at what point did you introduce halva, tell me, please, otherwise everyone in my family also loves this particular type of Bird-with halva.
And at the very last moment I poured it in after the oil. Only I kneaded halva into crumbs with a fork, I was afraid to stir it for a long time in a souffle, I decided that it was easier to disassemble it into atoms in a plate

And today I tried to make a soufflé. Did not work out! The syrup was boiled normally, I added lemons, then agar, everything was whipped together with the proteins, and when I added butter with condensed milk, everything became as thick as sour cream. We'll have to redo it.
Quote: B. T. I.

And today I tried to make a soufflé. Did not work out! The syrup was boiled normally, I added lemons, then agar, everything was whipped together with the proteins, and when I added butter with condensed milk, everything became as thick as sour cream. We'll have to redo it.
And when you added a little with condensed milk, continued to beat? If you beat it, it really becomes liquid and fluid (I do this if I need to fill in an even layer). And in order for the soufflé to keep its shape well, the oil must be mixed with a spoon.

Katyushka! I really worked as a mixer! I didn’t even think that it could affect that. Thanks for the hint.!
Can you please tell me, today I made a kind of semi-finished product of poultry milk, it turned out well, only there was a sour aftertaste (like the acid I put in less than 0.5 tsp and it was not felt in the soufflé) and the obvious taste of raw eggs Is it possible to somehow fix this, or add butter with condensed milk ?
Gel,to remake an already made soufflé already, unfortunately. it is impossible. If you put butter and condensed milk into the ready-made sweep now, you get just a CREAM.
Sour aftertaste - lots of lemons. Put less, it means you have "Vigorous" :) It happens sometimes well, so sour ....
The smell of eggs ... Look at the shells before they are thrown away. If inside the egg there is a puga (film) of large diameter, the eggs were not very fresh. Try the soufflé tomorrow. when it cools down completely and grabs. Maybe the egg smell will go away.
Next time, do with butter and condensed milk - they will kill the taste and smell of eggs. if it is unpleasant to you or too bright. And a pinch of vanilla is also in the subject.
Well. I made a soufflé. Together with the morning biscuit, we got Bird's milk))).Now standing in the refrigerator, hardening.
But I'm a little nervous, to be honest. It seems that the soufflé is too liquid, more precisely, airy and will not harden, as in a purchased cake.
Okay, in order.
I cooked the syrup by eye, according to the pictures of Tortyzhka. They helped me a lot! I would definitely not recognize slow white bubbles by description)).
A long time ago my mother gave me a meat thermometer, such a healthy noodle, it is inconvenient to store, it seems to be useless to use. Well, I was in the process of cooking syrup and remembered about it. Give, I think I will measure them. But it didn't work out - he showed me a temperature of 100 degrees and, after a heart-rending peep, passed out))). Moreover, on the packaging, I did not find the temperature limit of measurements ...
In general, the syrup somehow quickly moved to the stage of readiness. Dropping into a bowl of cold water diligently))). First, the syrup was safely dissolved, and then once - and lay down with a film, quite solid. Well, I boiled it for another minute, checked it - a spreading drop formed, such a tight one. I was afraid to cook further (it began to thicken so quickly!), I added lemon, then agar, and took it off the heat. It seems to me that I still caught the moment. But the masters will comment on this))
Then, as according to the law of meanness, one egg broke sucks, a little yolk got into the whites. I scooped out as much as I could with a spoon and added another egg - since I did it in half, it turned out 3.5 proteins. I thought that it would not beat up - no, everything went perfectly!
When I poured the syrup into the proteins, I really felt the need for at least a third hand, and it would be better for a fourth)). Well, or at least in a working bed for a mixer ... Eh, when will I save up for a combine already ...
By the way, I did not like the smell - it smelled strongly of proteins and agar, I guess. Such a non-confectionery smell, strange. Therefore, I did the right thing, that I initially decided to add condensed milk and butter. She intervened everything, and somehow did not notice that the mass fell off or became thinner ... Well, I put everything on a biscuit, which I soaked a little with syrup from jam with water. Now I'm going to look for the fudge, and then I'll show the photo.
How much time does he need to freeze? Tell me who did ...
And where should I put the second piece of biscuit ... I don't want to put it on top - I like a little dough, a lot of soufflé))
I want to give the biscuit its due - I am generally indifferent to it, but this one is very pleasant to taste, smell and look. Now, if I need a biscuit, I'll only bake this one.
Cake, thanks!
The soufflé and thickened when mixing, the mixer even started to work like this. It doesn't flow, but ... like whipped cream - if you touch it with a finger, traces remain and it sticks to your finger a little. Here, I took off the side:
Soufflé Bird's Milk
but this is the edge so that the structure is clear ...
Soufflé Bird's Milk

