Ketchup with basil

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Ketchup with basil


Tomatoes 1 kg
Bulb onions 1 PC. large
Garlic 6-8 teeth
Basil large bundle
Pumpkin / Zucchini, preferably ancient 150 g
Plum 5 -7 pcs.
Sunflower oil 1 tbsp. l
Bitter red pepper 0.5-1-2 ... pcs.
Salt, sugar taste
Lemon juice (optional) taste
Dill, parsley, dzhusay to taste, a lot

Cooking method

  • Peeled the tomatoes, chopped at random, the onion too, grated the pumpkin on a coarse grater, cut the plums in half, removing the seeds, cut hot pepper, basil and the white part of the jujusai, cooked without a lid for 45 minutes over low heat. I put it in a blender bowl and chopped it.
  • She poured oil into a saucepan, when it got hot - put the squeezed garlic, mixed it, fried it for half a minute, poured the tomato brew back. Added salt, sugar, 3 tbsp. l lemon juice, chopped dill, parsley and jusai leaves, let it boil and rolled up.

The dish is designed for

1 l

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:

Stove / multicooker


I cooked from what caught my eye in the garden and vegetable garden in the morning: yellow, red, pink and black tomatoes were ripe; the wind knocked down an unripe pumpkin, as well as a dozen ripe plums; basil blossomed in a violent color - so its flowers in ketchup and went ...
Cooked exclusively for her husband. I don't eat that. But I tried. If not for the disgusting smell of basil, it would be delicious !!

Ooooh, we can't live without the basil! I plant five or six varieties! Thank you very much! I was pleased with the pumpkin as an additive - mine are unlikely to reach ripeness, so I will add them here!
TATbRHA, I love basil, so I will definitely prepare ketchup according to this recipe, thanks!
All the people adore him ... as well as buckwheat ... F-fu.
Tan, high five and buckwheat, including ... And on the topic, the recipe is wonderful, you never taste delicious. This is how many ketchups and adjik have you gotten lately, is there a new recipe from you every day?
Oh, I agree that too a lot, albeit 1-2-3 jars. "Too" means too much. But they have grown, so what can you do, you need to "procure". True, several our friends and acquaintances will be delighted ...

Next year, God willing, I will plant half as many tomatoes !!! And this year there are only three short beds, 10 bushes each.

Mush asks every spring: "Plant at least one bed of meat !!"
I brewed three liters today. Taste - the tongue can be swallowed! I poured it into the cans, rolled it up, gave my mother an empty saucepan, and said: "Go to the bathroom with water, I'll wash it later!" And my mother said to me: "Are you completely crazy? I will still lick her!"
Nut, well, I'm glad you liked it!

How I miss my mom. She was also a lover to lick, but only everything sweet: cake creams, a saucepan after cooking jam ...
Health to your mother for many years.

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