Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away

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Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away


flour 1 kg + 200-300 gr for filling
powdered sugar 300 g
butter (original pork lard) 200 g (180 g)
honey 450 g
eggs 3 pcs and 3 more yolks
soda 3 tsp without slide
cinnamon 30 g
ginger, cloves 0.5 coffee spoons
zest with 1 orange
Gingerbread varnish
yolk 1 PC
condensed milk 1 tsp
dye (preferably dry)

Cooking method

  • The gingerbread dough for this recipe doesn't need to be refrigerated! Bake immediately!
  • Now cooking:
  • We put honey in a water bath, it should warm up to hot, but not boil.
    Pour all dry ingredients into a bowl and mix well, add orange zest there.
    Then three butter on a fine grater and grind it well with flour, pour hot honey and gently knead with a spoon.
    Then add eggs and yolks.
    Now you can knead it with your hands, add flour a little at a time until the dough becomes one bun. Usually, it takes no more than 5 minutes to knead, the bun should turn out to be soft and elastic, not sticky, the dough should not spread or creep on the table, but do not overdo it with flour, otherwise the dough will begin to crumble and it will be difficult to work with it.
  • We let the dough rest for 5 minutes, during this time we heat the oven to 180 degrees, I bake small gingerbread cookies 6-8 cm, 4-5 mm thick, - 13 minutes, though I bake with convection, the author of the recipe wrote that she bakes 8 -9 minutes.
  • The gingerbread cookies turn out to be soft, very fragrant, the taste is similar to mild pusedli or northern gingerbread, which were sold even during the Soviet era))) By the way, the recipe for pusedli is almost the same, only sour cream is added there and more soda is needed.
  • Gingerbread varnish

    We wipe the yolk through a strainer, add condensed milk, stir well, add paint and stir again well, I stirred with a brush, which I used to paint later, an ordinary art brush, with soft natural bristles, about 1 or 1.5 cm wide.
    Covered the cooled gingerbread cookies, then dried in the oven for 10 minutes at 100 degrees, the gingerbread cookies did not dry out, remained soft, the varnish remains smooth and is not taken.
  • Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away
  • Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away
  • Moreover, it is very desirable to take condensed milk thicker, I had a real Belarusian one, there is a spoon right there.
  • It is condensed milk that gives a good density to the varnish and whitens the yolk a little, thanks to which a little paint is needed, the varnish turns out to be thick, viscous, similar to gouache, the gingerbread is covered with it very cool, lays down from the first stroke, does not spread, there are no streaks and the gingerbread does not shine through, I think it you can use not only as a coating, but also paint with a brush, however, who has the skills of an artist)))
  • Lacquer in general for Christmas tree toys is super, nevertheless, the gingerbread with filling is 2 times heavier and the gingerbreads usually break at the hole.
  • And the savings are just crazy, for one serving of gingerbread it takes me about 7-8 proteins and about 1.5 kg of powder, and then it took 4 yolks, teaspoons of condensed milk and a bit of dye
  • In general, I'm not overjoyed)))
  • Here, we discussed this varnish

The dish is designed for

depends on the thickness of the gingerbread, the thicker the gingerbread, the less their quantity

Time for preparing:

the dough does not need to be kept in the refrigerator, bake immediately, 10-13 minutes each portion


I also want to say that spread or margarine are not suitable for this recipe.
I do not strictly adhere to the proportions of eggs, there is always an extra yolk in the refrigerator, so I sometimes put 2 eggs and 5 yolks.
I used to bake in pork and goose fat, it is not felt at all in finished baked goods. But now I bake in butter, the more fat, the better.

And one more observation of mine - I tried almost all varieties of honey, but I haven't found anything better than linden with acacia, the gingerbread is so fragrant that it is never possible to make baked goods on the sly from neighbors)))

Girls, Happy New Year !!! May this year be happy for us!
And may our occupation bring us insane pleasure, and our clients - joy! !
Dear ones, thank you so much for your warmth, sincerity and support.
Tips for baking Saharan gingerbread
Vei, Lizonka, I'm sorry I didn't answer right away. Baked gingerbread cookies, in fact, are not entirely soft, they are, as it were, a little hard and dense, soft and tender when bitten. I don’t know how with dry protein, but my glaze from fresh proteins did not break off and did not leave even once, in the bakery a large heart lay for about 4 months - everything was in order.
After baking, I would not say that the dough increases or deforms, so I specially took a gingerbread with cutting (sorry for the quality)

Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away

Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away
For 1200-1300 flour, 3 incomplete teaspoons of soda is not so much, so the gingerbread cookies are not distributed during baking, even if they are rolled out more than 5 mm, and if 3-4 mm, then in general they do not change in size. I sometimes put soda in the dough with heaped spoons, then the gingerbread cookies increase slightly and the gingerbread itself is softer.
The main thing is to knead correctly, the dough should not be very soft, it turns out to be very plastic and obedient, perhaps you may need a little more flour for filling, depending on the honey and the size of the eggs. And yet, it needs to be baked pretty quickly, the more it costs, the drier and harder, I never knead more than 2 servings, it is better to cover the bowl with the dough with a towel.

Quote: fomca

LeraThanks for the recipe and clarification.
Quote: Vei

Lera, thank you for your comments, and in what way do you store the baked gingerbread cookies, and the same heart was kept in the bakery (in a bag, in a film, cellophane, etc.)?
I understand that the gingerbread cookies are not soft bakery, but they are not crackers either? Don't they crunch like cookies, or do they crunch?
My recipe for Hungarian honey gingerbread is such that immediately after baking, the gingerbread cookies are soft, like bagels, and then if not stored in a bag or container, they dry quickly into a crouton.
What are these gingerbread cookies? And let's already issue them with a separate recipe, I think that many will thank you, otherwise the recipe will be lost here. I can hardly remember where he was. I will still look for half a day.
Quote: DaNiSa

Liza, don't worry!Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away I've already made a link at the top of the page to the recipe. nothing will be lost. in the table of contents there is already a lot of useful information for beginners, especially the recipe of your Mezeshkalach, thank you for it
Lizonka, the heart was kept in a cellophane bag. In general, I put baked goods in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids, if I don't plan to paint them within 5 days. You say it right the gingerbread is not soft - airy, like a bun, it is plump, namely, when you bite - soft, like a fresh northern gingerbread .. Even if it stands for 3-5 days (sometimes more) it does not dry out like a crouton.
When I experimented with the gingerbread dough, I hid a few gingerbread cookies in a tea tin (without an apple or bread), after 7 months I got it out and the gingerbread cookies turned out to be soft. Then I hadn't dealt with gingerbread yet, but I was just looking for a recipe for my baby to make different animals to make edible educational material)))
I think that because of the large amount of honey, gingerbread has this property. In principle, this is one of the recipes for mezeshkolac.
I think they are immediately soft, due to the fact that they are baked immediately after kneading, so that the soda reaction does not drag on.
I don't know if it worked out clearly)))
Liz, you try a small portion, like one third, it's very fast.
I get 120-130 gingerbread from the bottom of the portion, 7-8 cm in size.

Where to put the recipe - I don't know (((I'm not guided by the forum, I'm even afraid to leave here that I won't be able to return)))
4 years ago, as registered on HB, and I got into this topic by accident - a mailing list with HB came to the mail, one of the topics was "Mezeshkalach - Hungarian honey gingerbread", of course I was interested in this and I got to you by the link
So that Lizonka, thanks to you, I'm here
And further, some baking tips, I look at the bottom of the gingerbread - it should brown a little, be golden (but not brown, dark), the edges shouldn't darken too when I put my finger on - there shouldn't be an imprint, the dough shouldn't fall through and the gingerbread shouldn't be soft ...
I have gingerbread cookies in my container since August, they are hard to the touch, but they break easily, they are soft when bitten, the container is not vacuum-proof, it closes tightly with latches, but still air gets there.
Additional questions about Lera Sahara gingerbread
Girls, I have a question for Lerochka SAKHARA, but if anyone knows, then tell me about such moments, I specifically ask about Leryn's recipe, but maybe there are moments that are common to everyone:
1) It is better to add soda to hot honey (at the end of heating or at the beginning) or it is better to mix it with flour.
2) Does it have a fundamental difference - soda or baking powder (provided, of course, that we put more baking powder)
3) In Lera's recipe, the butter is ground with flour, and then hot honey is poured into it and mixed, and then there are eggs. In other recipes, the butter, along with sugar and honey, is heated and heated in a water bath. Then the eggs are there, mixed, and only then mixed with flour. Is it possible to do this in the Lera recipe, is it less laborious, or will there be fundamental differences in the quality of the gingerbread?
4) Is it possible to add a little cocoa powder to the dough (after removing the same amount of flour according to the recipe)?

