Whole wheat bread with rye sourdough

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Whole grain wheat bread with rye sourdough


semi-finished rye sourdough 200 g / 150 g
water 300 g / 225 g
rye red malt 1/2 tbsp. l / 1 h. l.
salt 2 tsp / 1.5 h. L
honey 2 tbsp. l. / 1 st. l.
c / z wheat flour 460 g / 345 g
white rye malt 1 tbsp. l. / 0.5 Art. l
gluten 0.5-1 tbsp. l. / 0.5st. l
coriander (or mixture with caraway seeds) 1 tbsp. l. / 0.5 Art. l
sunflower seeds 3 tbsp. l. / 2 st. l.
flax seeds 1 tbsp. l. / 0.5 Art. l.

Cooking method

  • Boil the red malt with boiling water.
  • Add salt, honey and cumin or coriander there. (of all the tried honey, the most suitable were taiga and honeydew)
  • Dilute the measured amount of the leaven with the cooled "tea leaves".
  • Add the rest of the dry ingredients, mix and knead the dough. Form a loaf and let it stand at room temperature * for about 3-3.5 hours. But bread is much tastier when proofed in the cold - at 12-15 * C.
  • The quantities for the L-7 form are indicated through a fraction: I often bake in an airfryer than in an oven.
  • The bread is ready for baking when individual bubbles and holes appear on its surface.
  • Baking "big" bread - in the oven: 10 minutes at 230 * C with steam, 30 minutes - 200 * C and another 5 minutes - 180 * C.
  • A loaf in AG - on the lower rack at high speed - 7 minutes - 235 * C, 30 minutes - 205 * C and 3 minutes - 180 *.

The dish is designed for

980 g / 720 g

Time for preparing:



The bread is very aromatic. Closer to rye. It is better to cut it completely cooled.

Where to get gluten or not to add it?
I bought in "Peki Sam". I rarely use it, only if the flour is very weak.
Here I would add a spoonful of semolina, better than the "T" brand.

Try a smaller loaf first - you might want to adjust the amount of spice seeds.
I like more coriander, my husband - cumin ... Daughters - more seeds
vabalas, you have a beautiful bar
Thank you! This is a rare case - I'm more and more loaves ...

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