I will wait another hour, I hope that something will change. If not, I will cover it with another piece of biscuit, pour it over with chocolate, and say that it should have been)))
MargoL , there is little agar ... There will be no rubberiness ... next time increase the agar portion. if you don't want to cover with a second biscuit cake. then put this cake in the freezer for an hour. It will freeze properly and it will be possible to quickly cover even such a delicate soufflé with chocolate. The chocolate will not have time to melt the cold soufflé - it will freeze by itself.

Actually, the soufflé should have thickened already hot .... okay. let it sweat for a couple of hours in the refrigerator, let's see ... Maybe the agar is not enough or the cunning sellers have made it unstable ... It must be experimentally established. Carefully write down how much you put in, so that afterwards you can adjust the recipe exactly for your products and taste preferences.
You can put vanillin or any flavor in the soufflé. Obese soufflé will smell much less, and vanillin will drown out the remnants of an unpleasant smell. well, condensed milk by itself ...
Cake, thanks, I understood about agar. We will try again ... I still think, in fact, that there was not enough sugar syrup. Because there were 3.5 large proteins, and the syrup was like 3, and even part of it remained on the sides of the saucepan. It's good that I was not too lazy to bake a biscuit - the cake will still work out)))
By the way, I really liked the taste of the souffle.
Now I'll kick everyone out of the kitchen and go to finish the cake.
Well, here he is, my sufferer))

Soufflé Bird's Milk
Freken Bock
And I, and I did soufflé last night! I rehearsed before the "birdie". I screwed up a little. For some reason, when I had already prepared everything, I could not go to the Bread Maker to check the recipe. I did a little "natural", and the rest with butter and condensed milk. It turned out a little watery. Delada half a portion, for 3 eggs. Poured into a silicone mold for 12 muffins. She self-confidently did not anoint her with oil, in the end I had to pick it out. She rolled them in coconut flakes, gave them one piece at a time for breakfast. The husband says, he took the children from school, they only talked about the souffle.

I digested the syrup, quickly solidified on the sides of the pan. And I added a little water to the agar, it was too thick and a lot of it remained on the walls of the cup. I will do more today. Cake, thanks for the science!
Cake, made a soufflé for three eggs yesterday. It turned out quickly and not at all difficult. But I made a few mistakes - I digested the syrup and put only 1 spoonful of agar, it froze badly ... Cake, tell me, it turned out too sweet for me, how to reduce the amount of sugar and not lose structure?
Elena c @
Cake, I did with four spoons.
While standing in the refrigerator, tomorrow I will decorate and try.
Everything was whipped super, in the form it froze almost immediately. But when I tasted the remains from the whisk, it seemed to me that the agar somehow felt too clearly .... Maybe it was still warm, eh? Maybe not all is lost and after cooling everything will be ok? A?
Well this is for mommy on her 60th birthday ... Of course, as an extreme option tomorrow to "Prague" rush, if it works tomorrow Calm me down, pliz or finish it off ... so that I don't suffer

In the photo, the squirrels after 3-4 minutes of whipping with syrup.

PS after the introduction of the oil-condensed mixture, the proteins fell off, but not much, and it is absolutely impossible to say that they "flowed"

Soufflé "Bird's milk"
Elena c @
Well, here's my semi-finished product, as well as a cut of the finished cake.

Oh, and I laughed today.
The son tried it first and says - MOM !!!!! It's just super, well, very tasty ........ THE WIZARD !!!!!

I was under the table!

