Marbled bread

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Marbled bread


pressed yeast 1/12 part from 100gr. bundles
serum 540ml
yeast whey 270ml
old honey 1 tbsp. l. with a slide
sunflower oil. unrefined 1 tbsp. l.
flaxseed flour 0.5 sts.
wheat flour 1 grade 0.5 sts.
whole wheat flour 2 stk.
dry rye malt 1.5 tbsp. l with slides
salt 0.5 tsp or to taste
sugar 0.5 tsp or to taste
ground nutmeg 0.5 tsp or to taste
ground coriander 0.5 tsp or to taste
whole grain flour or 1 grade to form a kolobok
hemp flour optional
yeast whey 270ml
wheat flour 1 grade 2.5 stk.
Rye flour 0.5 stk. (It is better not to add, then the contrast will be a little more, I have it added)
salt 0.5 tsp or to taste
sugar 0.5 tsp or to taste
flour 1 grade to form a kolobok, we like tight

Cooking method

  • Based on this recipe made marble bread, it looks unusual, what a holiday!
  • YEAST WHEY: slightly warm 540ml of whey, dilute 1 / 12th of a 100g pack of pressed yeast
  • when the yeast has melted, mix well, knead the DARK Dough: half of the yeast whey was measured into the bread maker's bucket, everything else was added, the dough was kneaded for 20 minutes on the "TEST" program, the bun was pulled out and covered, the remaining yeast whey and all the ingredients for LIGHT were poured into the bread machine's bucket TEST, chose the "TEST" program, at the end of the kneading, pressed PAUSE and pulled out the stirrer blades (since the program provides for kneading the dough after a while)
  • So, we kneaded both doughs, paused on the TESTO program, our hands smeared the rast. butter and put the DARK dough on a silicone mat, flatten it to the size of a rug (I have about 30x40cm), put the LIGHT dough on top and flatten it, cut it in half and put one piece on the second, turning it over so that it alternates between dark and light, flattened it again, cut it in half and put one on top of the other observing the alternation of layers and so on, in the end it will look like this:
  • flour for the formation of marbling is not needed, for strength. nothing sticks to the rug, the dough does not stick to your hands either
  • Marbled bread
  • then we twisted the dough at will, so that the layers in the bun looked interesting, you can fold it in a zigzag or like a pretzel, or leave it like a cake, evenly one on top of the other and put it on the proofer (there is a pause in the TESTO program), press the pause, the program continues heats the dough with heating, at the end of the program we do not turn off anything, there is a maintenance of heat (sort of) and wait another 20-40 minutes until the desired rise of the roll, then baking for 1 hour ... this time I increased the total amount of liquid by 100ml from the recipe (and flour, respectively) and the loaf rested against the window, that is, increase the maximum by 50ml if necessary
  • Marbled bread
  • Marbled bread

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Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

"dough" + handles + "baked goods"


you can make 3-5colors using dried tomato powder, matcha tea (maybe the powdered powder will give green, after all, pasta is tinted with it), yellow - turmeric / saffron

for a start, I advise you to bake bread on dark dough (that is, whole grain with flax flour and malt) in order to understand the crumb structure (and it is humid like Borodinsky's and tastes the same), and then multi-color with the rest of the flavors ... it is not necessary to use my recipes, use your favorite dark and light bread, I just showed how it is interesting to present bread

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