Unripe apples are good

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Unripe apples are good


unripe apples

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  • Somehow it broke off at our apple tree - like a white filling, the Ural version, apples are sour, but in compotes and jam are very good, they dry beautifully, light ones are obtained - a large branch.
  • I picked it up, 2 buckets of apples, still unripe, it's a pity to put almost ready-made apples into compost.
  • They brought it home, I think I will make the juice through a centrifuge, if it is very sour, for marinating chicken-meat, it will go into the dough, it's even better that it's not sweet. The juice turned out to be lighter than from mature, less foam and more came out, this is the first plus.
  • The second - the cake was poured in a slow cooker with a small amount of sugar, poured into jars, after cooling it became like marmalade, it did not fall out of the jar.
  • And so delicious - with a delicate fresh sourness, smelled in spring. There is much more pectin in unripe apples than in ripe ones, and it is tasty and healthy, and it is convenient to coat the cake cakes, but I ate it like that - with a spoon, although I don't particularly like boiled apple supplies.
  • In the end, my husband brought me unripe apples from abandoned orchards on purpose - the jam also tastes different than the ripe ones, I liked the fresh sourness.
  • And jam - I'll cook jam and bamix in a saucepan hot problender - then it doesn't come out of the can either, but of course, it is more tender than from the cake. Unripe dried apples are also delicious.


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Irochka thanks for the good advice. Be sure to bookmark - anything can happen in life.
always happy to advise and take advice
Quote: Irsha

always happy to advise and take advice
And if the apples are ripe, but still sour (sort of like that), then all this probably also applies to them?
Irsha, thanks for such a savory description of the process and the result, I immediately began to feverishly figure out where to get hold of unripe apples.
Quote: Irsha
Unripe dried apples are also delicious.
I confirm that every year I get the wounds that did not have time to ripen before the frost. I dry them so that I can cook compote in winter. Compote is much tastier from them than from normal apples.
Quote: lillay
apples are ripe, but still sour
We have a neighbor,: oops: there is also a garden without owners, the apple tree is just like that - apples are large, juicy, oak, winter because, for juice with a centrifuge just last year she was resting, this one has apples
Apple stump compote also awesome - somehow there weren't enough apples, my husband, as always, bounced the middle, and they are so round, nice, they are so chubby, sliced ​​apples into the dryer, and the stumps are poured over the cans, the taste is wooden, because many apples the petiole was not torn off, and the bones give their taste. And then she dried the stumps, gave them to my daughter for compotes, she would not be lucky to go to another city, we give her everything dried.
Apples almost * green *.
An autumn variety of apples, a branch broken by the wind fell away. We got a 15-liter bucket of small solid apples.

They brought it home. The first thought is to pass through a screw juicer, mashed potatoes - to grind in a slow cooker, cake, which with seeds and petioles, dry, grind, will go as an addition to the dough or ground coffee.

On the second liter of puree the auger went on strike, the cake was very dry and hard, the cake outlet was clogged. I cleaned the auger. And she decided not to torment her anymore, the very unripe apples of effort are not worth the augers.

The squeezed 2 liters of applesauce was poured into 300 ml bottles and put into the freezer.Two bottles were not plastic, but glass, therefore, so that the frozen juice would not tear them apart, I added a table to each. l. sugar and tea. l. oat flakes = goes for yeast dough. The cake dried, chopped.

I boiled the rest of the apples by splashing a little water into the pan with them so that the lower ones would not burn. Cooked apples hot (they rub faster than cooled ones) rubbed through a rubbing sieve, it turned out a little more than 3 liters. Thick, green, not tasty,.
I added a liter of sugar, half a glass of lemon zest, it was grated in the freezer, and boiled for 30 minutes, stirring.
Spread out hot in jars for a twist.

It turned out to be a thick, aromatic jam, with a pleasant sourness.

Quote: Irsha

Apple stump compote also awesome - somehow there weren't enough apples, my husband, as always, bounced the middle, and they are so round, nice, they are so chubby, sliced ​​apples into the dryer, and the stumps are poured over the cans, the taste is wooden, because many apples the petiole was not torn off, and the bones give their taste. And then she dried the stumps, gave them to my daughter for compotes, she would not be lucky to go to another city, we give her everything dried.