The trick is that I decided to put more "butter + condensed milk", and here's the result. But now I know the recipe for another cake

Soufflé "Bird's milk"
razrez 60.jpg
Soufflé "Bird's milk"
Quote: ukka


We will argue logically. Sugar gives sweetness, agar gives structure to soufflé. Therefore, the sweetness (sugar) must be reduced, and the amount of agar must be kept ... How to do this? One must think ... It is impossible to undercooked the syrup - the soufflé will spread ... Somehow separate the agar gruel with water. and then combine it with sugar syrup ... Or cook everything at once and watch how half of the sugar portion binds to proteins. and the excess moisture will adhere to agar ...
Honestly. I did not have such a problem, but I would derive my recipe in a purely experimental way ...
By the way, yes, they recently treated the Bird to a store-bought sweet ... just the foam rubber tastes like But, you know, here such a metamorphosis occurs: separately, the soufflé is sweet, and in the cake, doused with bitter lipstick and with a biscuit backing, the sweetness is just right. so only experiments, my friends!
Elena c @ , something I didn't get to KH yesterday and didn't see your feelings ... Now it's too late, probably ... Better now, tell us in detail about the taste of the finished cake.

Freken Bock, in factories, the sides are trimmed on grates (as we take from a micrushka to cool the bread) - coconut, nut crumbs, puffed rice, a variety of sprinkles are collected in the palm of your hand and pressed to the side of the cake, the excess is poured down, it is collected, etc. at home so try.

Elena c @ When my mother could not help but praise me (well, there were such moments that even the most stingy person had to say something!), She said in an edifying tone: "You can, you bastard, whenever you want!"
Elena c @
Quote: Tortyzhka

Elena c @ , something I didn't get to KX yesterday and didn't see your feelings ...Now it's too late, probably ... Better now, tell us in detail about the taste of the finished cake.

Well, I slammed squirrels with syrup, agar from the whisk, so I was stunned, and then when I added butter with condensed milk (don't beat me, but put 200 grams of butter and an almost full can of condensed milk), I licked the spoon and didn't understand anything at all ... Plus, I also have punctures, when I mix butter with condensed milk, the mixture sometimes stratified, this time it was also on the verge. In short, the taste was "spesfiss".
I also thought that after the introduction of the agar, the syrup had to be boiled a little longer, but it seemed to me that there would be caramel a little more, it scared me that the agar had not been properly heat treated.

And today, (when everything cooled down, it was infused), the son commented - Enchantress, I can not calm down, I still laugh ...
The creamy taste in the soufflé is so clear that the tongue can’t even dare to call it “souffle”, rather “cream”, but we love it so much, that is, the result is very pleasing.

After all, the Enchantress is my mother's favorite cake !!!!!

She's a professional chef for me and for a long time worked as a personal chef for a very famous person at one time, it was a long time ago in the days of the Soviet Union ... So all my tricks are childish to her.

BUT! I just called and says that Daddy's DR also "trusts" me. So what will I think about the "pack of bucks" ... Gel pens right on the mastic? And they will write, will not be hammered?
Finally I got the coveted marshmallow! I already wrote about the first bad experience here. And I was very correctly advised to "understand the principle of action." First, I made marmalade from homemade strawberry compote. It turned out super, very tasty, but all two days of his life he remained "wet". It seemed to flow from him all the time. But it only seemed like one piece, forgotten at work in a cellophane bag, a week later turned out to be dry and "exactly like a store one" (but much tastier). Inspired by such success, we decided to surprise the guests on the day of the dotsi jam. We bought a packet of apple and grape juice (I could not remember which juices should not be taken, pineapple like ...). They repeated everything one to one, but he did not want to freeze. In the heat of the moment, my wife thumped another dose of agar and pectin. This time the marmalade froze, but it looked cloudy and tasted like a thick, thick jelly. But still wet! The next day, I melted some marmalade and added a little water to make the dose one and a half. But he never froze, and the taste did not change. I suspect that it was not juice at all, but some kind of watery. That didn't work out. And today I am determinedly tuned in to marshmallows. There were only three eggs in the refrigerator (though large, C0), but I decided to proportionally reduce all the ingredients except agar (just in case). I took the recipe without applesauce as a basis, but brought the technology a little closer to marmalade. My mixer is ordinary, still Soviet, 120 watts. So, now in order, the ingredients:
3 cold squirrels
vanilla sugar 1 sachet (just no vanilla)
700 grams of sugar
17 grams agar agar (heaped tablespoon, I weighed the bag before and after)
300 ml water
0.5 tsp lemon to-you
2 tbsp. l. raspberry jam (strained)

