How to pickle salmon

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How to pickle salmon


Fish 1 kg
Salt 2 tbsp. l.
Sugar 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

Salting salmon at home quickly and tasty! The fish can be salted: fillet (on the skin) or cut immediately as into sandwiches (for this you need to hold it in the freezer so that it hardens a little and cuts well). I like slices right away, then don't get my hands dirty with fish when you're ready to eat.
If we have fillets on the skin, dip it in a mixture of salt and sugar, put it in a plastic container, or in a plastic bag, or in a plate, or anywhere - and place it in the refrigerator (NOT in the freezer, but simply in the refrigerator). You can eat in a day. I eat on the trail. day, my husband likes to be salted for 2 days.
If the fish is cut into slices, then we do this:
Sprinkle the vessel with a mixture of salt and sugar.
We spread 1 layer of fish pieces.
Sprinkle with salt and sugar.
We spread the second layer.
Salt again. So until the end of fish and salt.
Cover the top of the dish with a lid and put it in the refrigerator. Such fish is salted in a day.


Quote: tanya1962

Girls ask for help! They brought me 2 kg of chilled cut salmon and I don't know how to pickle it.

I salt, the recipe has been tested many times.

Photo Lisss's


My mother-in-law's recipe

(she comes from Sakhalin), I do it myself, it always turns out deliciously.

We do not cut salmon from the skin. I cut it in half, remove the fins and ridge, and so salt in layers.

Take 3 parts salt and 1 part sugar. You can use 2 parts of salt and 1 part of sugar - it will be lightly salted.

Lubricate the carcasses of the fish with this mixture, slightly smearing it with your hands, but do not rub.

Then we wrap each carcass in any clean cotton rag - I have two old linen kitchen towels for this purpose, put this "doll" in a plastic bag, then in a saucepan or tray - put it down the refrigerator for 1 day. All.

Then we unfold, taste, gently scrape off the unabsorbed salt with a knife.

Delicious. Along with the salt, you can add any fish spices, oregano, or just a mixture of dry herbs for fish - that's how you like it.

My recipe for salting salmon

Maybe my recipe will come in handy, so we salt salmon and trout for many years.

Peel the fish from the scales.

Cut off the head, tail, cut off the fins. (Go to soup). If the fish is large, then cut into 2 parts.

Do not remove the skin, but carefully free it from the ridge with a knife (it will also go to soup).

Then salt each piece well, it is better to take coarse or fine salt, but without iodine. Just salt, no sugar.

Fold the salted pieces one on top of the other, skin side down, in any glass or enamel dish, cover and in the refrigerator.

The next day, juice will appear at the bottom, swap the fish. We usually put 2 pieces one by one, so you can put it in a small container, because there is always little space in the refrigerator. Fish will not take excess salt!

You can use it every other day, leave the pieces for food after three days, and put the rest in a bag and in the freezer. Get it out as needed. All.

P.S. They also salted with sugar, but liked it less.

How I Salt Trout and Mackerel

For many years I have been salting salmon, trout, even mackerel. The ratio of salt to sugar is classic 2: 1, the methods are different for everyone, but it doesn't matter who you like it, but ...

I would like to draw your attention to one nuance.
In the salt-sugar mixture, I must add any 40 degree alcohol, fish meat, thanks to this, retains its elasticity.In my experience, what kind of alcohol to add is absolutely unimportant, I also added brandy and very expensive whiskey, during the salting process the smell ... but in the finished fish it is somehow leveled out and is not felt at all.

I have the following proportions:
for 1 kg of fish - salt 2 tbsp. l., sugar 1 tbsp. l. (spoons without a slide, but a little more than "under the knife") and dessert (incomplete st. l.) vodka or whatever is at hand.

First, salt is thoroughly mixed with sugar, and then vodka is added, it turns out "wet salt", it is quite convenient to spread it on fish.

Sorry for getting into your recipe, I just wanted to focus on alcohol, add spices as you like, I, for example, add them only to mackerel, but alcohol is of fundamental importance.

