Fried fish, river fish, special catch

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Fried fish, river fish, special catch


River fish, freshly caught depends on the luck of the fisherman
Pork fat or whatever you cook on reasonably
Salt taste
Flour for breading

Cooking method

  • This fish is from a normal catch ... If you do not look at the quantity. And normal fishing is when my men (husband and son), take decent fishing rods, brakes, complementary foods, worms, etc. and go, early in the morning, to distant lands. And there will be a bite or it will not be ... It was on this day that the crucian did not bite from the word at all. They didn’t understand how one got caught.
  • We moved to another place in order to catch at least something ... Something also did not want to be caught ... So with such a catch, we came home ...
  • Often the process is important for fishermen ...
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • The recipe and the set of products are simple, outrageously ... I really like the fish fried in pork fat. We wash the pre-cleaned fish, add a little salt, bread in flour and fry first on one side ...
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • ... then turn over and fry on the other .... Everything can be served to the table.
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • And this is my fish, a special catch ... Why a special one? Because always, in the place of our swimming, one has only to stop and fish begin to swim up to our feet. Each time I regretted not having a fishing rod with me.
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • This time I prepared thoroughly. I asked my son to tie me a hook to a piece of fishing line and a nut ...
  • - Mom, I'll collect your fishing rod
  • - Don't, tie the hook and nut
  • - Choose any weight you like and in general, I offer you a fishing rod
  • - I want a nut and a hook
  • - Well, choose any spare parts from your dad. Persuaded ...
  • And then Tanya caught sight of the key. Do you need much for happiness? And how my son laughed, I will not describe ... But with a key, given the strong current, I was right.
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • This is my bait. Because my husband took a fishing rod and worms and went to the place of his catch, forgetting to leave me my share, and my daughter did not want to run after them. But I had a piece of curtain with me to hide from the sounds while eating ... Isn't it a net? In addition, it became fun for two girls whose parents did not bother themselves with the issues of activities with children. So the girls enthusiastically caught and released the fry into their native element ... Also, everyone wanted me to take the bait from her. She took from both at once and one, imperceptibly, let go. And it is not difficult for me and the children are pleased.
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • Here is my catch, 10 pieces ... And my husband brought only one fish, complained that the line broke off and the bangs bit him .... It's true, it hurt to watch ...
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • It so happened that the perch easily began to be cleaned with our nails, well, we, with Katya, and cleaned, and gutted, and even washed and salted ...
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • In the process of washing, one fish was missing ... And they cooked it at home and, as my daughter said, for some reason they were tastier than those that were caught by our men.
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • And these comrades were so cool trying to catch fry with their paws in shallow water ...
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • That’s all, fishing is over ... No, I didn’t stand with a fishing rod all the time ... Katya replaced me from time to time, from time to time the fishing rod lay on the shore, and I just swam ... Fishing was not the goal, our goal was active rest and enjoyment from any process. And the fish for dinner is a nice bonus.
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • I was fishing at this depth ...
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch
  • ... and you can also play the ball ...
  • Fried fish, river fish, special catch

The dish is designed for

How much will you catch

Time for preparing:

10-15 minutes and depends on the amount of fish and the size of the pan

Cooking program:



I hope you enjoyed the story of how our dinner was prepared ...

Tanya, I am the first to do this, "which did not want to be caught either"
As the saying goes, "you made me this day"! And delicious and fun
So when I started to fish, I immediately announced loudly that I would definitely post a recipe to raise my spirits.
Giraffe, Tanyushechka, thank you for your high spirits for the idea of ​​frying the fish in pork fat. Just treated to perches and there is melted bacon. And then I sit with longing looking at them: it's hot, I don't want to move. And here is Tanyusha with beauty and deliciousness.
Oh, we have a fever too. What I like about lard is that the color of the fish and the crust are more appetizing than in vegetable oil. I don’t use margarine at all. It is not recommended to fry in butter, that leaves ... lard. In addition, the product is more natural and this is another plus.
lettohka ttt
Tanya, it was very interesting to read, and thanks for the idea of ​​frying fish, on lard, I have never tried it !!! I am using it !!!! :-) :-) :-)
I am glad that I liked the style of presentation, and be sure to try to fry the fish like that. In general, for some time now, I decided not to mix animal and vegetable fats together. And the fish, although not fat, is an animal
Giraffewhat a fine fellow you are! This recipe is excellent - like eating a fish, and having a great rest! Thanks for the positive!
So it was really fun to catch like that. At the same time, I used to say that before they tied a line to a branch and caught it, but now give them all sorts of bells and whistles to the fishing rod, etc. And before my eyes, there was an episode all the time
Tatyana, great! You are well done!! You know how to relax and please us.
As if I went fishing with you ...
That's lovely!!!
That's great, someone travels with storytellers, and we fish.
Tatyana, a wonderful recipe story! I read it with pleasure! Thank you!

And when frying, fish splashes in the same way as in vegetable oil?
Tatyana, if you allow the water to drain well from the abdomen, then roll in flour and, when frying, turn the belly upwards, then no matter what to fry. But if you turn it belly down. then the juice will flow out and will splash anyway. The laws of physics have not been canceled.
Giraffe, Tanyush, what a friendly and beautiful your family And fish - what you need! Well done
I liked the fishing set, it's cool.
Tatyana, thanks for the recipe and for giving me a great mood!
Thank you very much for the recipe and the pleasure of reading your story.

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