Waffles on kefir "Americano"

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Waffles on Americano kefir


Kefir 200 ml.
Wheat flour 200g. (5 large tbsp. L.)
Margarine / butter (room temperature) 85gr.
Sugar 85g. (4.5 tbsp. L)
Salt pinch
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
Egg 2 pcs.

Cooking method

  • Brought you a recipe for simple and delicious waffles!
  • Why "Americano", the author called them - "American waffles on kefir", I altered slightly ...
  • Cooking is easy.
  • Mix flour with baking powder.
  • Waffles on Americano kefir
  • Beat the butter, sugar and salt with a mixer.
  • Waffles on Americano kefir
  • Beat eggs with kefir.
  • Now add eggs with kefir to the butter, and then stir in the flour.
  • Waffles on Americano kefir
  • The dough turns out as for "pancakes" approximately.
  • Waffles on Americano kefir
  • We heat up the waffle iron, I have Moulinex for thick waffles, and we bake our waffles.
  • For one waffle - about 1 large tbsp. l.
  • Bon Appetit everyone!!!
  • Help yourself!
  • Waffles on Americano kefir

The dish is designed for

8-10 pcs.

Time for preparing:

25 minutes

Cooking program:

Waffle maker for thick waffles.


The waffles are delicious and crispy. !

At first, when I took them out of the waffle iron, they were soft as pancakes, but after lying on the wire rack for a bit, they became crispy on the outside and soft on the inside !!

Ksyusha, don't you live until the morning ?. and so at least they knew whether they soften or not .. for some reason all my waffles become soft ... but only corn churros came out crispy)))
I must try yours ...
Vinokurova, Alain, they didn’t live long enough, but you know, I think they’ll soften it later, I haven’t found such a recipe yet so that they don’t soften, they are also soft in the store in the store ...

True, I never bought a store!

And, so they came out so tasty, while I was sunbathing at the parent meeting, they left me 1 little thing, and I also like to eat them, while fresh, then it's not that ...

Thank you for your attention!
Quote: Trishka
while I was sunbathing at the parents' meeting, I was left with 1 piece
that's why I don't cook anything before the meeting !. I will definitely try your Americans ... mine respect such things ...
Thanks for the recipe
To your health, Alenk, then write whether you liked it or not?
Ksyusha, I take your waffles to my bins. I liked the composition very much. Need to try. Thank you!
gala10, Galinochka, I'm glad that I liked the recipe!
Thanks for attention !!!
Ksyusha, looks so delicious And my waffle iron ordered me to live a long time .. but I'll catch up later, thanks
V-tina, oh, what a pity for the assistant, but it's not good, but then you will come off !!!
Thanks for stopping by for the tasty treat!
Natalia K.
Ksyusha, Abaldet does not get up. The waffles are awesome. I will definitely bake them. I liked the recipe very much because all products are constantly in the store. I went to put +++
natalisha_31, Natasha, no fluff, no pen, tfu, tfu, tfu let everything work out!
I would be glad if you like it !!!
Looking at everyone, I bought myself a waffle iron, and here the recipe means fate - I'll try it first
Nikusya, thank you for your trust !
I hope "the first pancake will not be lumpy" !!!
Ksyusha, thanks for the recipe! I also bookmarked the recipe! I will definitely cook it.
Quote: Vinokurova
for some reason, all my waffles become soft ...
And I lightly toast the layered waffles in a toaster, and they become the same as freshly cooked
Quote: Lera-7
lightly toast the layered waffles in the toaster
I'll try to use the advice .. thanks)))
Lera-7, Svetlana thank you for your attention!
Hope you enjoy it !!!
Vinokurova, Alyonushka, and you didn't bake too much?
Ksyusha, not...Yesterday I made two jellies with Mikhaskin meat, I don’t remember two focaccia with garlic and dill, but I don’t remember it, but it’s very tasty .. a kilo of prawns in German from Rada ... I didn’t have time to come home, I’ll dissolve the sugar and I'll go to the dacha ...
Ksyun, I will do it ... just not right away ... but I will unsubscribe you for sure ... the recipe is clean, it seems, the composition is very affordable ... I like that they tend to crunch at least a little))) I was attracted
Vinokurova, poor, you poor, you have prepared everything!
Well, my waffles are in no hurry, you'll free yourself a bit and bake!
Ah, I will wait for impressions !!!
Ksyusha, thanks for the recipe, an appetizing photo, it's great that simple ingredients, as a rule, are always at hand, you can pamper your family for the weekend, because it's great for breakfast a waffle with warm milk, or cocoa is just bliss.
Ava11, Alla, I will be glad if you like the recipe!
Thanks for attention!
And I baked them for breakfast today. While I was running after the camera, while looking for a map ... I drank coffee with a toast. Mine said: "you're losing weight." I will definitely bake some more, I also want to try. Mine said it was very good.
Painting, Tom,!
Well, as always, we are left with only crumbs of ostayuzza, but there is a reason to bake ischo !!!
Thanks for trusting the recipe !!!
Ksyusha, done !.