The composition of the recipe is a matter of taste for everyone. For example, I really love lightly salted fish, but I can't stand to the point of nausea its specific smell, it is not clear why, if you salt it with only one salt. I won't even keep such fish at home, sorry those who love such fish.

From alcohol, we also tried all types of 40 * degrees, but stopped exactly at 1-1.5 tbsp. l. cognac, it seems to us more suitable for red fish.
Freshly ground white pepper - for fish ... it's very, very! Gives piquancy and beats off specific. smell - 1.5 tsp. with a slide for 1-1.5 kg. fish.
Fresh dill, finely chopped - red fish is very friendly with dill, it also gives the fish taste and removes the specificity. fishy smell.
I. Lazerson also adds saffron in his recipe, I tried it but did not like it, and the color of the fish takes on a yellowish tint, not red.
I take salt sea or large gray - therefore 4 tbsp. l. with a small slide for 1-1.5 kg. There is enough fish - the fish will take as much as needed in a day, the salt is coarse and does not dissolve all on the fish, but the fish has time to be salted to lightly salted. I do not use small and even more iodized ones, since iodine softens the tissues of the fish and it becomes soft. We don't like this.

In general, salting fish is a purely personal matter to taste. How many people, so many recipes and taste preferences.
Andreevna, straight is my favorite way, only my fish is always large 5-6 kg, I smear it with olive oil and salt, large sea salt, then under a little pressure for a day on a cold windowsill, and then into the refrigerator.

Sometimes, under the bottom skin on the bottom of the tray and on top of the skin (so that it doesn't get on the meat) I sprinkle a little lemon pepper (Santa Maria seasoning). After 3 days it is the most. With sugar, I didn't like it either. Still, salmon and trout in terms of salt, "smart" fish, will not take too much. It is generally difficult to spoil them by cooking.
Today I will definitely try to salt salmon with whiskey, then with cognac, and even risk it with Riga balsam.
And I will offer my proportion of salting - 1 st. l. salt +1 tbsp. spoon of sugar - such a nominal proportion was to the taste of my household, every other day for 0.5 salmon, salted in the above-proposed way - add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vegetable oil, better, of course, olive.
Or, if without oil, then shift the salmon into thin slices of orange - after two days, if they do not have time to eat, remove the orange.
In our family, too, the recipe with sugar somehow did not take root. Well, I didn't like it and that's it.

How We Salt Red Fish Without Sugar

Salt immediately without the skin, but not in thin layers, as in store packaging, but in pieces about 1 cm thick.

The fish is cleaned and cut in a slightly frozen state (as mentioned above, it is easier to cut this way).

Folds into a convenient container, salted, mixed. Pure salt without sugar, additional spices and oils.

It is put in a cool place for 1-2 hours, during this time, having absorbed salt, it becomes strong even without alcohol.

And after this time, you can add oil and onion cut in half rings. This will spice it up and change the smell. The main condition: do not pour oil immediately. otherwise the fish will turn into a mess.

And in general, seasonings mask not very fresh and high-quality fish, and if it is good, then it will be great without it.
Lika ... I also take large fish, we eat it too quickly. I buy only in Auchan or Metro, I always come across good quality.
"And in general, seasonings mask not very fresh and high-quality fish, and if it is good, then it will be great without it."

I would not say that, I buy fish for salting only chilled (not even ice cream). In general, I do not put salted fish in the freezer, it is better to make chilled fish more often. My opinion.

I have already explained that I physically hate the taste and smell of raw fish, salted only with salt.
I think that I. Lazerson and others, inventing a recipe for fish with spices and with oranges (see above), did not mean buying rotten fish in a store, so that later they could mask it when salting.
Yesterday, after reading, I made 0.5 kg of salmon - 1 tbsp. l salt + 1 tbsp. l. sugar + 1 tablespoon of Riga balsam.
We just tasted it with rye bread (which is with applesauce) - very wonderful!
Thanks for the advice!

