Yoghurt custard cream (multicooker Maruchi RW-FZ47)

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Yoghurt custard cream (multicooker Maruchi RW-FZ47)


Yogurt 300 g
egg 1 PC
sugar 5 teaspoons
flour 2 tablespoons
butter 50 g

Cooking method

  • Combine flour with sugar, add an egg, stir well.
  • Yoghurt custard cream (multicooker Maruchi RW-FZ47)
  • Put yogurt in the resulting mixture, mix thoroughly so that there are no lumps.
  • Yoghurt custard cream (multicooker Maruchi RW-FZ47)
  • Place a silicone mat or a linen napkin in the multicooker bowl, place a container with cream, pour water up to half the height of this container, turn on the Heating program.
  • Yoghurt custard cream (multicooker Maruchi RW-FZ47)
  • Cook until thick, stirring occasionally. When the cream thickens, put butter in it and mix thoroughly again.
  • Yoghurt custard cream (multicooker Maruchi RW-FZ47)
  • Let the cream cool, after which it can be used to make different cakes.
  • Yoghurt custard cream (multicooker Maruchi RW-FZ47)


I found this recipe on the Internet, in the original it is prepared in a water bath on the stove, but as a fan of the multicooker, I decided to try to adapt it to multicooker modes, which was quite successful.
I used yogurt of my own preparation, with baked milk, you can take it with ordinary milk, it's still delicious. I cooked with the lid of the multicooker closed, in the process I opened and mixed the cream three times. About 10 minutes after the start of the countdown, the cream was ready, and I turned off the program.
If you like richer, buttery creams, then after cooling the resulting mass, you can add 150 grams of butter, softened at room temperature, to it and beat with a mixer.
In my recipe, 5 teaspoons of sugar is indicated, I do not like too sweet cakes, but in this cream, the sweetness can be adjusted to taste, if you like sweeter creams, then put 5 tablespoons (in the original, that was exactly what it was).
Bon Appetit!

What a tempting cream, I'm already starting to come up with what to bake so that I can pour the cream
Mila, and when you say Warming up you mean the program, right? Not the Heater that turns on after the end of the programs?
And then I somehow misunderstood the author of the recipe with the curd, the curd was, but not the same as I wanted And the cream probably at a lower temperature and will not thicken
Lud-Mil @
Yes, you understood correctly - it is Preheating, on which the cartoon is brought to a boil and cooked for twenty minutes. That is, in this way we reproduce the same water bath, only not on the stove, but in a multicooker.
Thanks for the clarification
I will definitely try.
It's great that the multicooker was adapted for making cream
Lud-Mil @
Yes, that's how the multicooker spoiled us, we try to adapt all the dishes to them, just not to cook on the stove.
I am reporting! I did the cream! It turned out just class! I didn’t even expect it to work out right away, I’ve never made a custard before.
Thanks for the recipe!
Lud-Mil @
That's great, I'm glad that everything worked out. Thanks for the "report" And how do you taste, did you like it? I like this cream because it is light, not greasy, and there is always something to make of, homemade yogurt is practically not translated in the house.
Yesterday I also made such a cream, my son ordered chocolate on boiling water, there was no sour cream in the refrigerator, this recipe helped out.
So I used this cream in chocolate with boiling water. Yes, really light, not fatty cream, with a good yoghurt taste. And, indeed, there is always something to do, and cheaper than the same sour cream with condensed milk. And it is convenient to vary it, add new ingredients, it is like a good base, it will suit whatever you want.So yes, I really liked the taste)
By the way, it can be eaten as a separate dessert. In French cuisine there is a so-called vanilla cream, so it is very similar to our custard, without the addition of oil. So it's totally versatile!
Lud-Mil @
Great idea! I would try it as a cream for fruit salads, or in other desserts. And indeed you can use various "fillers" in it, you need to think about it.
Yes, I also think about him and the fruit
It seems that this combination will be very tasty.
Lud-Mil @
Recently I made this cream again with the addition of one tablespoon of cocoa. It also worked out well.


I used it in a honey cake, everyone who tried it liked it.
Good day! Is yogurt only natural? Won't work with fruit additives?

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