Soaked agar agar in 300 ml of water for half an hour
Whisk the whites with vanilla sugar with a mixer
Sugar with 150 ml of water per stove. So I did it at the same time: with my left hand I stir the syrup - with the right mixer I beat the whites. The process took about 15 minutes. Then he gave the mixer a rest, poured citric acid into the syrup (I still didn't understand when to add it correctly, if it matters) and poured agar. Brought to a boil and boiled for another three minutes. Again he began to beat the whites and slowly poured in the syrup. Here a surprise awaited me: the mass began to increase abruptly in volume. My vessel is designed for double, and I did not have time to pour in half of the syrup. I had to pour everything at a pace into a large container. After the syrup, he poured the jam. The mass did not seem to be going to thicken, but the smell and taste was. He thrust the bowl into cold water, continuing to beat.And, lo and behold, I saw marshmallows on the walls! Since it was a test balloon, I decided not to show off with a pastry bag and put the mass on the baking sheet with a spoon. It does not freeze as quickly as it was written. I did everything quite calmly. And here's the result:
Soufflé Bird's Milk
It turned out one and a half such baking sheets. But the family has already given a very high mark and is not sure that this marshmallow can dry out.
I wrote and thought, maybe I actually made a "birdie" But very tasty ...
You made the "Birdie"! Well, at least you liked her?
And marshmallow, it's still with applesauce
I'd love to, but I don't have a microwave. I tried doing the same with apples in the oven and then with a mixer. It seemed like mashed potatoes then turned out, and when I introduced it into the proteins, the pieces felt very good ... And for some reason my wife was categorically against apples. But next time I will definitely come up with something, and I will do it with mashed potatoes. I was thinking, I will master the marshmallow - I will immediately master the "bird". It turned out, almost "mastered". You just need to carefully read about butter and condensed milk.
Thank you very much to the forum for the small holidays of life !!!
And when you take out the apples from the oven, you wipe them hot through a sieve - then there will be no pieces. Or buy ready-made baby food. I tried "Frutonyanyu"
Jefry , you have soooo "bird marshmallows" delicious! Try putting a few in the freezer. Dissolve the chocolate in a water bath and then dip the frozen marshmallows into it. It is necessary to freeze so that the chocolate solidifies with a crust faster than the marshmallow spreads.
The girls, who tell me, made a soufflé, boiled syrup, periodically dripped into the water, as Tortyzhka taught, as soon as I got the ball, the sypor in a saucepan instantly, in a split second, turned into a dry, sugar mass. I got scared and threw water in there .... and had to cook the syrup again. The soufflé is now in the refrigerator, it seems to have thickened.
Quote: suslja5004

The girls, who tell me, made a soufflé, boiled syrup, periodically dripped into the water, as Tortyzhka taught, as soon as I got the ball, the sypor in a saucepan instantly, in a split second, turned into a dry, sugar mass. I got scared and threw water in there .... and had to cook the syrup again. The soufflé is now in the refrigerator, it seems to have thickened.

