Tiramisu lazy

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Tiramisu lazy


sweet curd mass 400 g
biscuit roll with cream, ready-made 400 g
protein 3 pcs
sugar 0.5 cups
natural coffee 150 ml
cognac 2 tablespoons
cocoa 1 tablespoon
vanilla 1-2 sachets

Cooking method

  • This quick express recipe I spied on TV - cooked by one of our pop stars in a culinary show.
  • I liked the ease of manufacture and the availability of products.
  • It is not always possible to purchase mascarpone and savoyardi.
  • As a result, the dessert was devoured by the guests at the New Year's table.
  • Usually, on New Year's Eve, it doesn't come to dessert -
  • but we have the only dish, the bottom of which we saw, it was a dish from under Tiramisu
  • Scrubbed him in good faith.
  • All the guests noted that the dessert is delicious and very light, the cottage cheese did not weigh down the dessert.
  • Cooking-
  • I bought a ready-made biscuit roll with cream in the store. I took a roll of chocolate with brown dough. Cut it on wheels.
  • And laid the first layer of the roll on the bottom of the transparent dish
  • Then I prepared the impregnation
  • brewed 150 grams of natural coffee with sugar and let it cool. I added 2 tablespoons of cognac to the coffee (no more needed).
  • This impregnation poured on our layer of the roll (it took exactly half)
  • Then I prepared a curd mass-
  • Mixed 400 grams of sweet curd mass from the store and added to it
  • whites whipped into a strong foam with sugar and vanilla.
  • This mass generously covered our biscuit.
  • Then she repeated everything - another layer of biscuit, impregnation and curd mass.
  • Then the dish was sent to the refrigerator for the night.
  • And sprinkled with dry cocoa before serving.
  • Decorated with mastic snowflakes.
  • Bon Appetit!

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Natasha, thanks for the recipe! I will definitely cook it!
Thank you for such an easy and quick recipe !!! Just right for me
Shocked, pleasant. As my little one says - "Tadam." Like - thanks.
: bravo: the main thing is that you don't need to bake
Thank you for the recipe, otherwise I have a full freezer of the curd mass - it's true with raisins now that the raisins have accumulated to pick out the curd because they bring it home with milk - I ordered it once, but call and cancel it - len! now I know where to apply, otherwise the syrniki are already tired and my husband grumbles
And I naively thought that Mascarpone should be added to Tiramisu
This is in big cities there is a mascorpone, but in small places they have not heard of it ... and curd is everywhere ...

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