Whole-grain rye bread with vegetables in HP

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Whole-grain rye bread with vegetables in HP


Eternal rye leaven 300 g
Water 210 g
Whole grain rye flour 400
Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l.
Sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Salt 1 tsp
Vegetable stew

Cooking method

  • 1. Put everything for bread (except for vegetable stew) in a bucket of HP, knead.
  • 2. Then we crush the dough (pasty) along the bottom and press it against the walls to make a square bowl of dough, into which we put the filling. All the dough, both on the bottom and on the walls, was about 3 centimeters thick, and the sides of the bread saucer were about 5-6 cm high.
  • 3. Prepare the stew in advance ... I had it: cabbage + red bell pepper + carrot + onion + eggplant + onion + salt + pepper + malsla a little vegetable. She stewed everything and threw it away in a colander so that the dough would not get wet.
  • 4. Place the stew in a dough bowl and knead the edges of the dough for vegetables.
  • 5. We put everything on the proofing .... I had about 2.5 hours to rest, but I guess I miscalculated with the dough, and the flour was only sooo whole grain, so the dough did not rise too much.
  • 6. Then bake for 1 hour 10 minutes at 142 degrees ....
  • 7. Then the hard process of getting it out .... I put a piece of parchment on the cake, pressed it with my palm, turned it over and pushed it out. Came out safely! )))))
  • 8. We study and eat!
  • Whole-grain rye bread with vegetables in HP
  • Whole-grain rye bread with vegetables in HP


It seemed sour to my taste, but the men liked it sooo much. When cutting, it did not fall apart much, but before cutting it, he spent the night in the refrigerator.

The bottom line is this: take the recipe for rye bread, lay it out in the shape of a bowl and put any filling. Immediately and dish and bread.

The main thing is that the bread does not swell very much and therefore it is better to use whole grain heavy.

You can try to just bake a bowl and then lay down the filling .... in the general field of activity! I will experiment more!

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