Did you forget to add citric acid?
No, I haven't forgotten. That's when she poured it, this happened.
I don’t know what to say, I made it six times this soufflé, then you put in a lemon, it foams, becomes cloudy, then agar, rises with a cloudy cap and falls off, boiled and turned off for 15 seconds, it became a transparent viscous syrup
The soufflé froze ... but I can't get it out of the mold, it's just stuck. And I greased the uniform with sunflower oil. I wonder if everyone succeeded the first time or are there such unlucky ones as me?
I did it right away, poured porcelain into the mold, just tapped it neatly, and it fell out
And here is my soufflé, after all I shook it out

Soufflé Bird's Milk

it turned out very soft ... probably messed up somewhere.
But we will eat it like that, now I will only cover it with glaze
Quote: suslja5004

And here is my soufflé, after all I shook it out
it turned out very soft ... probably messed up somewhere.
But we'll eat it like that, now I'll just cover it with glaze

If the oil was put in, then it will be soft, and if without oil, then it will be more rubbery)
Exactly! I threw the oil.
The most airy and delicate soufflé ... Half is gone

Soufflé Bird's Milk
Ooooooo delicious glaze I've been doing it for over 20 years.
2 tbsp. l cocoa, 4 tbsp. l milk, 4 tbsp. l sugar. Mix until smooth and over fire. While stirring, bring to a boil, as soon as it begins to thicken, add oil, about 100 gr. and off. Stir until the butter melts. All. Once the glaze is warm, apply to the surface. And I still hot grease the cakes, cakes then
What a gorgeous meringue!
And I keep my promise and want to present the cake "Bird's milk" on page 76, post 1138, which I also offered.Custard cakes. And the cream itself is just a yummy (with semolina).
This is how it is before being put into the refrigerator:
Soufflé Bird's Milk
Then I spread the cakes. It could have been more, but he turned out to be somehow tall.
Soufflé Bird's Milk
Then she covered it with chocolate icing. What, in fact, the process of making this cake ends with:
Soufflé Bird's Milk
But I deliberately made more cream to practice working with a pastry bag with attachments and different colors. The first victim was, of course, the cake. This is it in the context. And on top of my art. In general, you need a serious workout.
Soufflé Bird's Milk
Quote: Hairpin

My bird's milk. Take 1. With condensed milk and butter.

Soufflé Bird's Milk

I think it turned out great. Clear structure. And she laid it out on a plate unevenly, and moved it. So he moved all over. About a couple of centimeters. In the photo he is already moved. All

My bird's milk. Take 2.

Soufflé Bird's Milk

Type with a potato backing and covered with tempered chocolate.

Potato... I baked a biscuit, weighing 880 grams with a split ring. Made a 90 ml syrup. water + 50 grams of sugar. When it boiled, I remembered that I had forgotten about the cocoa. I poured two or three tablespoons. The mixture is visibly thick. Livanula is still water. Chilled, poured into a mixer bowl and added 22% cream for whipping. Stirred. She began to crush a biscuit. Half of it was crumbled ... It seemed like it was possible to sculpt potatoes, but it was ordered to make a more liquid consistency. I don’t know how to apply potatoes correctly, I just made cakes and put them on the souffle. And then I repaired the holes. It turned out like this:

Soufflé Bird's Milk Soufflé Bird's Milk

And the soufflé on potatoes like this:

Soufflé Bird's Milk Soufflé Bird's Milk

Only they have no grip ... Probably, the potatoes should be liquid ... I would have poured it ... Although, judging by the surface of the soufflé, it might not grab.

I forgot to tell you how I caught caramel. In the first volume there is a recommendation to check the readiness of the caramel by blowing on a fork. When I passed the 125-degree line, I began to lower the fork and blow on it. And at one point, a heap of balls about a meter long appeared from the fork. They lined up instantly and got to the sink. And they disappeared. It looks like this was the moment when the caramel was ready.

