Zucchini caviar, as in the store

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Zucchini caviar, as in the store


Zucchini 3 Kg
onion 0.5KG
carrot 1 kg
tomato paste 200g
dill and parsley Little
salt 1 tbsp. l
wheat flour
pepper taste
allspice ground pepper optional
grows up. refined oil

Cooking method

  • Zucchini caviar should have the following classic ingredients: courgettes, tomato paste or tomatoes, flour, carrots, onions, parsley root, parsnip root, celery root, salt, sugar, spices.
  • The taste of squash caviar, in addition to spices, depends on the method of processing the squash, which is fried or boiled. According to GOST, grit or crumbs are allowed in squash caviar.
  • Try tomato paste, it should not be sour, otherwise you risk spoiling the taste of squash caviar. You can substitute tomato paste with a couple of baked tomatoes.
  • The secret of store-bought squash caviar is in flour, it is thanks to it that caviar becomes such a pleasant viscous and uniform consistency, and also in high-temperature cooking. It is good if you have the opportunity to use a pressure cooker or at least thick-walled dishes (brazier, duck ...).
  • So:
  • Peel the zucchini of the skin and seeds (if any), cut into cubes and put to boil.
  • I stewed them in a cartoon until soft.
  • Pass the onions and carrots in vegetable oil over very low heat, rub through a sieve (you can in a blender, and then through a sieve to make it easier to pass).
  • Grind the zucchini with a blender and combine with sautéing.
  • Then add tomato paste, salt and 3-4 (or maybe a little more) tablespoons of sunflower oil (it is thanks to the oil that the caviar will boil at a higher temperature than 100 degrees). Cook over low heat under the lid until the liquid is almost completely evaporated (boiling), this is about 2 hours.
  • Then add 2 pinches of black pepper (although more is possible, it all depends on individual preferences), 3 tablespoons of wheat flour lightly fried until golden brown in a dry frying pan, very finely chopped greens (or better, juice from parsley and dill), if you wish - spices. Cook for 5 minutes.
  • Spread zucchini caviar in jars and sterilize 1 liter jar for about 40 minutes, 0.5 - 30 minutes.
  • Vinegar is not added to store-bought squash caviar, so sterilize the jars very carefully.
  • From the norm of products, approximately 3 liter jars of caviar are obtained. It tastes like marrow caviar \ "Baltimore \". The color is a wonderful orange.
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The dish is designed for

3 liters


As for me, it tastes, well, exactly, squash caviar, like in a store.
And mind you, there is no garlic here.

Ooooh, again caviar, :) a wonderful recipe, Tanyushyk thank you for sharing, I will definitely cook my husbands love caviar, only now my zucchini are in the cold. and they are waiting for my hands to reach them. And in them these pens are next in line with plums, apples, tomatoes ... and two students need to collect: yes: Fun ...
Tanyushkin, what a beautiful caviar and with such comments and explanations! Super! I didn't know about flour, this is a discovery for me! I will try.
Tanya, and this caviar for quick eating? I'm just going to make some caviar for the winter and send it to my student son. 5-7 years ago I made caviar for the winter using some book (I don't remember exactly), mine VERY liked it in winter. The composition used parsley
Quote: Night

I will definitely cook

Sveta, I will wait for the report)

Quote: Natusik

I didn't know about flour, this is a discovery for me! I will try.

Yeah, Natus, it is flour that gives such a creamy note in caviar.

Quote: Albina

Tanya, and this caviar for quick eating? I'm just going to make some caviar for the winter and send it to my student son.

Quote: Zhivchik

Spread zucchini caviar in jars and sterilize 1 liter jar for about 40 minutes, 0.5 - 30 minutes.

Albina, can be preserved.

Tanyusha, brought you a tremendous thank you for the caviar. Didn't do it for rolling, but just to eat, in Brandik.
Zucchini caviar, as in the store
I really liked the caviar, my husband is generally delighted. I will certainly do more! Thanks for the science - the presence of flour in caviar was a revelation for me. And how influenced the taste and texture!
Cool recipe!
I do it the same way, from the same ingredients, in about the same proportions, only without flour.
I don’t want her in caviar, in principle.
little Fiona
I have been looking for a recipe for caviar like in a store for a long time, the caviar turned out to be delicious, and the color is generally fantastic, thank you very much
I made this caviar yesterday. I rolled up 6 jars. The husband ate the rest with freshly baked bread.

