I have a slow cooker, but now I wanted healthy homemade bread and I started thinking about a bread maker. Two units in the kitchen will take up a lot of space, so I want to buy 2 in 1, but what exactly: a multi-cooker bread maker or a multi-cooker bread maker (possibly also with the function of a pressure cooker)?
I'm more inclined to the multicooker bread maker.

I reviewed it, reread it, and realized that Redmond suits me the most. Models:

What is the difference? Which is better? I tried to compare them on the Internet on sites, but not a complete list of characteristics is written everywhere.

Can you advise in general to pay attention to some other?
What is required:
- kneading without baking
- no yeast baked goods
- gluten-free baked goods
- baking weight adjustment
- jam / jam
- multi basic functions (milk porridge, stewing, yogurt, soup)

Do the multi functions in the bread maker work well? Should you buy 2 in 1?
And yet, maybe I don't attach importance to some important characteristics? For example, a special compartment for dried fruits, is that necessary or can you do it? Etc.

In general, I will be glad if you tell me specific models. Sorry, new to this business, I just learn all the subtleties, so many questions

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