Also, it's a pity that there is no amount of water in the soufflé recipe. I thought and thought and took it as for a protein-custard cream - 125 ml per 400 grams of sugar.
Hairpin, well, just wonderful! Your experience of the Birdie in Silicone Form is very rewarding! Now you should probably buy silicone just for the sake of such beauty!
About potatoes.
The potato litter in your photo is a bit thick. I would have done 1 cm, no more. Still, it is very nourishing, dense ... You can't eat a lot ... But you want a lot of soufflé ...
About the consistency. Do you want. so that the potatoes freeze, add more of the fatty component (what do you have there? cream, butter, sour cream?) And why should it still become strong? From the syrup? Then you need to freeze
In order for soufflé with potatoes to make friends, they need to be glued. Preferably with a cream. In any case, I could not stand on each other without cream. I laid out a layer of potatoes thinly. smeared with creamy cream, and then overturned the mold with soufflé. If you made Bird on a biscuit "substrate", it's even easier. On the finished soufflé (still in the form) I spread cream. then she put the cake, soaked the slegonets and turned this whole "sandwich" on a dish.
Hairpin, what a cool souffle! Bravo! I don't freeze like that if with butter and condensed milk ... and how much agar did you use for this mass?
Four teaspoons. But I think that the hypothesis that Moscow agar is stronger is very similar to the truth. My marmalade and soufflé turned out very strong the first time ... True, there is no protein-custard cream ... but there are troubles with the cooling process.
So I think that if the agar is not Moscow agar, it should be taken with a coefficient, but with what ...
Cake, I hope I'll come to you for a long time. Next in line is the development of "Bird's milk" on agar.By the way, the question immediately arises: recently in the "Book of the Gastronome" series a book "About Sweet" was published, there was a recipe for PM on gelatin and in addition to proteins, butter and yolks rubbed with sugar were added to the souffle. I made this cake, it was, of course, not quite traditional, but quite tasty. So I think - is it possible, for example, to add yolks to your agar recipe instead of condensed milk? How much will it change the taste-consistency-splendor ???
I do not quite understand when exactly and in what form do you need to add yolks to the soufflé? when it comes to raw yolks. then I'm not an advisor to you, I don't put raw eggs in food. They are dangerous in themselves + drastically reduce the shelf life of baked goods. I don’t know how much the “taste-consistency-splendor”, as you say, should change for the better in order to take the risk. I just don't quite understand the expediency of such an event. Why add yolks? To just use them (the proteins in the soufflé will go away)? Well, you can bake a crust for the base on the yolks. They will not add splendor to the soufflé for sure ... I cannot say about the consistency and taste.
On gelatin, the soufflé loses much to the agar version. You will never achieve such rubberiness and density on gelatin. In addition, the cake must be constantly kept in the refrigerator - at room temperature, it immediately loses its shape and flows. Agar at room temperature does not change its properties in any way and the cake can be eaten cold.
Quote: alissa

there was given a recipe for PM on gelatin and in the soufflé, in addition to proteins, butter and yolks pounded with sugar were added.

Butter is added in my version of the Bird, and sugar with yolks seems to replace condensed milk .... If you still decide to repeat the Gastronome's recipe, grind the yolks until the sugar is completely dissolved, otherwise unpleasant grains will be felt in the soufflé.
I got the agar quite recently and, of course, will now use it in any soufflé. As for the yolks, I myself love them whipped with sugar, but love did not work out with condensed milk ... And I always adored butter creams with the addition of eggs (albeit with heat treatment) ...
Nevertheless, I concluded that I would make the Birdie by adding only butter ...
alissa , if you don't have anything against yolks, but with condensed milk you don't "rush", then the Deli is definitely your option! Don't give up right away
Quote: alissa

only butter ...

Here, many girls did Birdie and everyone liked it differently, as a shop soufflé (without butter and condensed milk at all). Someone only with butter9po-tender consistency), someone poured more condensed milk (they wanted to be sweeter), so you need to look for YOUR option. Check out my step-by-step photos. I showed there how you can try several options in one go. And you can easily choose what to taste. What if you like condensed milk?
Quote: Aunt Besya

Cake! reviewed the "Bird" again, did not find the amount of liquid for the syrup How much is needed, as in protein?
Aunt Besya, the liquid is not specified. because it is not important. Simply the more you pour, the longer it will boil to the desired density. Approximately 2 cups of sugar is slightly less than 1 cup of water. In short. if only the sugar in the saucepan is all well wet.

