Vienna waffles

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Vienna waffles


Eggs 2 pcs
Sugar 150 grams
Flour 300 grams
Cream 10% 200 ml
Soda 0.5 tsp
Vinegar 0.5 tsp
Starch 1 tsp
Sour cream 4 tbsp. l.
Salt pinch
Vanilla sugar taste

Cooking method

  • 1. Separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the yolks with sugar and a pinch of salt, leave until dissolved. Beat the whites into a dense foam.
  • 2. Mix the whites with the yolks. Vanilla sugar can be added for a fragrant aroma.
  • 3. Mix flour with slaked soda vinegar and starch diluted in sour cream.
  • 4. Gradually add the egg mixture with a little cream to the flour. Knead until smooth. Bake in a waffle iron. After 2-3 passes, lubricate the panels with vegetable oil (for example, with a brush).
  • 5. Serve with jam, sour cream or curd cream, and certainly with tea! Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

12-14 pcs


Note that there is no fat in the recipe, except in cream and sour cream.

Thank you very much for the recipe. The waffles turned out to be just super !!!! When they cool, they become crispy.
To your health. And most importantly, there is no that awful aftertaste of baking powder - like store-bought waffles.
Miss Raspberry
glykoza, I bring you a report. The waffles are just class, something in between waffles and cookies, the husband and children dared right away. True flour put 220 grams, everything else according to the recipe.
Vienna waffles
Thanks for the report. Itself has not baked waffles for a long time. We need to refresh the taste.
Can you add sour cream instead of cream? Otherwise there is no cream, but sour cream is waiting wherever it is
Natasha. I did not conduct experiments. If you dare, show the result.
Thanks for the recipe. I spread it thinner, added almost 80 ml more cream. Everything worked out great.

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