Rye Custard Bread from Seeded Flour

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Rye Custard Bread from Seeded Flour


1. Seeded rye flour 500 gr.
2. Fermented rye malt 50 ml. = 40 gr.
3. Sourdough (acidifier) ​​Agram light 35 ml. = 25 gr.
or ("Agram the dark") as a last resort 10 ml. = 8 gr.
4. Sugar or fructose 50 ml. = 50 gr.
5. Fine salt 10 ml. = 15 gr.
6. Dry yeast 10 ml = 8 gr.
7. Boiled water 350 ml.
Rise time at t = 32-35C 60 minutes
Height of increase in dough volume 2 times
Baking time at t = 170-180С 1 hour 20 minutes

Cooking method

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  • Note. If malt and sourdough is not available, but you really want bread, you can make a replacement or cook it yourself, the recipe is not a dogma, read about this in the topic - Rye Custard Bread from Seeded Flour Rye Custard Bread from Seeded Flour
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The dish is designed for

900 grams.

Time for preparing:

3 hours.

Cooking program:

A combination of two programs or a programmable bread maker.


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