Cake-dessert "Grape"

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Dessert Cake Grape


The foundation: 1 portion (I have 3)
Sugar 200 g (600 g)
Cream 5 tbsp. l. (15 tbsp. L)
Butter 130 g (360 g = 2 packs)
Cornflakes 200 g (700 g = 2 packs)
Low-fat cottage cheese 500 g (800 g)
Lemon or pineapple jelly for 200-250 ml of jelly 2 pack. (3 pack)
Sour cream (option) 50-70 ml (100 ml)
Jelly water 250 ml (250 ml)
Seedless grapes 300-600 g

Cooking method

  • Dessert Cake Grape
  • In the 1997 Lisa magazine I came across a recipe for a Spray of Champagne cake. The recipe filling requires 500 g of cottage cheese, 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice, 250 ml of champagne, 70 g of sugar, 9 leaves of gelatin.
  • But we didn't really like the combination of cottage cheese with champagne. I replaced the champagne with sugar and gelatin for lemon jelly. In the changed composition, the cake took root in our country, the name was changed and simplified accordingly, it became simply Grape.
  • Another change was in the base, the recipe relied on 120 g sweet cornflakes and 80 g almond flakes. There were nowhere to take almond plates and they were replaced by flakes. Moreover, I try to find flakes not sweet and thin, fragile, but there is enough sugar in caramel.
  • Dessert Cake GrapeIn a saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally, heat the sugar until caramelized.
  • Dessert Cake GrapeThe sugar is caramelized.
  • Dessert Cake GrapeSugar temperature is very high Caution add warmed cream and butter. I warm cream in the microwave
  • Dessert Cake GrapeWhile stirring, bring the mixture to a homogeneous boil, set aside and let cool slightly.
  • Dessert Cake GrapeThen in a large container, mix the resulting caramel with cornflakes.
  • Dessert Cake GrapeThe bottom and sides of the mold, better detachable, I have a mold with a diameter of 26 cm, lay out with baking paper. Put the prepared mass in a mold and distribute along the bottom and sides in the form of a "basket". Cool the base, you can freeze it, for example, on the balcony in winter.
  • Dessert Cake GrapeCooking the filling. According to the instructions, prepare jelly from packages by adding 250 ml of water, or any light jelly so as not to stain the cottage cheese.
  • Dessert Cake GrapeCool the jelly a little and mix with cottage cheese, rub this mass through a sieve. You can add cream or sour cream, the filling will be softer. The mass is easier to wipe off than dry curd. Stir well. Chill the filling in a bowl of a suitable size, under the inner volume of the mold with the base of the cake, to make curd jelly.
  • Dessert Cake GrapeYou can put the cooled jelly mass immediately into a mold with a base and put the cake in the refrigerator to finally freeze, but the flakes begin to soak quickly. It is better to prepare the cake in advance, the filling works well in the refrigerator without a base, it does not need to be frozen, and the base can stand in the refrigerator and in the freezer and on the balcony if it is winter. Wash the grapes and sort them into berries. Collect the cake before serving. Put the finished jelly from the bowl into a mold with a base, take the cake out of the mold onto a dish and fill it with grapes.
  • Dessert Cake Grape

Cooking program:

stove, refrigerator


According to the original recipe, well-whipped cream (200 ml) is added to the curd jelly. Top with grapes dipped in egg white and then sugar. But I did not get the desired effect from the procedure with grapes. I collect the cake before serving, very quickly, when the ingredients are ready, this is a matter of a couple of minutes.
Here's what happened in the context, one of the options. Usually nothing is left for the photo, guests quickly sort it out. The first time we managed to capture what was inside, there were few guests.

Dessert Cake Grape

We've had this favorite cake for many years. I hope you enjoy it too.

