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Semolina pudding with cream and cherry (Grieflammeri auf eingemachten Sauerkirschen)

Semolina pudding with cream and cherry (Grieflammeri auf eingemachten Sauerkirschen)

Category: Confectionery
Kitchen: austrian
Semolina pudding with cream and cherry (Grieflammeri auf eingemachten Sauerkirschen)


milk 150 ml
vanilla 1/2 pod
gelatin 8 g
semolina 20 g
yolk 2 pcs
sugar 40 g
cream 33% 150 ml
almonds (petals) 50 g
cherries in syrup 50 ml
rum 10 ml
water 40 ml

Cooking method

  • Pudding is a famous and favorite dessert throughout Europe. Many restaurants and cafes in Austria will offer you many different puddings with different fillings.
  • This recipe is presented by Vienna International Hotels & Resorts. The 4-star hotel is located in Dornbirn Martin Park.
  • Fill the gelatin with cold water.
  • Put the milk and vanilla in a saucepan on the stove. We heat until boiling.
  • Pour semolina into the milk. Stir well. Cook for 5 minutes.
  • Stir the yolks with sugar, rum. Pour the semolina onto the yolks and stir, return to the stove and cook until 85 ° (thickened).
  • Add the swollen gelatin to the warm mass. Beat with a blender. Cool it down.
  • Whisk the cream until crisp peaks.
  • Combine with semolina. Put it in molds and put it in the refrigerator.
  • Fry the almond petals.
  • Innings:
  • We take out the pudding from the mold. Sprinkle the sides with almonds. Decorate with caramel and cherry pudding. Spoon - protein dough.
  • Semolina pudding with cream and cherry (Grieflammeri auf eingemachten Sauerkirschen)
  • Bon Appetit!

I did not understand anything The name of the recipe contains semolina, but not in the composition And the recipe somehow mysteriously ends
Quote: Masyusha
I do not understand
I also did not understand anything))) all of a sudden all infa (not fully completed) was published
Hurrah! Now everything is clear! I was looking for a recipe to dispose of the cream: oops: I just thought of some pudding and, hurray, there is a recipe! Thank you! I will definitely try!
Irina Dolars
It must be delicious! Thank you Ella!
And the assembly is pretty
God, what a beauty! Very nicely decorated! Well, what is very tasty - this is understandable! Well done!
When it is tasty it is bliss, when it is tasty and beautiful it is an aesthetic pleasure. Perfectly!
Exquisite! Masterpiece! Admirable! Unfortunately, less than an hour later, it is impossible to thank, and I just ... Thanks for the pleasure!
Thanks everyone
This pudding really turned out to be very tasty))) semolina porridge and me are not compatible, but in this dessert - The family did not feel the semolina until I said))) Very fast, simple and edible
Irina F
Ella, great recipe! I already want pudding !!!)
Thank you, looks great !!!! It will be necessary to try, my semolina is not very good, but they may not understand
nar-din Vov! In my distant youth, on the basis of such a pudding, I made the Bird's Milk cake, which went off with a bang. Excellent execution and design of the recipe! Thank you! I will definitely do it now in this performance
Yes, yes, in the distant past, no one believed that the cream was based on semolina, but how delicious it was!
I liked your pudding very much and will definitely cook it, thank you very much!
So I depicted 4 days ago this recipe - delicious, sweet, high in calories, a decent good recipe - it will always be in the bookmarks and made regularly ... for me and for my daughter it turned out sooo sweet and fatty, and a little bit sweet sugar syrup on top oops did not stick together: lol: for myself today I modernized it (modestly said so) -the sweetness was reduced to 10 grams, the cream to 50, the rest was added with milk, it freezes in the refrigerator. tomorrow I will try simu-thanks to the author of nar-din, and for the chic design and sophistication-

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