I just want the gingerbread cookies to be soft, like Lera's. But, perhaps, if you do not quite according to technology, then this will affect the softness.
Quote: sugar

Mona1, Tanyusha, we add soda to the flour, the baking powder is not suitable, it will not give the desired reaction, here the trick is that the reaction of soda with honey occurs in a hot oven and the gingerbread is soft from this, the main thing is not to delay with baking, kneaded - after a maximum of 10 minutes you need to start for baking, I personally do not wait at all, as soon as the bun is ready, go ahead.

I did not try to heat butter together with honey, I always rub it on a grater, and I take it out of the freezer at the last minute, I think if you still heat the butter, the structure of the dough will change.

Cocoa is certainly possible, I sometimes add 1-3 tables. spoons, it seems to me that it is even tastier and better color.

At the expense of flour - here you need to look at the filling, not quite 200-300 g of flour may go away, it all depends on honey, eggs and flour itself, I repeat, you need to look at the dough, it should not be too soft or, on the contrary, too hard and dry, bun should be obedient, pliable, but in no case creep or crumble; when rolling, sprinkle a little flour on the table. the dough after baking does not deform and does not bubble.

Lerochka, thank you for such a detailed answer. In truth, I didn't want to distract you, I thought, maybe someone will answer, while you are your "factory" working.
Good afternoon to all craftswomen.

Sorry for this question.
Please tell me how many gingerbread cookies (about 10 cm in size) you can get from one portion of Sahara dough.
After the New Year holidays, I got lost in numbers.

All I want to calculate how much the simplest gingerbread can cost.
Quote: sugar

Lada2014, Flax, I get 70-75 pieces.
Quote: Vei

I get about 40-45 gingerbread 10-12 cm in size. I roll out the dough about 5-6 mm, that is, it is thick enough, so the output is less.
Quote: harmful78

I have about 50 - 55 pieces measuring 9 cm. But I also roll it thicker, like Lisa. I realized that I like these more
Quote: Vei

One of these days I will bake hearts, or rather I will say about the size / quantity.
thanks girls!
I immediately subscribe to this topic, I have been waiting for this recipe for over a year. Girls, thanks!
Can you please tell me, do gingerbread cookies come out flat or plump according to this recipe? I need chubby
Quote: londar
Does this recipe make the gingerbread cookies flat or plump?
they are definitely not flat, but to become chubby, roll out the dough about 6mm, no less. But this is Mezshkalachi, completely puffy.
Thank you!
Another question: do these gingerbread cookies need to be greased with cream before baking?
londar, I do not grease, they are smooth after baking, but if you want, then try, maybe they will be even better))
Lera, gingerbread super-duper! It's a pleasure to work with the dough!
Elena, thanks, nice to hear!
Quote: sugar

londar, I do not grease, they are smooth after baking, but if you want, then try, maybe they will be even better))
Well, then I'll play around, put some cream on it and report back later .. Well, and another question: if I need gingerbread by February 20, if I do everything next week, they won't get cold ??? We just won't have enough strength to master the whole topic, decorate gingerbread cookies, cookies ...
They will not chill if you put them in some kind of container with a tight-fitting lid, or in a plastic bag.
these gingerbread cookies are the tastiest I've ever tasted) the orange flavor is just super! I used this dough to bake a gingerbread house for the eldest daughter for school and small gingerbread cookies for the middle daughter to make. really liked the dough. I just didn't read about glaze at that moment, next time I'll try it. the recipe is definitely bookmarked!
Thank you. Just huge for the recipe!
And for a SEPARATELY DRAFTED RECIPE, because I was looking for it every time with difficulty.
Parallel, Gulya, taneskaa, Tatyana, girls, thank you very much for your feedback!
Quote: londar
do these gingerbread cookies need to be greased with cream before baking?
no, these gingerbread cookies cannot be greased, on the contrary, they crack from greasing during baking. such a glossy craquelure turns out)))
Quote: Vei

