Roasted mint

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Roasted mint


mint leaves
flour 50 ml
mineral water 50 ml
salt and pepper

Cooking method

  • Roasted mintWe wash the mint leaves well.
    Roasted mintWe make batter from water, flour, salt and pepper
    Roasted mintFry the leaves in oil until golden brown, 15 seconds on each side.
  • Roasted mintCollect excess oil from ready-made leaves. I laid out on paper napkins.
  • We got very light crispy leaves. They can be used as a side dish for meat, or you can just crunch it.
  • Bon Appetit everyone.

Olya, great you came up with the mint to fry.
I once tried to sugar-coat: into protein, then into sugar, then dry. It tasted interesting, but it looked like a complete disgrace.
It looks much better in batter, though you need to eat right away. Well, what does it taste like?

Quote: Premier
Well, what does it taste like?
while the hot taste of mint is barely felt, just something crunchy.
I wonder how I would never have guessed to use mint like that

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