Curd rolls

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Curd rolls


cottage cheese 500gr
butter 150gr
egg 1 PC
sugar 1 / 2st
salt pinch
soda 1h l without top
vinegar for soda quenching
flour 2 1 / 2st
egg 1 PC
sugar for sprinkling
filling jam, jam
faceted glass 250ml

Cooking method

  • Cooking.
  • Grate the butter into the curd on a coarse grater, mix so that the butter is evenly distributed in the curd, add the rest of the ingredients - mix, add 2 1/2 cups of flour. If the cottage cheese is liquid, then you can add another half glass of flour. I have farm cottage cheese and I take exactly 2 1/2 tbsp of flour. Put the dough on the table and quickly assemble into a ball. If it sticks to your hands, then just lightly dust your hands with flour and collect the ball. Put the dough in the refrigerator for an hour. Then divide the ball into 4 parts and roll each part into a circle, while dusting the table and rolling pin well with flour. Rolling thickness 0.5 cm, not thinner , cut into sectors, put the filling on the wide part
  • Curd rolls
  • twist the bagels, dip one side into a beaten egg, roll this side in sugar and place on a baking sheet at a distance from each other
  • Curd rolls
  • Preheat the oven until 180* if you set the pace. more, then the products will quickly fry on top, but will not bake inside. In my oven at 180 * on the "top / bottom heat" mode, the bagels are baked for 20-25 minutes. The reference point for other ovens is the golden color of the products. Bagels rise well, become very lush - it is better not to open the oven in the process for the first 15 minutes.

The dish is designed for

output - 25-30pcs

Time for preparing:

cooking time with all manipulations about 2 hours

Cooking program:



You can not keep in the refrigerator for an hour, but cook right after kneading, but I liked it better with keeping the dough in the cold, at least 30 minutes
Having made these bagels once, YOU really just sit on them - because this UNREALLY TASTY
Enjoy your meal
r.s. I wrote off the recipe for a very long time somewhere in the internet and, when revising all my notebook entries, was accidentally found - now I bake every week and tasty and healthy, almost from cottage cheese.

Add the ingredients to the recipe, pliz
nut, Ira, how gentle! : girl_love: Imagine melting in your mouth.
Well, just imagine, but we are already cracked
Delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday I sat thinking where to attach the cottage cheese, I wanted to bake cottage cheese donuts today, and then the ROGALIKI appeared, well, of course, the choice fell on baking without butter! From the first batch, the jam leaked out, I was offended by it, and in the second I stuck slices of banana
In the photo (from the phone) just with a banana
Curd rolls
Irishathank you for the recipe!
Alyona , I am very glad that you liked the bagels. They are really very tasty, they remain soft for a long time with a crispy crust, and there is where to attach cottage cheese. In my family, no one eats cottage cheese, but here I have been baking bagels for more than a month and not a single soul has guessed that the dough is practically made of cottage cheese and they ask everything and ask them So Alyonushka, eat it for health
And so that nothing comes out of them, I either use my homemade plum jam, which I need to chop with an ax, or buy a heat-resistant cherry, apricot or apple jam
Sonadora-Manechka- not gentle, but the most delicate and you don't need to imagine - feel, touch, smell and overeat nadot
Tomorrow I'll go for some cottage cheese and I will definitely cook it. I love such quick recipes, although there is no jam either, at the same time I will buy the "Lady" candy, I think they will fit here as a filling.
nut, Irina! Delicious dough is already just by description! And the recipe is easy. We use shortbread and yeast, and, in fact, curd pastries are in favor ... Now I will start to cook your bagels. I am sure that everyone will like it!
Thanks for the glorious recipe!
Leka_s, Alyonka! What handsome men in the photo! And thanks for the banana idea! Something lately, and my jams are flowing from the filling ... So it hurts sometimes!
And I love curd baked goods! Thanks for the recipe!
Mikhaska, Irisha, I have a daughter only with a banana and carries, she really liked
I still dipped banana pieces a little in sugar, without fanaticism
I understood about sugar Alyonka! Thanks for the hint!
recipe, when I put the filling in so that it does not flow out, when I fold the wide edge with the filling, I press the dough around the filling from all sides, the filling turns out as if in a bag, then I roll it up to the narrow edge
Anyura, thanks for sharing your experience! I try to do that too lately. But, there are some jams that still flow at the oven temperature ... Any microscopic holes are found. Yes, and, again, I, for example, love classic-looking bagels (with tails), and not envelopes, as it turns out if the ends are tucked in. Here, before, such a thick jam was sold by weight and marmalade that they did not even think to creep, let alone escape from bagels and puffs!
Mikhaska, they are obtained with ponytails - when you start tucking, we leave the tails, retreat from the edge, where the jam (we see a tubercle,) we press the dough from 3 sides with our fingers (4th side of the fold), do not touch the tails, do not tuck, roll it up further , maybe I’m not clear I’ll write tomorrow I’ll cook, I’ll take a picture for clarity, my sister taught me so, she used to work on baking "bugs", so store bagels are called here
there will be ponytails, only the sides will no longer see the jam
lettohka ttt
What pretty bagels !!! I'll have to try it, I made cookies, but thanks to Irochka for the idea with the bagels !!! Dragged away !!!
Girls, very good stuffed bagels from this recipe The filling is very tasty, sour - sweet and does not flow
Quote: nut
now I bake every week and delicious and useful

I love people with a sense of humor !!!

I will certainly bake such bagels, and not even for taste, but solely for the sake of!

