Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)

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Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)


Meat (pork) 600gr
Potatoes 5 large pieces
Dry mushrooms, or mushroom cube 10gr
Smoked bacon
Pickled cucumbers 2
Onion 1
Carrot 1
Salt pepper

Cooking method

  • Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe (Bundeslaende - Brandenburg)
  • Brandenburg is a federal state of Germany located in the north-west of the country. Berlin is located on the territory of Brandenburg. The capital of Brandenburg is Potsdam. Population - 2.651 million people (2003). Land area - 29,479 sq. km.
  • Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)
  • Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)
  • In ancient times, Slavic tribes lived on the territory of Brandenburg, one of which is the most famous - the Sorbs, whose tradition and culture have survived to this day. Brandenburg is one of the centers of the formation of German statehood. Already in 1157, Albrecht Medved began to call himself "Margrave of Brandenburg." In 1640, Frederick Wilhelm the Great of the Hohenzollern dynasty became the ruler of the largest elector of Germany. Brandenburg remained until that time a sparsely populated and underdeveloped area, in order to raise the economy, Friedrich-Wilhelm invited immigrants from Holland, Czech Republic and France, most of whom were Protestants. Under the Potsdam Edict of 1685, they received freedom of religion.
  • The heyday of Prussia is associated with the name of Frederick II, whose residence was Potsdam.
  • Potsdam played an important role in the end of the Second World War.
  • Sanssouci (from French sans souci - no worries) is the most famous palace of Frederick the Great, located in the eastern part of the park of the same name in Potsdam
  • Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)
  • Brandenburg is an important agricultural and forestry region in Germany. Forests cover 35% of the land. The main crops are wheat, sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables and fruits. The main industrial centers are Eisenhuettenstadt (steel industry), Cottbus (brown coal mining), Ludwigsfelde (production of Mercedes-Benz trucks), Frankfurt an der Oder (Frankfurt) instrumentation).
  • Cultural and nature tourism is well developed in Brandenburg. A large number of historical and architectural monuments are concentrated in Potsdam. Of greatest interest are the palaces and estates of Brandenburg, of which there are more than 350. In Branitz, you can visit the museum of Prince Pückler - Muskau. Many tourists are attracted by the Brandenburg's forest rivers, canals and lakes - an ideal destination for those who love water travel. There are many parks, nature reserves and biosphere reserves, including in the Elbe floodplain, Schorfheide, and Spreewald. On the Oder-Havel canal, you can find an interesting structure - the world's largest ship lift, with the help of which ships can rise to a height of 36 m.
  • Spreewald (German Spreewald - "Forest on the Spree", n.-puddle błota - "Swamps") is a lowland in Germany, rich in river channels and floodplain meadows. Located in the federal state of Brandenburg (districts Spree-Neisse, Dahme-Spreewald and Upper Spreewald-Lusatia).
  • The Spreewald is divided into the Upper Spreewald (southern part) and the Lower Spreewald (northern part). During the last Ice Age, the landscape was deformed: the Spree, within the lowland of its delta, branches into many channels and branches with a total length of more than 970 kilometers.
  • There are about 18,000 plant and animal species in the Spreewald area. In 1991, the Spreewald was recognized by UNESCO as a nature reserve. In Brandenburg, tourists can take a boat ride along the Spreewald Canals.
  • Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)
  • Pickled cucumbers are Spreewald's signature product.In the film Good Bye, Lenin! Spreewald pickles are a symbol of the gastronomy of the former GDR.
  • Today I have the Spreewald soup, potato soup with pickles and mushrooms.
  • I want to say right away that it is indecently tasty, it contains three flavors - smoked meats, mushrooms and pickled cucumbers.
  • And each of these tastes is felt without dominating the others.
  • I had two layers of pork on a bone, about 600 grams. Cook the broth with roots, celery and parsley.
  • When the broth is ready, discard the roots, take out the pork and cool it so that it can be cut into small pieces.
  • Put chopped potatoes in the broth and cook almost until tender. That is, the potatoes are cooked in pure broth.
  • Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)
  • While potatoes are cooking, three onions, carrots, chop the bacon finely and fry everything in a little oil.
  • We cut the cucumbers.
  • I didn't have dry mushrooms, so I took and crumbled a mushroom bouillon cube. If there are mushrooms, then they are recommended to be softened in hot water, or boiled.
  • When the potatoes are almost cooked, we take the crush and crush the potatoes right in the pan, do not try to crush them in mashed potatoes, let some pieces remain.
  • Now we put mushrooms with water in which we have softened, or a cube, cucumbers and fry the bottom of onions, carrots and bacon in a saucepan.
  • Cook for a few more minutes, turn it off, close the lid and let it stand for a while.
  • Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)
  • Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)
  • Try it, it’s delicious and simple !!