Yummy!!!! The taste, indeed, is similar to Baltimore squash caviar, only even more tender. Thanks for the recipe.

I confess I forgot to put in the flour, but it’s very tasty without flour. Today I want to make a portion with flour. Let's see the difference.
Girls! Thanks a lot for the recipe. I didn’t believe that the color and taste would come out like in a store. Delicious.
Good day!
Yesterday I made caviar using this recipe. Word of honor was stunned by the taste. Well, just like the store. The only thing I didn't like when I added parsley juice. And if chopped, then do not green blotches interfere with it at all. Today I will make the second larger portion, but without the parsley. It is not a very laborious workpiece. I liked that the oil was quite a bit. Thanks so much for the recipe I had some digressions. I squeezed the juice from the carrots and then put the remaining cake into the caviar, also by weight. For this reason, the caviar skipped in the blender was already of normal consistency and therefore I boiled it for about 15-20 minutes. She herself hopes that there will be more useful vitamins in her. And today I will probably add carrots after the juicer. Correct me dear ladies if I am not right.
Very tasty caviar. Made in Redmond 110th. Fast, easy. Delicious!
Zucchini caviar, as in the store
Thank you!
Luna Nord
I did it too, someone speaks quickly and simply, no, I evaporated. For me, the recipe is laborious ... but delicious. Indeed, as in the store! I . I love shop caviar. I made 10 cans of 0.5 each, spent the whole day. I didn't put parsley and ground pepper at all, I didn't have it, but to run to the store ... to the scrap, it was. I cut the dill very, very finely, practically crumbled it into dust, does not spoil the appearance of caviar at all. The flour is slightly overcooked, the taste of fried flour is completely different, by the way, it gives the taste and the correct viscosity to caviar. Thank you again, very tasty and beautiful!
And my "took off" maybe the banks were badly propagated
Luna Nord
And I opened my caviar and I'm happy. Delicious. Thanks to Tanyusha for the recipe. Only I boiled it badly, a little thin, but, all the same ... yum-yum!
Quote: ira_lioness
And my "took off" maybe the banks were badly propagated
I don't sterilize at all. I just put the caviar in freshly sterilized, still hot jars and seal them with just sterilized lids. Then I turn it over and wrap it with a blanket until it cools. Worth well. The last jar from the blanks of that year was eaten just a couple of weeks ago.
This year I have already made 3 servings of such caviar. Everyone liked her. I refused other recipes for squash caviar in favor of this one.
But I have 2 nuances: I do not put flour and zucchini before chopping and bake in the oven. This is how excess moisture leaves. In addition, they clean well. Well, the consistency is becoming more uniform.
Thanks for the recipe! did half of the declared.it really turned out like in a store! and not greasy! probably won't live up to winter - we'll eat it.
fray Zayac
delicious caviar, thank you!
instead of pasta, I took a fresh tomato without a skin and 1 tbsp. l. wine vinegar.
a child and mother-in-law with diabetes brushed off a half plate of caviar at once
Irina F
toffee, Irina, can you tell us more about zucchini in the oven? How to cut, at what pace, how long?
I really want caviar, like in the store)
Irina F, and you didn’t do it according to Omelka’s recipe? Natasha and I are doing, even Scarecrow praised me! It turned out tasty.
Irina F
marina-asti, Marish, what happens as a shop?
We need to be straight, like from a store
Irina F, well, it is generally different from manufacturer to manufacturer, but even my mother did this one for me!
Believe me and Natasha, that delicious and for me the closest to the old Soviet squash caviar! Make a half serving to try!

I looked - by the way, the composition is similar)
And then my mother sent me a recipe for caviar for TM, but the tomatoes and peppers in the composition bother me a lot. And I like Omelkin's caviar!
Someone gave us three old taverns, or maybe theirs crawled out from somewhere, history is silent. The chief taster and fastidious of my cooking is my wife. For four days she was going to make caviar, but it didn't turn out well. And she likes squash caviar, but I'm tired of lying on the couch and listening to caviar, and I have never done it before, then ...
Zucchini cubed into an aluminum pan, a divider on the stove - the first to go. Carrots and onions on a grater, then for 25 minutes with sunflower oil in MV. Jars in the oven.
When everything was ready, I followed the recipe and the wife was satisfied.
Today I will do more at the request of my wife.

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