Here is our recipe for salting fish (we prefer trout)

Cut the fish in half, remove the ridge and ribs, do not cut the skin. Cut each half into 2-3 pieces.

We prepare this mixture:
  • 1 part sugar
  • 2 parts salt

On the bottom of the dish, put a few circles of lemon, on them the pieces of fish wiped with a mixture of salt and sugar.

Sprinkle a little with freshly ground pepper (we have a mixture of white, black, allspice) put 4-5 pcs. cloves (you don't need much, it will taste bitter).

On top, another 2-3 cups of lemon, the second layer of fish.

Keep overnight at room temperature, 3 days in the refrigerator. After a day, you can turn it over, the upper pieces are down, the lower ones are up.

Try it! Bon Appetit!
Here I also brought a recipe for a very tasty and quick salting of salmon or any red fish with HA from Novokuznechanka
Author's words photo is mine
How to pickle salmon
Any carcass of red fish (I always take pink salmon, it's cheaper)
separated from bones and skin - this is easy to do if the fish is frozen, slightly began to melt. Rub it liberally with coarse salt, leave for 40 minutes.
1 large onion. cut the onion in half rings.
Making the sauce: 1 table. adjika spoon, 1 hour l. vinegar essence, 0.5 tbsp grows. butter, black pepper mix well.
Rinse the fish from salt, dry, cut into strips-1 cm thick, can be larger; mix with onions, pour over the sauce, serve after 30 minutes. at least, but it is better to let stand overnight in the refrigerator.
Tell me please, can I buy frozen trout and salt it myself, or should there be chilled fish? It's just that we have a lot of ice cream on sale and it's cheaper.
Quote: Lyuska

Tell me please, can I buy frozen trout and salt it myself, or should there be chilled fish? It's just that we have a lot of ice cream on sale and it's cheaper.
We always buy chilled fish in the Metro or in Auchan. When salted, it turns out to be elastic, does not "creep" like thawed, normal red color. After all, it is not known how the frozen fish was stored, how long ago it was frozen, and how many times. Already repeatedly (almost always) when defrosting any fish I get pieces of an unpleasant color and smell, after cooking it becomes elongated, dryish. in general, nothing good.
According to the recipe, Nadia (Novokuznechanka) made fish more than once, it always turns out very tasty !!!

She has another recipe like this (or rather, it's a fill)
1h l. mustard
1h l. adjiki
25 ml. soy sauce
1 st. l. vinegar
50-70ml. vegetable oil, try it, you will not regret it!
And I also salt red fish (any) 2: 1, but after half of the layers I put it in a container, the bottom of which is lined with thinly sliced ​​lemons or oranges and put a small press on top. One day in the room, two days in the fridge- delicious !!!!
And sometimes you need to salt the fish urgently so that it is ready on the same day. There is an amazing, tried and tested recipe.I don't remember where I copied it from and who the author is. Thanks a lot to him.
1. Sprinkle sugar on each side of the fish carcass, in the amount of one teaspoon (no top).

2. Pour some coarse salt into a handful (it is advisable to find it already mixed with spices, for example, with rosemary) and grate the fillet with it on one side. Then grate with finely chopped dill. Turn the carcass over and repeat the process.

3. Peel 2-3 oranges, cut into thin rings.

4. Line the bottom of a ceramic, glass or plastic container with oranges. Put our fish on the mugs of oranges, and cover it with oranges on top. In one layer, but completely.

5. Cover and put in the FREEZER (yes, yes ...) for 5, 6, 7 hours ... (It depends on the temperature in the freezer). In general, put on such a time that it takes for the fish to "grab", harden slightly. But it did NOT freeze, froze, froze ...

6. We take out, clean off the undissolved salt crystals, try. If it seems salty, rinse it under cold water, wipe it off with a towel.

