Fruit puffs

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Fruit puffs


Puff pastry

Cooking method

  • Usually the package contains two squares of dough. I roll each piece a little, cut into 9 squares.
  • Filling - any fruits and berries. Most often I use apples with the addition of apricots, or cherries.
  • First, I pour 1/2 tsp on each square. semolina (so that the juice does not leak out when baking), then put apples in pieces (and other fruits) diagonally. Sprinkle the fruit with sugar on top (about 1 tsp per square). Then I cut the corners to the left and right of the filling and thread one corner into the hole of the other (you can see everything in the photo). I pinch the other corners a little so that the juice does not flow out.

Cooking program:

Place the buns on a greased baking sheet, bake in the oven at 190-200 C until tender.


These buns are made very quickly, because the puff yeast dough is ready, you just need to defrost it.

At home I have these puffs - one of my favorite dishes, they eat them instantly.
Try it, it won't take long.

Fruit puffs
Olga @
LaraN , thanks for the great idea! Today, from the purchased puff yeast dough, I whipped up your envelopes with dried apricots and pineapples (dried rings), without sugar (the dried fruits were very sweet). Have already eaten everything. Fast, tasty and very convenient for busy housewives!

Fruit puffs

And I did it with green onions and eggs, I wanted so much that I could not even stand it and ate 3 pies in the evening. And I also make it very tasty with feta cheese. I always keep puff pastry in the freezer in reserve.
Olga @
Tanya, and it is also possible with cheese and olives, with ham (sausage / sausages). There are a lot of options.
Olga @ I know I did it with ham and with sausages, and with mushrooms and with various fruits, I have been dabbling in this for a long time, but most of all I like with green onions and feta cheese.
Olga @
And I love mushrooms and fish most of all. The taste and color ...
Olga @, they look great! A great idea - with candied fruits and dried fruits!

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