I will have a sequel to your wonderful soup in the evening
NataliARH, great !!!
We have lunch, the husband eats soup and thinks - What a delicious pea soup !!! at first I thought it was mushroom, then it seemed like pickle, and now I realized it was pea !!
I ask him, where do you see peas ???
And he answers me, so smoked products are felt
So the soup turned out to be three-flavored
Today I did it without frying at all, it turned out great !!!

Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)
Great soup)) My precious will definitely like it !!!
No, to come here 3 hours early ... I was tormented where to put 3 cucumbers and a few pieces of bacon ... I made borscht. I gnawed the cucumbers, my husband ate bacon. And after all what a madman could be fooled! But now I know which soup will be next!
Lerele, very interesting is written about Brandenburg.
Tasik, I still have about 10 lands
This recipe came to my yard, quickly and very tasty.
Lerele, and how this soup passed me by, I came here on a tip from dumplings!
Thank you, I took it to the bins, I will definitely cook it
We lived in Brandenburg for two years. Nice town. Nostalgia .... I take the soup for a note.
Trishka, Vasyutka, I like this soup so much, I often make it now, I slowed down a little with the heat and with the guests, but now I'll take it up again !!!
The main thing is that it is easy, fast and very tasty.
I set out to cook your soup, but, here, a crow, ran around several shops in search of pickles and with a heavy bag! But it turns out you need pickled !!! And bacon, and I just bought some cooked-smoked meat. Tell me please, is it tastier with or without frying? How best to cook? Schaz I will bother my daughter for other cucumbers.
auntyirisha, put what cucumbers are, I did with pickles and pickles.
As for frying, it’s a matter of taste, of course, it tastes richer with it, but I cook practically all my life without it, my grandmothers didn’t do it, and my mother, and I followed. If the meat for the broth is good, then it will be delicious. Here we like it more without frying, well, and less fatty.
Lerele, Thank you so much! My daughter has already bought cucumbers). I don’t understand meat at all (I bought an entrecote with three ribs), but it’s defrosted (suspicious), so I’ll most likely do the frying (slightly), if not too lazy. I have already put the broth (only I have no roots, so it is cooked), only bought the greens (I liked your version with dill in the photo). And there is a question about mushrooms: only ground forest mushrooms are available, when to sprinkle them (I usually sprinkle mushroom pizza with sour cream directly on sour cream with them, it's very tasty).And does it make sense to put parsley with twigs in the boiling broth (I will catch them later)?
auntyirisha, oh, forest ground ... Mmm, it will be so delicious !!! They are so fragrant !!!
I would put it at the end and boil it a little.
In general, recipes are the basis for cooking, I rarely do, well, except for the dough, just according to the recipe, I will add something, subtract something, that is, I adjust to my taste. So do not be afraid, do as the family is used to, then it will be delicious. Here the trick is that three ingredients are mixed, cucumbers, mushrooms and smoked meats. And what they are, and how much, it doesn't matter at all. I often make this soup when there are not enough cucumbers at home, when there are not enough smoked meats, well, I don’t have normal mushrooms, so it’s always a cube, and the soup is different every time, but always delicious.
Lerele, I understood everything. I bought mushrooms in the ecovillage "Milenki" (they have a website with a fair), they sent me by mail, I don't understand them at all, they have the most fragrant ground whites. I'm in the "process", I went to scrape the young potatoes.
I cooked it, tasted the spoon, covered it, let it insist! DELICIOUS!!! Lerele, thank you very much for the simple and delicious recipe !!!
My daughter ate the plate completely (usually eats away the thick), said -tasty I'm waiting for my hungry husband from work ...
Husband "had a snack" with three bowls of soup Thanks again!
Lerele, thanks for the delicious and unusual soup, and a wonderful story!

Spreewald potato soup (Spreewаеlder Kartoffelsuppe)

True, there were no mushrooms or a cube, but still Fkusnoooo!
Lerele, Thank you very much for the recipe! I can even imagine this soup to taste.
I will definitely cook it!
Trishka, cool soup
Natusichka, I also really like it, I often cook, as it took root with us, very tasty.

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