Cake "A la Tiramisu" (biscuit)

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Cake A la Tiramisu (biscuit)


Wheat flour, premium 1 glass
Sugar 1 glass
Eggs 4 things.
Lemon acid pinch
Potato starch (optional) 1 tbsp. l.
Natural coffee 8-10 tsp
Water 500-700 ml
Sugar for coffee 5-8 tsp
Rum (cognac, liqueur) 3-4 tbsp. l.
Dessert Dr. Oetker 2 packs
Milk or
milk + whipping cream in a ratio of 2: 1)
500 ml
Cocoa 3 tsp

Cooking method

  • Biscuit:
  • Separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the whites until firm peaks, stabilizing them with a pinch of citric acid. Gradually add half of the sugar and whisk. The mass should be thick, not falling out of the bowl.
  • Beat the second part of sugar with yolks until smooth, whitish.
  • Gently mix whites with yolks and slowly add flour, stirring with a spatula from bottom to top. If you want a denser biscuit, you can add a tablespoon of starch, after mixing it with flour.
  • In any case, you can make a biscuit in any way you are used to. This is not fundamental))) For example, I bake a biscuit in the Multicooker, and it takes me two cycles of 65 minutes to bake.
  • Cut the finished biscuit into cakes (depending on the thickness of the biscuit cakes can be from 3 to 5).
  • It is advisable to bake the biscuit a day or two before the expected date of preparation of the cake, so that it has time to dry out. The dried biscuit will not then creep when the cakes are soaked.
  • Impregnation:
  • Brew strong, not very sweet coffee, let cool and strain so that no coffee grounds remain. Add alcohol to coffee - rum, cognac or liqueur. The amount depends on the strength and aroma of alcohol, as well as on your desire to get a more or less pronounced taste of alcohol in the cakes.
  • Cream:
  • Prepare the Dr. Oetker "Tiramisu" dessert according to the recipe indicated on the pack or whip it with milk, or with a mixture of milk and cream. If you want a creamier cream, it is better to take a mixture with cream. Pure milk cream is lighter. It is better to start with one pack if there are not many cakes and you do not want an abundance of cream in the cake.
  • Assembly:
  • We put the cake and gently spoon it evenly with our coffee with alcohol. If you want the cakes to be wetter, then more coffee. I gave an approximate amount of coffee, since the final version depends on the number of cakes and the degree of their impregnation.
  • Spread cream on top of the impregnation.
  • Gently put the second cake on top and repeat the procedure with impregnation and application of cream. Etc.
  • If the cake is collected in a pastry ring, then it is convenient to apply the cream by placing it in a pastry bag and squeezing it in a spiral onto the surface of the cake. This makes it easier to control the uniformity of the cream application.
  • After the cake is assembled (the top layer is cream), you can coat the sides of the cake with cream or decorate with whipped cream, or coat with cream and sprinkle with almond petals. The top of the cake and the sides can be sprinkled with cocoa or covered with icing. In general, the decoration of the cake is at your discretion.
  • Let the cake stand for several hours at room temperature, and then put it in the refrigerator.
  • A very delicate cake, absolutely not heavy and quite simple, despite the lengthy description)) Bon appetit!

The dish is designed for

2 Kg

Time for preparing:

6 o'clock


My decoration options:
Cake A la Tiramisu (biscuit)

Cake A la Tiramisu (biscuit)

Cake A la Tiramisu (biscuit)

Cake A la Tiramisu (biscuit)

Leara, very beautiful cake! Delicious !!!
Thank you!
I highly recommend everyone to try it. It is easy to prepare, very tender and light. Does not leave a feeling of heaviness in the stomach))))
The taste is no worse than the original tiramisu))))
Sorry, Isabella, your cake is dark, is it coffee soaked or did I miss something ???
Quote: loeiza

Sorry, Isabella, your cake is dark, is it from coffee soaking or did I miss something ???
Precisely, the cakes are darkened by the coffee soak. Moreover, you yourself can regulate the degree of "dryness-soaking" of the cake: if you like more moist, then soak coffee accordingly. But I recommend brewing strong coffee so that the cream does not interrupt the coffee taste.
Tiramissu is my favorite cake. I have never made biscuit cakes myself before, I want to try. So I'll take note of your recipe.
I would be glad if you like it. The cake is simple, but tasty and light.
I still can't reproduce Tiramisu cake at home. Although to be honest, I ate the store only once and we didn't like it. Hope the homemade one should be delicious anyway. Leara, Your recipe seems to be uncomplicated. Maybe I'll get myself together and bake one.
I, too, will definitely make such a cake, I love tiramisu, but how can I replace the dessert for the cream?
The site has a recipe tender cottage cheese without cookingcompletely replaces real mascarpone
Quote: Piano

The site has a recipe tender cottage cheese without cooking, will completely replace the real mascarpone
Elena for sure! : wow: I have it in my bookmarks, he often did it, in the morning it's delicious for breakfast. Thanks for the tip
Quote: Leara
The dish is designed for 2 k
Tell me why the cake is so large. For some reason, I get it of modest size and weight.
Due to what, honestly, I do not know .... Maybe from the freshness of the eggs.
I tried to bake biscuits in different ways - and as in the recipe, and Genoese, and on boiling water, in a mulch and an oven ... The most luxuriant is obtained in mulk and in the way I wrote in the recipe, that is, with separate whipping of the yolks and proteins. When whipping whites, I add a little citric acid, literally at the tip of a knife, to stabilize them. It happened that the biscuit was bad, but the eggs were, as they say, not the first freshness. Evaluated by how the protein is beaten. But beat until strong peaks are necessary. Many pastry chefs temper the whites in a water bath for better whipping. I tried to cool them down. They also beat well, but longer))) When I tried a sponge cake on boiling water in a cartoon, the eggs beat gorgeous, the dough was like cream, it took 3/4 of a pan of the Panasonkovo ​​multi, and after baking I looked into the cartoon and couldn't believe my eyes - somewhere at the bottom there was something resembling a biscuit, barely cut into two cakes. So it is not necessary once in a while. Usually I have a biscuit for three cakes. I was lucky here))) And the thickness of the cakes themselves is small, somewhere 1.5 cm, maybe a little thicker. Many girls say that biscuits are good in mulk, with a thickness of 6 cm or more. I didn't get large biscuits, more often 5-6 cm, just 3-4 cakes. The pictures show that a cake of 4 cakes, but it looks large, because the diameter is small, and 4 cakes and a layer of cream give height. I didn't measure the height of the finished cake, but probably 12 centimeters))

And with regards to the cream: of course, you can do it according to the rules, from mascarpone or tender fatty cottage cheese. But when there is no time for this, and mascarpone is not a cheap pleasure, then the Tiramisu dessert from Dr. Etker saves a lot, and the cake feels a little lighter than with mascarpone, after all, the percentage of fat is not so high.
Thank you, Lera, for your answer. I baked a sponge cake late last night. And I will not experiment any more. I will do just that: separate the white and yolk. It seems to me that if you add boiling water with butter, the taste of the biscuit itself is simplified. And yesterday I baked it for the first time in a multicooker-pressure cooker, it turned out to be such a handsome man. I haven't thought of a cream yet. And according to your recipe, I will make the cream next weekend. Thanks again.
Iriska3420, I am very glad that the biscuit turned out !!!
I wish that now there are always only lush beauties

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