Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker

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Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker


Water 400 g
Leaven 290 g
Peeled rye flour 400 g
Flaxseed flour 25 g
Oatmeal 30 g
Vegetable oil (I have grape seeds) 1 tbsp. l.
Sugar 40 g
Salt 5 g
Caraway 1 tsp
Malt + boiling water 50gr + 60ml
Panifarin 4 tsp with a slide

Cooking method

  • Finally my sourdough has become strong! And already in 3-4 hours in a warm place she does this:
  • Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker
  • Well, finally, I decided on panifarin! And I don't even know who made the miracle result, but I'm very happy with it!
  • So, in order:
  • Stage 1. Fill the Malt with boiling water. After that, I put it in the HP, after taking out a bucket from it, and put it on baking for 1 hour at 60 degrees. (I have programmable HP). After the time has elapsed, I take out the tea leaves and let it cool down at room temperature.
  • Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker
  • Stage 2. We load all the ingredients into the HP. For me it happened like this: Sourdough + Water + Oil + Tea Pot ---> All this was sent to the HP for 2 minutes for kneading, so that everything would be mixed evenly (Since my brewing had stopped, it hardened a little, I had to knead it with a fork by adding water from general recipe).
  • Then, everything else was added to the resulting liquid in turn: Rye flour (sifted) + Flaxseed flour + Oatmeal flour + Sugar + Salt + Cumin + Panifarin.
  • Stage 3. We interfere with everything in HP (I have pizza on mode before proofing). The dough is pasty. I have a thick sourdough and I can assume that if your sourdough is of a rare consistency, you may need a little more flour. Although my sourdough was 50/50, my previous 50/50 was much less frequent.
  • Stage 4. Then I created a programmable 5 hour proofing regime at 34 degrees. I made marks on the wall, the upper one shows a 2-fold increase (I pierce the finished laid dough with a toothpick and mark the same amount up).
  • Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker
  • I loved geometry at school, but it doesn't look good on bread)))) On this, I think, it was possible to do without cuts.
  • After 2.5 hours it was like this:
  • Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker
  • A small catastrophe has already happened here - I opened the HP to take a picture of my bread, and the HP lid fell off and slammed shut. And the beautiful dome on the bread immediately fell off. I waited another half hour, persuading him not to fall at all and put it on baking. Initially, it was above the last mark, but then it did not rise, but thanks, and did not sit down anymore.
  • Stage 5. A languid wait. 1 hour 10 minutes baking at 140 degrees. Dostam, wrap, wait, cut, EAT!
  • Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker
  • Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker
  • Rye bread with oatmeal in a bread maker
  • Do not be alarmed, this is lean mayonnaise))) Still, the post is not far off.

Time for preparing:

5.5 hours

Ksyushawhat a healthy bread !! What sourdough do you have?
Thank you!

Eternal rye sourdough. I often feed her, so she quickly grew stronger with me. Makes me happy!

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