no, these gingerbread cookies cannot be greased, on the contrary, they crack from greasing during baking. such a glossy craquelure turns out)))
So I will not grease, the cream is more whole)))) Thank you !!!
Can you please tell me what to bake on on parchment and do I need to oil the sheet? The first time I will make gingerbread
Olga5555, you can just on the parchment, you do not need to lubricate. Or, sprinkle well, flour and bake.
Quote: Olga5555
what to bake on on parchment
It is best to bake on parchment, if it is of good quality, or on a non-stick cloth (Teflon mat). You can lightly sprinkle a baking sheet with flour from a sieve and bake directly on the baking sheet.
I was very interested in the recipe for gingerbread, the dough of which contains pork lard
Quote: Albina
I was very interested in the recipe for gingerbread, the dough of which contains pork lard
Albina, any gingerbread will only benefit if you add lard instead of butter, they will become more crumbly. Namely this recipe is very good, I recommend it !!!
Lerochka, thank you very much for the recipe, I get delicious gingerbread from it and baked the houses))) By the way, the dough remains soft for an amazingly long time, my New Year's, which I did not have time to decorate, lie in a basin, covered with food film, became even softer than after baking
however, with the last kneading, I made a difference, shifted the flour or something, they rose a drop and the surface was uneven. I left half of the dough, put it in the refrigerator, 4 days have passed, now I got it out, mixed in 60-70 grams of butter, baked it, they turned out to be such powder, they grew sooo both up and in breadth

Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away
Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away
Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away

tomorrow in daylight I'll take a picture of March 8, bring
Lera thanks for the recipe.
I cooked half a portion. Kneading flour, soda, spices, lard in a bread maker.
Then she poured in warmed honey, and in the end, instead of 2 eggs (we can't), I added 110 g of an egg.
We didn't notice the substitution to taste. So I recommend Lera's recipe to anyone who can't eat dairy and eggs.
Recipe for soft gingerbread that you need to bake right away
On the right is honey gingerbread with the addition of a flaxseed egg, on the left with chicken eggs
Lera, tell me: did you have to finish drying the gingerbread in the oven (so that the icing dries faster)? Does this somehow affect softness?
Quote: Babovka
instead of 2 eggs (we cannot) I added 110 g of an egg.
I don’t understand what kind of "eggs"? can be more?
Quote: Vei
I don’t understand what kind of "eggs"? can be more?
"Linseed egg" egg substitute.
1 tbsp. l. whole, fresh flaxseeds grind on a coffee grinder (grinding should be fine)
Add flaxseed powder to a small cup, then 3 tbsp water. l. cold water) while stirring constantly with a fork.
After mixing well, place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes (preferably an hour).

I left it for the whole night. When the mass becomes sticky, it will act in the dough in the same way as a regular egg.

Flaxseed eggs need to be cooked ahead of time before you tackle your desired baking recipe. This will keep the flaxseed powder in the right condition while you do other preparations.

Linseed egg substitutes can be prepared for future use - you do not have to make them again every time. You can store them in powder, or in the refrigerator when the mixture is ready.

Also: don't try to beat flaxseed eggs - it won't work. "
Olesya, but flaxseed flour instead of ground seeds will go? otherwise I have linseed flour and linseed porridge, but there are no whole seeds ((
Quote: Vei
Olesya, will you use flaxseed flour instead of ground seeds? otherwise I have linseed flour and linseed porridge, but there are no whole seeds ((
Elizabeth I think flaxseed flour will do.
Lera thanks for the recipe.
Having understood the structure of the dough, the part was replaced with rye. All is well.
Changed some of the flour for cocoa. It turned out just chocolate. I completely changed the chicken eggs to linen eggs. I constantly use lard (there are reserves
Quote: harmful78
Lera, tell me: did you have to finish drying the gingerbread in the oven (so that the icing dries faster)? Does this somehow affect softness?
Lisa, in the oven I dry only lacquered, the gingerbread dries up a little, but not much.

Added on Friday 18 Mar 2016 10:38 PM

Babovka, Leska, thank you for sharing the results of your experiments
Girls, tell me, I didn’t find the answer, but can the dough be stored or baked?
mms, Marina, gingerbread should be baked right away.
Lera, thanks, baked, increased a little, what I wanted !!! Thanks for the recipe!
Marina, to your health! I'm glad I liked the recipe.
Quote: sugar
Babovka, Leska, thank you for sharing the results of your experiments

