Borodino bread 1939 (hearth version)

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Borodino bread 1939 (hearth version)


ripe rye sourdough 100% hydration 40 g
water 55 g
peeled rye flour 80 g
Saf-Moment yeast pinch
peeled rye flour 119 g
leavened wort 46 g
water 230 g
leaven all
welding all
water 110 g
peeled rye flour 180 g
dough all
salt 7 g
honey 24 g
sugar 35 g
water 45 g
wheat flour 105 g
peeled rye flour 186 g
ground coriander 4 g

Cooking method

  • In the evening, prepare the tea leaves and sourdough, having previously refreshed it, keeping 100% humidity.
  • For dough, in the morning, mix the leaven, tea leaves, water until smooth. Stir in flour into the resulting mixture and leave to ferment in a warm place. The dough ripening time is about 2 hours.
  • For the test, dissolve salt, honey, sugar in water. Add the resulting mixture to the dough, stir and combine the whole mass with flour and ground coriander. Knead the dough until smooth. Leave to ferment for 1 hour. When the dough doubles in size, put it on a wet surface and form a loaf with wet hands. Transfer to baking paper and let stand for 30 minutes. After proving, brush the top with flour mash and sprinkle with coriander.
  • Bake for 15 minutes in a preheated oven to 250 degrees. on a hot hearth with a small amount of steam. Then lower the temperature to 150 degrees and continue baking for another 45 minutes. Grease the finished hot bread with jelly (brewed starch with water). The bread turns out to be fragrant, saturated with a fine-pored crumb. The taste of real Borodino bread.
  • Borodino bread 1939 (hearth version)

The dish is designed for

1100 gram

Cooking program:



A similar recipe for Borodino bread is already on the site in a shaped form. I wanted to try it with a hearth. The recipe, with minor changes, was taken from Sergei with words of gratitude and admiration for his work.

Great bread! The crust, the crumb, everything looks great ...
Vasilisa Thank you! I tried to.
Tattoo, oh, and the bread is good! And the crust! And the crumb! Everything is perfect in it! Bravo!
Natus thank you dear. Yes, this bread requires a lot of time and attention, but it's worth it.
Good bread! (y) I will definitely try. To bookmarks! And instead of kvass wort, can you use malt extract?
Quote: ang-kay
And instead of kvass wort, can you use malt extract?
ang-kay in the original, fermented rye malt is used. It is successfully replaced with kvass wort or malt extract. Only the proportions are different.
About the replacement, see Sergey in the topic "Replacing red malt and molasses."
So let's see in the original. : girl_haha: Thank you.
Tata, bread is just a feast for the eyes! I can imagine how fragrant it is! And the crumb!
Marisha, Thank you. He is so solid, impressive. The owner is on the table.
Tata, great bread Bye, bookmark
I wanted to follow your link to the original. recipe, but can't find Maybe someone will need
Quote: Albina
I wanted to follow your link to the original. recipe but doesn't find
Albina, neither mine nor your link will pass. After // you need to write "case" in English letters and then as in the text
I searched through the search engine "Borodino bread of 1939 (hearth version)"
Anna P
Today I baked your bread, very tasty, only my crumb turned out to be denser, not as airy as yours. Thanks for the recipe!
Anna P, thanks for your attention to the recipe. Bake to your health.
The dough is very sticky to your hands .. When baking on a stone, what is the best way to transfer the dough onto it, after proofing, from a shovel? it sticks to it too. Use baking paper?
TataThank you so much for the recipe. I baked this wonderful bread with pleasure ... There was no leaven wort. there was white malt ... I put it in ... affected the color ... but .... taste, aroma !!!!!

Borodino bread 1939 (hearth version)

Borodino bread 1939 (hearth version)
silva2, wonderful bread
Why both leaven and yeast?
what is a hearth varmant?
Quote: liza

what is a hearth varmant?

Bread and pan bread - what are the differences?

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