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Dessert Cake Grape

Elena Kadiewa
Oh, Marishka, I'm the first on your cake here too, clever girl who laid out the recipe, thank you!
Lena, thanks for stopping by, help yourself! I have my first recipe.
Elena Kadiewa
Moreover, congratulations on the first delicious recipe!
marina-mm, Beauty then! With the first recipe you Marinochka!
Very tempting! It seems not difficult!
Marina, with a start! Let there be more recipes, delicious and beautiful!
Marina, great recipe! What kind of cream do you need?
Antonina, Tatyana, izumka, Thank you! The cake is delicious, it's not difficult to cook, it looks impressive on the table. Quickly disassembled for parts by guests. I don’t make less than a double portion.
izumka, any cream, there were cases, replaced with milk, added a little less. The point is for the caramel to freeze, holding the flakes together.
Marina, the basket with grapes looks beautiful, only the handle is missing.
And with the first recipe
Maroussia, and it is, a basket with curd filling and grapes. Thank you
And I liked the cake for its originality. Bookmark, thanks!
Tumanchik, Irisha, Thank you
Crispy caramel basket with delicate curd filling and juicy grapes, must be prepared. My guests always expect this dessert from me.
The cake allows variations and substitutions.
Marina, curiously curious, very appetizing cake. Thanks for the recipe
Olka I
Mmm! Delicious! And the flakes at home are just dofig :-)
marina-mm, I would pour the jelly for the cake on top of the grapes, then the berries will not crumble and the cut piece will be whole and beautiful.
The cake is very unusual, I came up with an idea with cereals. I bookmark it with gratitude!
Oh, you! Marina, Thank you! An unusual recipe! Bookmark, but I think not for long!
marina-mm, I reread the recipe and didn't quite understand it: "Butter 130 g (360 g = 2 packs)
Corn flakes 200 g (700 g = 2 packs) ". Explain, please, how much oil and flakes do you need?
Oksana, Olga, svetta, Yulia, Thanks for attention!
Olka I, you can just make a base, lay it out in a slide and it will also be delicious. Children always ask me for a slide separately, so I cook for 3-4 portions, form a basket for the cake, and present the rest as a separate dessert to lovers.
svetta, I'm not a specialist in cakes, there is no practice of pouring jelly on a cake. Try it, tell us about the result. The cake is important as an idea, variations in taste are quite acceptable.
In the original recipe, it was proposed to apply whipped cream to the curd filling, moisten the grapes in egg white and then dip in sugar and put on the cream. Maybe a small portion will stick like that.
But I make the cake for family holidays, where more than 20 people gather, respectively, I increase the portion so that everyone has enough, I pour the grapes into the basket heartily, it's really difficult to keep it. And the cake is disassembled very quickly, even with spoons, and therefore I do not have time to photograph in a cut, an artistic mess.
svetta, 130 g butter per serving, I always cook 2-3 minimum. This time I made 3 servings = 390 g, but I took 2 packs of butter, 180 g each = 360 g, this is not critical.
Flakes are also different, I usually take with a margin and look at the result, I had 2 packs of 350 g each, when mixed with caramel, all 700 g were needed. And according to the recipe, 200 g of flakes are needed per serving. The flakes were thick, apparently heavier than those that fit the recipe, not very successful.
Thin, crunchy flakes will have more volume, more surfaces to come into contact with the caramel, and may require as little as 600g. It's very dependent on the starting materials.
Therefore, I recommend choosing good thin, light flakes, the result is tastier.
Marish, what a beauty! And without blemish, which is very important! But if grapes are nizzy, then what can be replaced?
Veronica, yes, the cake is spectacular, including because of the grapes. You can probably change for other berries, but those that do not flow, it will not stand the dampness, the basket should crunch, all the relish is that the base is sweet and crispy, and the filling is tender and slightly sour, the berries add juiciness and freshness.
I have never tried replacing grapes.And what kind of berries can you? Strawberries are allowed? It can be dense.
Marina! Both the photo and the recipe are wonderful! Congratulations on your debut!
My question is: How did you mix the thin caramelized cornflakes? I am such an elephant that I am afraid I will break them. Not to mention tamping them into shape. Straight, this question does not go out of my head ...
Quote: marina-mm