Lehr forgot to write. The dough, which was kneaded on lard, was sent to the freezer for the experiment for a week.
The gingerbreads came out super.
Warm the main dough well with your hands and knead it like plasticine. My daughter told me this)))
Olga from Voronezh
Thanks for the recipe!
I had a couple of times that the dough remained and I put it in the refrigerator. The very next day it became not so cool, but after baking, the gingerbread cookies are straight dry and look like cookies. And those that baked were immediately soft, and the dough was much thinner before it was laid, quite soft, and I mixed flour so that I could roll out and cut out the shape. That is, this is the same dough, without the addition of flour, but after laying it becomes steep and I did not even dust the table with flour, but the spices were drier.
very cool recipe for gingerbread, turned out soft, delicious and fragrant-e-eee. Thank you very much for the wonderful recipe. he is now in my favorites
Olga VB
Girls, if you use a kneader, can you somehow simplify the technology?
Actually, rubbing the oil on a grater by hand is most annoying.
Now, if I have a heated dough mixer (Kesha with induction) and do not want to dirty excess dishes, then how can I do all this without losing quality?
Another moment. After grinding, the spices must probably be sieved, or do they not interfere if they come in grains?
It's just that I'm starting to test different recipes for Easter, bought Easter cuttings for cookies, I want to try these gingerbread cookies. No wonder they are all praised so much.
Olga VB, Olya, I'm kneading in a dough mixer, I just put softened butter, everything is finely rubbed with a K-nozzle, but it takes a long time to grind for 5-10 minutes, I just look at the situation, it happens differently. In the original, lard is used instead of butter, but you can't rub it, so I assumed that butter could just be added softly. I didn't notice much difference.
You don't need to sift the spices, they will creak on your teeth, you think it's a problem
Olga VB
Lizonka, our toiler! You still don't sleep at night. Are you working?
I knew that it was you who would be able to answer this question for me
Be kind, then describe the whole process from start to finish, how best to do it with the kneader. By time and by operations.
For example, if I heat honey and butter (to what state? Or to what degrees?), Put everything in there and knead, will I succeed?
And if I use sugar instead of powder, first mix it with butter and honey until it dissolves?
Then the dough can also be kneaded with a K-shkoy or it will have to be replaced with a hook.
I really want to make these gingerbread cookies, and, moreover, in advance, because they seem to write that they are well stored, and then there will be cakes and Easter ...
I pour all the dry ingredients into a bowl (sift everything), knead it thoroughly with a whisk, so that it mixes everywhere, but I do it with a hand whisk. Then I throw butter into the bowl, put the K-shku on and turn it on at medium speed, you probably have a three-four. I grind until the butter and flour are combined into crumbs.
At this time, I warm honey (I do it in a microwave), but I use sugar, which I grind in a blender beforehand to a coarse powder, so I heat honey in its pure form until it becomes liquid, hot, but you can touch your finger, although hot. I pour the honey into the bowl of the kneader, at this time I start beating eggs into a separate bowl, and I also throw chopped orange zest into the dough. Then eggs one at a time. Basically everything.
Yes, I almost forgot, initially I did not put all the flour in the bowl, but somewhere around 600g, and then after the eggs, when the dough became liquid again from them, I add flour. But still, the dough should be quite watery and soft, just not stick to your finger.
Then I bake, as Lera wrote.

LeraI hope I'm doing everything right?
Olga VB
It is clear, that is, if I knead the eggs with sugar before the sugar dissolves, then I can not bother with the powder (my sugar is fine, it dissolves well).
Another point: according to the recipe, there are 3 whole eggs + 4 yolks, that is, 6 yolks + 3 whites in the dough and 1 yolk per coating.
And what if 4 eggs + 2 yolks or, oh, horror !, 5 whole eggs, that is, in the dough there are 4 yolks + 5 whites and 1 yolk per coating?
Maybe someone has tried this and can compare with the original recipe?
Vei, Lizonka, you are doing everything right

Added Wednesday, 06 Apr 2016 7:41 PM

Olga VB, Olenka, I would not recommend replacing the powder with sugar, this may cause the dough structure to change and the gingerbread will not be so soft.
At the expense of eggs - the same thing, the dough will be more viscous and dense, which will ultimately affect the quality of baking. The squirrels can then be left for icing so that they won't be lost.
The trick of these gingerbreads is that the custard dough is mixed with shortbread, as a result, soft porous gingerbreads are obtained, and even with strong drying, they will not be oak and "tasteless", but remain crumbly, like shortbread cookies.
Olga VB
Thank you, Lera, I will not violate the technology.
Eh, and I was hoping to simplify and save ...
Quote: Olga VB
eggs with sugar until sugar dissolves
it is impossible, sugar should be with flour, and eggs are added last!

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