Quote: Aunt Besya

Cake!I have long wanted to ask you about my "Birds" recipe, in the sense that this is actually what I have baked all my life? The recipe is as follows:
I won't talk about the cakes and icing, they are ordinary, the filling itself:
6 eggs separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the yolks with 3/4 glasses of sugar, add 1 dessert spoon of flour and 2/3 glasses of milk, vanilla. I bring this mixture in a water bath to thicken, cool well. Beat a pack of butter with a mixer until white, mix with cooled yolks, beat. Whisk the whites into a strong foam with 3/4 glass of sugar, pour in a thin stream the presoaked 30 grams. gelatin, melted and cooled. Gently mix the yolk and protein masses and spread them on the cake.
Aunt BesyaThe green part of your message is a classic custard butter cream. The blue part of your message is a raw soufflé. That is, the proteins are raw. not brewed. But, to give them some kind of stability (scanty!), You added gelatin. Pay attention: in your cream, the main sugar went into the yolk mass, and very little into the protein (for 6 proteins!) This means that the squirrels practically did not play any role in the soufflé. Not fixed with sugar enough and still nailed with gelatin ... And then with such a mass of butter cream "neatly mixed" Aunt Basia, what you ate all these years SOUFFLE could not even be called from afar! Solid multicomponent cream and cakes. It's boring. I guess. But this is not a Birdie. Do not be discouraged, because now you have me. Let your wings grow with my Bird on your birthday and you will rise high, high to the sun, and lying on a fluffy cloud, your problems will be far, far away and so maaaaa small - maaa small
I made soufflé for Ptichka with the addition of butter and condensed milk (after all!), I liked the taste, it froze, it seems not bad.
Making protein-custard, I digested the syrup and a caramel taste is felt in the cream. But there are no complaints about the relief (URRRA !!!) - the cream turned out to be very thick. I took a picture at the whipping stage.
Soufflé Bird's Milk
Next time I'll add a little more sugar (I made 3 proteins - 200 g of sugar).
Svetl @ nka
Finally I got to the famous Tortyzhkina Birds.

That's what I did

Soufflé Bird's Milk

And this is already with glaze
Soufflé Bird's Milk

I'll cut it tomorrow, then I'll show it in a cut

Cake take the report. It worked the first time, and I was tuning in to it for so long. ... Thanks for the recipe.
Aunt Besya
Girls! Cakes are not online, tell me who made soufflé with butter and condensed milk:
1.How do you mix butter + condensed milk into proteins with syrup and agar - with a spoon from the sides to the middle, slowly and carefully, or is it permissible to add a little at a low speed of the mixer in the same bowl? I'm afraid to spoil
2. "on caramel" syrup - if, when it gets into cold water, the syrup is seen as a cake, and you need to collect it into a ball with your fingers, is it not caramel yet?
3. looked at the link for the design of cakes by Tigra Lvovna. it is not clear: is the product smeared with protein installed on the cake or in the form of a semi-finished product?
Aunt Besya, I'm telling you about the souffle:
1. I prepared butter with condensed milk in advance - rubbed soft butter with condensed milk - for 4 proteins I took 100 g of butter and 2 tbsp. l condensed milk.
I added this mass to the already completely finished protein soufflé with agar when I removed the mixer. I did not mix it with a mixer, but very carefully with a silicone spatula - from the sides to the middle. I never mix such additives with a mixer, it seems to me that the proteins will then immediately settle.
2. As far as I know, sugar syrup has many samples - when a soft ball is collected from a "cake" in water, this sample is called that. There is also a "hard ball", and the next try is caramel. From sample to sample - a very quick transition, the syrup is easy to digest, which I did yesterday. The temperature could not be measured. It seems to me that we need just a "hard ball" for the soufflé and protein-custard, the cake will come, he will correct my reasoning on the topic, if I'm wrong.
3. I don't remember the link. I can tell you about my "castle", if interested:
First, I made a Bird, coated it completely and decorated the sides.
Then she put a green marzipan cake on top. I smeared the middle of the cake with protein cream and installed a lock on it (already in advance). The bottom (during baking it was the top) turned out to be, like muffins often, convex, that is, after installing the edges of this "lock" were higher than the middle. These "voids" I have already equated with the protein cream on the cake. When I leveled it, I wrapped it with a brown marzipan ribbon (I bought ready-made marzipan in the "All for the Baker" store, painted it myself).
Aunt Besya
Thank you,alissa! And the syrup, before pouring into proteins, cools down a lot, well, about how many minutes or to what temperature?

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