Salt meat team "Sytnaya" in a multicooker Brand 37501

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Salty meat team Nourishing in a multicooker Brand 37501


Meat trim
(sausages, half-smoked sausage, brisket, chicken hearts and ventricles),
in general, what will you find meat in the refrigerator
450 g
Potatoes 4-5 pcs.
Bulb onions 1 large onion
Carrot 1 PC.
Tomato paste 2-3 st. spoons
Pickles pieces 3
Condiments, herbs taste

Cooking method

  • Cut the carrots into strips and the onions into cubes. At the bottom of the multicooker bowl (I have a "Supra"), pour a little vegetable oil and fry the vegetables on the "pie" mode. Add tomato paste, pickles, finely chopped meat scraps. After about five minutes we put potatoes, cut into pieces of medium size, fill with boiling water up to the maximum mark of the bowl, you can add a bouillon cube, or without it, set the "soup" mode for an hour and calmly do other things. At the end of cooking, add fresh herbs, lavrushka and leave in the keeping warm mode for 40-60 minutes.
  • Everything is ready, you can try adding olives and sour cream to the plates.


I needed to quickly cook the soup, but there was no broth, I opened the refrigerator, carried out an audit and quickly cooked this fragrant and satisfying yummy, which everyone liked at home and me for the speed and ease of preparation. The only "but": I didn't have tomato paste, I had to put canned crushed tomatoes and a spoonful of ketchup, so this time the hodgepodge turned out to be not as rich in color as it should, but no less tasty.

Bon Appetit!

And here's what happened ..

Salty meat team Nourishing in a multicooker Brand 37501
Very nice. :) And the plates are like mine!

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