Harvesting cabbage for borscht for the winter

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Harvesting cabbage for borscht for the winter


tomato juice (or tomatoes) 3 l (3.5 kg)
white cabbage (chopped weight) 3 Kg
Bulgarian pepper 10-12 pcs.
salt 2 tbsp. l.
vinegar 9% 3 tbsp. l.
greens (dill, parsley) 1 bundle

Cooking method

Make tomato juice or simply roll the tomatoes through a meat grinder. I use a tomato-based auger juicer from a combine.
Bring the juice to a boil, add salt.
Cabbage should be taken white juicy, so that it does not taste bitter autumn varieties. Chop the cabbage thinly as for borsch. Sliced ​​cabbage should be 3 kg.
Cut the Bulgarian pepper into small strips. Chop the greens (I have parsley).
Put cabbage and pepper in boiling tomato juice. Lay vegetables in parts, the cabbage will settle well.
Bring to a boil, cook for 15 minutes. Add greens and vinegar 5 minutes before the end of cooking.
Wash the jars with baking soda, sterilize with steam, boil the lids.
Pour hot, close with lids, immediately wrap well until it cools completely. I got a little over 6 liters. I cooked it quickly enough.

The dish is designed for

about 6.5 l


A good preparation for borscht just in case of fire!
Tomato is not enough in it, of course, when cooking borscht I will add more prepared fruit drink.

Lena, thanks for the recipe. : rose: Sauerkraut is poorly stored, so this is also a way out. You can try this recipe too.
francevna, Thank you!
I also prepared for myself as an option "just in case." Sauerkraut always tends to acidify over time, and not very sauerkraut of very late varieties.
I hope that you will find my recipe useful in winter too! Maybe someone else will like it. I will be very good glad.
Lenusya, what a timely recipe, I was just thinking about this blank, I work during these trips, and for the next I will do it, I still have half a dozen empty half liters
Quote: lenok2_zp

Lenusya, what a timely recipe, I was just thinking about this blank, I work during these trips, and for the next I will do it, I still have half a dozen empty half liters
Helen, good luck!
Only, it seems to me that there is a lot of hassle with 0.5 liter cans, you will have 12-13 pieces of them. Twist, do not twist!
Jump into Amstor there are 1 liter ordinary cans and 1.33 liters under a screw cap (I have this blank in just such). Specially bought - the banks ran out.
The tomatoes are gone. Today I bought 7 grams for a salad. Tomorrow I'll look for a cheaper place to eat ...
Yes, I constantly cook such cabbage. The recipe is simple, you can store it at home. And good in cabbage soup too ...
As it was written long ago, Temka came to life.
For those who do not have the opportunity to store sauerkraut in autumn, as it quickly turns sour in the heat.
I make sauerkraut after the New Year or according to the weather, when even slight frosts are established. And the late cabbage becomes tastier, sweeter, the bitterness disappears.
A wonderful recipe for the winter. It is possible not only for borscht, but also some kind of garnish. Just right for quick cooking. I'll take it to your bookmarks.
Lena, will you not be offended if I celebrate here with my experience? I combined your recipe and found in the internet and it turned out just cabbage in a tomato without anything. No salt, no vinegar, nothing but cabbage and tomato juice. In the spring, when it became clear that cabbage was about to disappear from the shelves or would rise in price, I bought several forks and preserved them in order to sit out the off-season. Everything is fine in the apartment, the cabbage remains crispy.I use it not only in borscht, but also in lagman and lazy cabbage rolls.
Lena, I won't be offended. Someone will come in handy. So you, for `` reasons '', closed it.
I closed the portion, but did not use all of it, somehow the cabbage was not expensive all winter. You can't predict the prices, you can't guess. Used when I wanted borscht with a different taste. It turned out to be special, as if I didn’t cook. Cabbage in the preparation is crispy, it is not overcooked in borscht.
We, too, have been tolerant all winter with the prices for cabbage, but I decided to close it this year in the fall. It seems to me that autumn cabbage tastes better and I really liked opening the jars. Once, and that's it ...
lettohka ttt
Girls, I have also been rolling cabbage for borscht for many years, only tomato juice, and cabbage, it costs well, without any additives! Quick and easy :-) :-) It helps a lot in the off-season :-)
Elenka, Lenochka, only yesterday I thought that I had to go to the bazaar to look after the cabbage for the preparation, and here is your recipe. I didn't know he was on the forum. I have been making such cabbage for many years, but I also harvest it without everything, only cabbage and fruit drink. Excellent cabbage is obtained in borscht, and in stews, and lazy cabbage rolls, and as a filling in pies. I always do the workpiece by eye, now I will use your proportions.

nila, Nelechka, try it. Due to a small amount of vinegar, cabbage is not digested, it turns out as it should.)))

I use it when I need to cook borscht very quickly (I am also preparing a dressing with beets and vegetables). If in a pressure cooker, then generally it takes half an hour.
And in the early spring it helps out great.

Lenochka, I also close the borsch dressing. It helps a lot in the spring, when vegetables jump in price. Yes, and in winter, when you need to bungle the borschik on a quickie. In the pressure cooker, broth, potatoes and a jar of dressing, and a jar of cabbage. In 10 minutes the borsch is ready!
This year we need to do both. True, prices for vegetables bite, but in spring they will be even higher
Nelya, definitely do!
Beetroot, carrots, onions - normal price. Tomatoes are more expensive, but 3 kg for a dressing is not a lot of money. So only labor is free.
Lena, thanks for the recipe. I still have a lot of cabbage, I see that we do not use it. And in the tabs your recipe has long been waiting in the wings and the banks are free, and the free time has appeared in connection with the quarantine. In general, I will roll this cabbage with homemade tomato juice.
Only now I think to add pepper from the freezer or not. Pepper is in borsch dressing, here it does not seem to play a special role.
Olima, Olya, Hi! I would not add pepper. It's better to add frozen to the pan.
By the way, last year I closed the cabbage with homemade tomato juice in late autumn. Such a cabbage is very helpful.
Elenka, I came again with a question. I have all the early cabbage burst after the rain, and this is a sack 12. I’m thinking, roll it up, but I’m worried if it will turn into rags in a jar, because it’s very young?
The juice will have its own tomato from last year.
Olya, I know that early cabbage is not used for harvesting. I don't think it's worth translating products and time.
Lena, thank you. I won't then, but what should I do with the cabbage? Already tired of salads with cabbage, my husband refuses to eat them.
Olya, I don't even know what to offer ...
Tusya Tasya
Olya, can you try the pickled one? Vinegar will keep from the "rag".
Hello! I freeze such shredded cabbage in portions: for a smaller borscht, a larger one for stewing.
I also really like it canned with citric acid, also a preparation for borscht. Arrange the chopped cabbage in jars, pour boiling water over, let stand, drain. Add 0.5 tsp to each jar. citric acid, pour boiling water, roll up, do not wrap up. The recipe was taken from here, from the forum, was written "between the lines", I can not give a link. I have been using it myself for more than one year, I am very satisfied.

Bank in the recipe 1l.

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