And I put the stumps in the freezer and then also for freshly brewed compotes: there was no difference at all)
And I do the same if the apple peel remains.
Asya Klyachina
IrinaWhat a fine fellow you are, well, everything goes to you. Perhaps this year I will use your advice, because, on the contrary, that summer we had a heap of apples, and this one or two, and almost no, apple trees are resting.
Asya, yeah, I don't like to throw it away

yes, it's all edible, especially since our garden is nearby, but not in the yard, I bring everything, we walk on foot, which we have brought even from our own garden, even though we found it in abandoned gardens - it's ours, everything is in work
Irochka, thanks, great advice, so far to bookmarks, but I will definitely try to cook and dry if I get any of these apples. we have a big garden, so divided in my trees that my husband falls and the husband feeds all the carrion to the bulls. recently there was such a hurricane wind, I'm worried about apples falling, my husband is happy to take the tasty things to the bulls.
Quote: Oktyabrinka
delicious gobies
meat immediately marinated in apple juice, from the inside
Well, it's even more disappointing that there won't be enough apples this year. I have not seen your advice before, but last year it would be very helpful, so many apples were thrown away
Thank you, Ira! Will use it next year (hopefully)
Tatyanka, try at least a little, unripe apples, depending on the variety - either taste good enough or

Charlotte - tasty and inexpensive:
500g of apples were unripe today - 10 rubles
200g flour - 4 rubles
3 eggs - 15 rubles
200g sugar - 9 rubles
130g cottage cheese - 20 rubles
20g grows. oil grease a frying pan and a pinch of soda - 2 rubles
Beat eggs slightly with granulated sugar. Add cottage cheese, beat again. Add flour and soda - mix. Cut the apples into wedges or cubes and place them loosely on a greased skillet. Pour in dough. It turns out 700-800g of a delicious pie worth 60 rubles (85 rubles / kg)
lily_a, delicious for a little denyuzhka - even tastier
Thank you, Irsha, Irina, prompted me to work. They got a bucket of carrion, half with ripe seeds, half with white ones. Cleaned, boiled, wiped, boiled with sugar. I made several cans mixed with cherries. Delicious jam turned out.
Ada-Adochka, Hell, it's good that the apples did not disappear, they went into business. Heap of pectin, little starch = poleeznooo
The floor of the apple tree in the garden broke. But I remember about these useful tips ... I typed a bucket and a bag for a start.
Unripe apples are good

Apples from a bag, 3 kg for 5 trays, went to the dryer. And if the green ones were not good for anywhere, they are bitter and hard, then apple chips are quite chewy for themselves, I don't know, or will live up to compote, rather we squeeze like that.

Unripe apples are good
Unripe apples are good

The stumps were dried separately. Yes, it is in compote. Because seeds have a lot of usefulness, let them come in handy.
In the evening I realized that the bucket was too dry for me. Therefore, I washed it, packed it by a kilogram and in the freezer.
Unripe apples are good

Or there will be mashed potatoes (I advise everyone for this a tomato press from a zepter) or a compote in winter.
I was inspired, tomorrow I'll go and collect it again, there are four more buckets.)))
By the way, you can do it differently: first boil and puree, and then freeze in 0.5 jars. In winter, boil for 3 minutes with sugar and for pancakes.

And last year I made mashed potatoes from Antonovka (falcon) - that’s not a delicacy like strawberries or apricots with peaches, but we consumed everything over the winter.
Piano, Elena, apples are not missing.
Yes, for some reason, dried dried foods are made much more edible.
And you don't need to freeze the boiled puree, take up a place in the freezer, there are jars and so well, for rolling.
Thanks for the photo, clearly.
Quote: Irsha
take a place in the freezer,
I have a chest of 500 liters, everything will fit
Quote: Piano
everything will fit
yeah, that's good, I have frozen applesauce for yeast dough, raw, in freezer bags, about a glass of puree for one batch, add another liter of liquid to the puree. The bread is light, fluffy.
I once made buns-buns on applesauce. The husband said: not interesting, it smells like apples, but there are no apples ...
They didn't take root.

Today's 2 buckets have gone to banks. Here is such a green puree, with cinnamon, tender and tasty, is obtained from not farmed green apples))
Unripe apples are good
Quote: Irsha
Thank you.)

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