Delicious mackerel in three minutes

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Delicious mackerel in three minutes


Mackerel 1-2 pieces
onion peel the bigger, the better
water 1 liter
salt 5 tbsp. spoons with a hill

Cooking method

  • I had a mackerel without a head or entrails. Thawed and thoroughly washed.
  • Pour water into a saucepan, put onion skins and let it simmer for 10 minutes. So much water is needed so that in the future it completely covers the fish.
  • Add salt and boil for another 5 minutes.
  • We put our mackerel in this water and cook for 3 minutes from boiling over medium heat.
  • We take out the fish in a colander to glass the water. Well, that would have cooled.
  • ALL! You can eat.

The dish is designed for

how much do you cook

Time for preparing:

20 minutes

Cooking program:

stove and handles


I advise you to make at least 2 pieces. Very tasty and unexpected. The taste even reminds us of the canned fish that we love so much, Dobroflot.

Natalia, a very interesting recipe for making mackerel! Thanks, we will try!
Thank you! A very interesting and tempting recipe Considering that it is very simple - this is the very thing for me now
Natalia,, and 5st. l. salt is not too much, the fish inside is not salty. I try not to salt the sea fish at all. And another important point: the smell during cooking is very?
Check mark, Victoria, Vladimirovna, thanks for your attention to the recipe.
Vladimirovna, no, not too salty, but that. I usually take 7.5 liters of water for 1.5 liters of water. salt. I have a wide saucepan; so I take 1.5 liters of water, well, to completely cover the fish. Salt with a small pea. I think it's not too salty because it cooks quickly. The smell is quite a bit, I think it's because of the husk. And it really tastes like delicious canned fish.
Natalishka, Natus, interesting recipe, carried away in, thanks!
I cooked lard in the husk, but nope fish ..
Thank you. In the bookmarks.
And the smell is like baking, or is it easier?
And then I once had to literally freeze the apartment.
I love mackerel, but after that time I am afraid.
Ksyusha, Elena, Andrei, thanks for your attention to the recipe
Podmosvichka, Elena, no smell at all not much. We cook for 3 minutes. The smell is strong when you fry or bake in the oven: girl-yes: There is no such thing here.
Natalishka, a very interesting recipe! Moreover, it is dietary. I love mackerel. I will definitely cook it.
Elena, thanks for the tip. Yes, boiled mackerel is very tasty.
Natalishka, and she has time to get ready in just 3 minutes? Otherwise, I don't really understand, I'm afraid I won't be ready)
Vita, has time: girl-yes: The consistency is exactly like in canned food. True bones are hard
Natalishka, I love interesting recipes for every day! Thank you very much, I am taking yours to the piggy bank too !!!
PS. And what kind of canned food is Dobroflot? Where do they buy them?
Elena, I will be glad if you like the fish: friends: They wrote about canned food in the Moscow topic and in the topic “delicious shopping.” There is a photo there. Very tasty.
A.lenka, I bought in Magnet and Pyaterochka. Their price often changes, sometimes it is very attractive.
Natalishka, recipe, straight, mine, definitely! I'm a fish soul. Yes. also a high-speed one, great!
Irina, I also love fish in any form. Now this way I got accustomed
Natalishka, Natalia!
I made two fish yesterday, then in the refrigerator.Today we tried ... with fried potatoes ... it turned out delicious!
Thanks for the recipe!
Elena, I am so glad that I liked the fish. Thanks for the report
I made such a fish, super! Fast, simple and very tasty ...
Nataliya, thank you: rose: My friend didn’t even believe that only salt and onion are spices. husk. She said she seemed to have spices to her taste.
Natalishka, and what does the husk give?
Natalia, Yes, nothing is needed ... And how delicious it turns out, I immediately thought that there was too much salt ... But it turned out just right)))
Oksana, the husk gives a special taste. I always boil eggs in husks for Easter. True, I cook for a long time on low heat. Eggs are also tastier than those dyed with other dyes.
NataliaI was very interested in the recipe, but I did not understand one thing - should the fish be put and cooked in a decoction from the husk, or should it be cooked directly with the husk without removing it?
Yulia, cook the fish with the husk.
Thank you!!! Very on time, just now doing it !!!

Added Saturday 08 Oct 2016 6:04 PM

And another question!!! Do you need to cut into pieces or just cook the whole carcass?
You can do both. True, when you then cut the finished fish, it creeps a little (it's like cutting boiled fish). But the taste is the same: girl-yes: Do not slice thin.
I am beautifull
For a long time already this is the only way we do mackerel. It is also delicious on the grill, but then it is agony to wash the grill. No problem here.
May I add some clarifications? In addition to the husk, I put laurel. a leaf and a little turmeric (the mother does not put it), a few peas of black and allspice pepper, a tea bag or just tea leaves in a silicone tea-pot (I don’t know what the name is). I need 2 liters of water, but I put 3 tbsp for this amount. tablespoons of salt with a slide. Otherwise, I'm too salty. I cut the fish in half and so that it does not fall apart, I tie it with an unpainted cotton thick thread. It does not fit entirely in the pan. I love hot, mother loves cold.
Natasha, brought a huge thank you for the recipe
It's just a bomb !!!
Honestly, I didn't expect it to be SO tasty
Soft, tender !!! And the belly just melts in your mouth
And there is absolutely no smell !!!
For one and a half liters of water I put 7 tablespoons without a slide, I got the salt just right. And boiled for 5 minutes, the fish were thick.
I stock up on mackerel and husks
Here they are, my golden fish
Delicious mackerel in three minutes

As you start to hiccup, it means I made mackerel again
Olga M.
Natasha, I also used your recipe today. Thank you, very tasty! Reminds of some canned food from childhood. The smell in the kitchen is minimal.

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