Salted herring in curry sauce

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Salted herring in curry sauce


herring fillet 500 g
mayonnaise 5 tbsp. l.
curry powder 2 tsp
ginger powder 1 tsp
mustard ready 2 tsp
bulb onions 1 PC.

Cooking method

  • We cut the herring into fillets.
  • Combine mayonnaise, curry, ginger and mustard.
  • Put the herring fillet in the resulting sauce and mix gently, leave for 15-20 minutes to soak.
  • Put the finished herring in a dish and sprinkle with onion rings.

The dish is designed for

gram 700

Time for preparing:

together with cutting herring no more than an hour

Cooking program:

knife, scissors, hands


I didn't manage to do it entirely according to the recipe, because I gave my daughter a taste of the sauce and said that the herring would be sprinkled with onion rings. Then my daughter pushed me aside, took the cooked onion and lightly marinated it, mixed everything, so it turned out not quite a good photo. I want to say that the dish only won. It immediately began to be pulled apart.
How did your daughter pickle onions? I put the onions cut into rings in a colander and crushed them for a while under running cold water. Then she squeezed it out of the water and tucked vinegar + vegetable oil + sugar + salt to taste, then let it brew for a very short time. You can use lemon juice instead of vinegar.
By the way, I used my mayonnaise without eggs with lemon juice. It is a pity that the onions had to be marinated with vinegar and not with lemon.

Very tasty, and docha talent, that's right, pickled onion is a bomb!)
Does the ginger come out here? Is a teaspoon too armor-piercing? I can’t imagine him in herring at all.
Lula, Sveta, in the sauce all the ingredients work harmoniously. Bright pungency is not detected not from ginger, not from mustard.
Is the herring raw or salted? I did not find a hint anywhere.
TATbRHA, I had the same question. But in the name, the herring is salted and pickled for only 15 minutes, I won't dare to use fresh herring.
Elyaand what are you afraid of? Add salt to the fresh herring to your liking and you will be fine.
I always salt the herring myself, lately I have been adding homemade pepper, I have Lamb's Horn, it is not very spicy, all sorts of seasonings, I have sweet onions - I do not do anything with it. The herring is very tasty.
ABOUT! I just have a herring on the ambassador. You can stir up.
Light, thanks for the recipe.
Quote: Elya_lug
But in the name - salted herring and pickled for only 15 minutes
Elya_lug, thanks, here I am a muddler ...
marika33, Marina, I also salt fresh myself, rarely buy ready-made. But if I take a fresh one into this recipe, then I won't try it before a day)))).

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