Pork stewed with sun-dried tomatoes (multicooker Philips HD3036)

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Pork stewed with sun-dried tomatoes (multicooker Philips HD3036)


Meat 0.6kg
Dried tomatoes in oil 6-8 slices
Bulb onions 2-3pcs
Ground pepper
favorite seasonings
vinegar red modena 1 dessert spoon
vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Cut the meat into large enough cubes, fry in the Fry program with the lid open. Place on a plate. Next, fry the onion, when the onion becomes transparent, add the tomatoes cut in half lengthwise. Fry the onions until golden brown. Put the meat on top, add salt, spices, vinegar, mix. Close the lid and simmer for 1 hour.


Sun-dried tomatoes dangled in the refrigerator. The jar was taking up space. I decided to make room. I didn’t discover America. There are many recipes on the Internet, but more complex ones, with wine and many other additives. I did it the way I wanted. But I didn’t photograph the process, because I didn’t think it would turn out so delicious.

I love sun-dried tomatoes - I eat them like candy !!!! Nice use case !!! As the meat is being stewed, I'll go and add :)
Tan, what a beautiful photo, especially the turret !!! Tell us about it, please, otherwise you described everything very modestly and quickly ... You say, it's very tasty - and I wanted to try it.
Pinnacle ...)) This is fried zucchini, Marina)) Breading is corn flour. Fried kruglyashi missed traditionally: mayonnaise with garlic. Usually they fold in two, but it's a pity for a large plate in the refrigerator, so I fold it in four, just under the very lid of the form in which I store it.
And I sprinkle the greens with a glass. Put a little dry (neither wet nor damp) fine greenery in a glass, close it with your palm, turn it over what you want to decorate, quickly remove your palm. Greens will fall randomly and are always more interesting than spreading them out with your hands.

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