svetta, I'm not an expert on cakes, there is no practice of pouring jelly on a cake. Try it, tell us about the result. The cake is important as an idea, variations in taste are quite acceptable.
Marina, this recipe of mine shows the process of working with cake jelly. Instead of grapes, you can put any other berries and fruits and pour the jelly, they will not flow.
Marina, great idea with cornflakes instead of a dough base, and a great champagne jelly substitute!
You can drink champagne anyway, with a bite of cake
My daughter has jam day soon, she loves grapes. I think we can try to make her a cake. But first you need to practice on yourself. I don't even know if we have such cereals on sale, I probably haven't bought them since childhood.
Marin, how will such a take-away cake stand? Or is it better to collect locally?
I liked Sveta's idea of ​​pouring clear jelly over the grapes, but then this must be done in advance.
nila, Nel, and the jelly is poured in 20 minutes maximum, this is with cooking the jelly itself and cooling. Well poured it and carry it on the table!
Mikhaska, so with a spoon and stirred. The caramel is still hot enough, it envelops the flakes well, well, it breaks a little, then it is better to fasten the basket with a trifle. And I don't tamp the basket, but lay out the sides with my hands, the mass is sticky due to sugar. Everything is simple there, worth a try. I need a big cake, these sides are taken apart first, so they are plump with me.
svetta, I have already seen the recipe for a jellied pie for a long time, but there the fruit is a fairly thin layer, and I have a slide, will it work. That is why I called it a dessert, which looks like a cake, but is actively eaten with spoons.
More suitable for home use.
Quote: marina-mm
you need a big cake, these sides are taken apart first of all, so they are plump with me.
Halasoyoooooo! So we will write down: the sides are plump and not rammed.
Nelya, you can try to make one portion in a small form. According to the original recipe, everything is done in advance, the cooled curd jelly is laid out in a basket, the grapes are placed on a layer of whipped cream. But when it stands in the refrigerator, the cereal basket becomes wet, the crunchy charm disappears.
Therefore, I began to collect dessert before serving. For so many years it has become a tradition. And some do not like cottage cheese, they only take the sides of a basket with grapes, these are such fussy.
Marina, I will definitely try, it's a very curious idea! Only from the beginning it is necessary to make an exploration of what flakes we have on sale and then we will stock up on the necessary products.
Nelya, try it, good luck in your exploration! The taste of course depends on the raw materials.
Quote: marina-mm

svetta, I have already seen the recipe for a jellied pie for a long time, but there the fruit is a fairly thin layer, and I have a slide, will it work. That is why I called it a dessert, which looks like a cake, but is actively eaten with spoons.
More suitable for home use.
It will work out! You don't need to look at a thin layer, you need to learn how to work with jelly. And you can pour any amount of fruit, everything will depend on the degree of cooling of the jelly itself.
svetta, thanks for the advice, I'll try.
Marina, something slipped past the cake (recipe) in the gazebo this morning.
Congratulations on the first recipe, waiting for the next. Unusual and easy to prepare, I'll bookmark it.
Alla, Thank you! : a-kiss: Get ready, kids and adults like it, I've been using this recipe for 18 years.
lettohka ttt
Marinochka cake is wonderful !!!! The photo is amazing !!! With the initiative !!!!!!
Marinochka, such a cool recipe! what is important - no baking! Thank you very much !
Natalia, Ludmila, Thank you! We have a favorite cake, glad to share it.
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Chef, THANK YOU! So unexpected ... I'm very glad that my first recipe is also the best!
Marina, Congratulations!
The first recipe - and immediately a victory! I wish you further creative success!
Marusya, Thank you!
Such a high mark, very, very happy. I was going to share the recipe for a long time and now.
Elena Kadiewa
marina-mm, from the bottom of my heart - congratulations and very happy for you!
marina-mm, congratulations from the bottom of my heart! The dessert is wonderful! You see now: we praised him for a reason!
Good luck with the recipes on display and beyond!
Marina, uraaaa !!!!! Congratulations! Also let there be many victories, and not only on HP!
Elena, Irina, Tatyana, thank you for your kind words and wishes! Prepare dessert and delight your loved ones.
marina-mm, Marinochka with Pobedoyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu and Madalka's, uryayayaya !!!
Trishka, Ksyusha, Thank you!
marina-mm, Marinochka with a medal! Please your loved ones and share the recipes with us!
Anatolyevna, Thank you! I will try.

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