Irishka, thanks for the recipe !!!
Scops owl
not gentle, but the most delicate and you don't need to imagine - feel, touch, smell and overeat nadot -Nut Irina, how delicious you are talking about the bagels, you already wanted to cook. Thanks for the recipe, I'm taking it to your bookmarks.
Ooooh, this is delicious !! Spaaasiiiboooooo !!!
Baked! With banana and marmalade, delicious !!!
Irishkadear, thank you very much for the recipe, all my eaters were very tasty !!!

Curd rolls

Filling - plastic apple marmalade ...

Baked in two floors, on one baking sheet 32 ​​bagels did not want to fit (starting with a cold oven, curd dough loves that) only 15 minutes, at 160 gr. (convection).
Innuska, well, you have such beautiful bagels, right at least to the exhibition I'm glad that you liked it - eat to your health
Quote: nut
well, you have such beautiful bagels

What is it, Irish ...

Sculpted anyhow almost running ...

I will certainly repeat, I really liked it !!!
I want to add my bagels to you too! Husband delighted! I put quince slices from homemade jam in the filling - nothing came out!
The only thing is that my oven is old and while it waited for the top to brown, the sugar began to burn below ..
For sprinkling on top, I mixed sugar with cinnamon - I really love her!
I got 32 tasty things!
Curd rolls
Thanks for the recipe!
Irina, nut, and the dough turns out like flaky, right? It seems this is the same recipe that I once lost a long time ago and then unsuccessfully looked for
Tina , it's hard to say what the dough looks like I would say so - very tender, airy, from each type of dough (shortbread, puff, butter, cottage cheese) there are a few flavors taken This you just need to try
Julia- it is very pleasant that you tried the recipe, eat to your health and please your loved ones
Tonight and let's try, thanks
Thank you, very tasty, especially considering that I safely missed this moment
Quote: nut
, dip one side into a beaten egg, roll this side in sugar and place on a baking sheet at a distance from each other
Loved your bagels! : girl_love: Thanks a lot for the recipe!Curd rolls Filling: finely chopped apples.
Tatyana, in the photo the bagels look like mushrooms
nut, thanks for the recipe! Delicious bagels.
Reduced the oil to 70 g, but added finely grated carrots.
Scops owl
Here are my bagels. I should also bake a lot of Marmalade. It's just some kind of scourge. So I strive to shove more fillings everywhere.
Curd rolls
Irishechka, I again to you with a low bow and great gratitude !!!

Curd rolls !!!
M @ rtochka
Also with pear marmalade
Curd rolls
The dark ones are not burnt, they are sugar and cinnamon. The filling has leaked, although it is a plastic marmalade. But not critical.
Hell in the Princess in 2 passes. The first 15 minutes, then lay in a hot 15 minutes. The second batch 5 minutes later pulled burnt, had to turn off, then turn on and off again. But the result is gorgeous! I've been trying all day, it's time to stop, but my hands stretch out on their own
Thank you very much, it is done very quickly and is easy.
Irina, good afternoon; I am without a photo, but at least in words
baked 2 times, in a princess, with purchased cranberry jam from a jar, did not dip it into an egg, sugar adhered very well; both times plus 0.5 tbsp flour (1st grade) to the recipe, otherwise the dough would stick even after keeping in the refrigerator
very tasty thank you
Quote: M @ rtochka
The filling has leaked, although it is a plastic marmalade.

Daria, and what kind of marmalade did you stuff the bagels with?

I have been using Ozersky for a long time), he never let me down, in the sense that he made no attempts to escape ...
M @ rtochka
They also
Even took a picture
Curd rolls
Maybe you need a oven in the form? Then the heat is less ...
Or I did narrow triangles, and the marmalade to freedom only had to take one step
Quote: M @ rtochka
Maybe you need a oven in the form?

Dashai'm out of shape always I bake bagels ...
Irina, here are my delicious beauties with dried apricots and plum jam. For the recipe for a huge merci
Curd rolls
I cooked them! I really liked it. Of course, I made adjustments, adjusting it to my taste. Flour took 3 glasses (520g in grams). Egg coating and dipping in sugar is removed as a class, as well as the amount of jam has been reduced compared to what is in the photo. Otherwise, I would have been insanely sweet, but that's how it turned out. I stuffed the second portion of the dough into the refrigerator for the night, where the butter was cut to 100g, and the cottage cheese was increased by the same 50g. I'll write later how it happened.

Curd rolls

Added Monday 23 May 2016 11:59 am

I am reporting. I did not notice any qualitative changes when replacing 50 grams of butter in the test with 50 additional grams of cottage cheese. Now I will do so. The bagels are wonderful!

Curd rolls
I never tire of thanking Irina for this excellent recipe. Today I did it again, I put less butter (100 g), and more cottage cheese for these 50 (or even 100) g. Flour 520g., A little finely grated lemon zest in the dough, in the filling - Parisian cream from this recipe (+ 1 h. L. Natural lemon essence and flour 30g, to make it stronger, leave to cool completely): Curd rolls

M @ rtochka
Nata, don’t you dip bagels in sugar?
M @ rtochka,

No never. It will be too sweet for me. I am very tasty and completely normal sweet and so.
M @ rtochka
Scarecrow, right on time yesterday about the bagels reminded me. And the cottage cheese had to be attached, and the residual marmalade was yours.
Curd rolls
I also didn't dip it in sugar. And soooo sweet !! How I used to live with sugar
I always regret flour, after baking they fall off a little from me.
But it tastes good

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