Waffles on Americano kefir

Very good waffles ... I took them out of the waffle iron, and they are soft ... I was honestly upset ... and they cooled down iiiiiiiii - crunched ...
Delicious ... I liked ... if they survive until the morning, I will share their behavior ... but there are very few chances, the small one was going to drink fermented baked milk with them in the evening ... and there were only 9 of them (((

Ksyu, thanks for the treat from the whole family !.
Vinokurova, Alenchik, I'm so glad, so glad that I liked it!
And about crunchiness, yes, they are soft at first, and then they begin to grow grumpy ...
Thanks for the report !!
For the first time I baked waffles, decided to use your recipe, and did not regret it! I didn't even expect it to be so tasty. thank you very much
tigrenok_2004, it's very nice that we liked the waffles!
Thank you for your attention to the recipe!
Are you to me, ok? ..
Thank you Ksenia for the waffle recipe! : bravo: This morning I cooked it! Very tasty and very quick to bake!
Bul, Julia, thank you for your trust!
Glad you liked !
Ksyusha, thanks for the recipe! Delicious waffles! Easy and fast!
Waffles on Americano kefir
Chubby, Svetlana, good luck, it's nice that you liked it, thanks for the report!
Ksyusha, today for breakfast they are delicious!
mowgli, Natasha, thank you for your attention and confidence in the recipe!
I'm glad you liked it ...
Albinka (Alya)
Ksyusha, thanks for the recipe, we got delicious waffles! Our family fell in love with them) now I often cook them, but I don't have time to take pictures!
Well, the fact that there are no pictures is not a problem, this is an indicator of goodness!
I'm glad that I liked the waffles and the recipe stuck, thanks for your trust!
Ksyusha, I came to say thank you so much for the recipe, I baked them ten times, that's for sure, and I don't have time to take a picture for the report! These are the favorite waffles of my granddaughter and the whole family, they always turn out to be very tasty !!! It's a balm for my soul when I see how my granddaughter is eating them, she has a very bad appetite, it's hard to feed, but here you don't need to persuade!
Quote: jewellry
how the granddaughter devours them
How nice it is to read such reviews, and really a balm for the soul!
I am very glad that I liked the recipe and took root, thanks for your trust!
Trishka, Ksyushik, I'm running as fast as I can with a report and gratitude - thanks for the excellent recipe, here is our delicious breakfast (I added only zest and lime juice, everything else was according to the recipe):

Delicious! Fast and easy! :))) Thank you, my dear :))) I keep in bookmarks, I will often repeat :)))
Oh, how nice it is, yes from you Vikus, to hear praise!
I am very glad that you liked my waffles, thank you for your trust !!!
I'll steal one waffle, okay? ...

I also need to eat something in the new Gfochka ...
Quote: Trishka
I'll steal one waffle, okay?
My, you are golden, but take ffffse, and I'll bake you - we really liked them.That's how it should be: inside - soft, outside - crunchy, food - budget, recipe - clean, potsayka - optimal, well, just like the doctor ordered Excellent recipe
Pasiba, I knew you were Haloshaya !!!
Ksyusha, oh,
Trishka, Ksyusha, I'm carrying a plate
Tasty, fast, simple, thanks They crunch only on the first day, the next they become soft, but that makes them no less tasty
Waffles on Americano kefir
Kolizeika, Svetlana, thanks for the plate, just in time for breakfast!
I am glad that we liked the waffles, thank you for your trust!
Trishka, thanks for the recipe! The breakfast was great!
Quote: anna_k
! The breakfast was great!
So this is the most important thing, to feed everyone deliciously!
Glad you liked the waffles, thanks!

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