7. Having achieved the desired salinity, cut it toooooooooooooooooooooooooo (slightly frozen meat allows you to reach the thickness ... or rather - the thinness of "tissue paper"), fold it on a plate in a small slide (heap), sprinkle with chopped dill, decorate with thin slices of lemons and use with pleasure.
When you need an additive - you can no longer steam and cut the fish like a kid

Store in oranges and refrigerate. Oranges are NOT. They taste disgusting ... very salty. Do not replace coarse salt with fine salt.

My frozen fish salting

Salt the fish constantly. And always ice cream (the main thing is that this is the first freeze, if you are not sure, then you should salt it longer). I take the fish fillet (it's just more convenient to cut it later), defrost it, and my friend salts the pieces. I sprinkle the bottom of the box with coarse salt (I have Atlantic salt) on top of the fish and even thick salt. I keep it in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours, add it, wipe it with a paper towel and cut it into a box. Then you need to let it stand for a couple of hours. That's all. The taste is wonderful and the texture of the fish is delicate. I tried to do it with sugar, but it hardens the meat. My husband likes to dip it in soy sauce, and we eat like that
And so that the fish is not soft, but elastic, use SEA salt when salting. Checked.
girls, thanks for the advice! the fish turned out to be just wonderful and thanks Myumla for the advice with alcohol - I added vodka, in the specified proportion - an amber fish turned out, as a professional salting I am very happy, thanks for the advice!

How to pickle salmon


Girls, who made salting according to this recipe, what kind of adjika do you need?
Our family really likes salmon pickled with oranges. I buy chilled in Auchan or Metro. Salt as usual: for 1 kg of fish -2st. l coarse salt + 1 tbsp. l sugar and circle the orange on both sides. It turns out to be a wonderful fish.
I salted the fish according to this recipe (the very first!), It turned out yummy!
I'll try to salt pink salmon in this way.
giraffe I think that when salting pink salmon, it would be nice to add vegetable oil, because it is a rather lean fish. It will be softer. Recently, somewhere I came across such a recipe: cut the pink salmon into slices, put it in a strong brine for several hours (I don't remember exactly, it seems it was 2 hours), and then water it with r. m. and left in the refrigerator. The most delicate fish is ready in a few hours. The brine is made so that peeled potatoes float ... Personally, I have not heard about potatoes, I know that an egg is lowered and it should float.
I also looked at this recipe. Thanks for the tip with the oil, everything is already worth it, then I'll tell you what happened. Mackerel is also waiting for its recipe.
Tanya, and you Tanya-celfh saw mackerel recipe? this is now my favorite
Thank you, I didn't see that. I wanted to make a gentle ambassador, but tomorrow I will do it. I don’t want to put my hands in the fish at night.
I want to make my own contribution, we often salt it like this: cut the salmon (or trout, or pink salmon) into portioned pieces, put them in an enamel saucepan in layers - sprinkle each layer with salt (a little on the eye, so that it is slightly salty) and a little sugar, pour oil vegetable, under oppression and in the refrigerator. The husband uses the next day (he loves dampness), but I do it in 2 days.
How to pickle salmon (the photo was not successful, the photo flash distorted the color of the fish)
SoNya 68
Salmon, salmon we have salted in this way - cut into pieces three fingers wide (after loosening the carcass along the ridge and removing the spine). Together with the skin .. In a plate I prepare a mixture of 2 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar and 3 tbsp. mix tablespoons of salt. Add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of a mixture of spices for fish (I buy Exclusive from us). Mix again.
I dip the fish into the mixture and put it in a rectangular plastic container - I have it matched so that the pieces fit very tightly across, skin down. I close the lid tightly and for a couple of days in the coldest place in the refrigerator. I remove the skin before slicing and wash it.
I took the recipe somewhere in the Internet, very tasty! Mom cooks soup from such salted fish, for some reason she really likes it)))))
Quote: barbariscka

giraffe I think that when salting pink salmon, it would be nice to add vegetable oil, because it is a rather lean fish. It will be softer. Recently, somewhere I came across such a recipe: cut the pink salmon into slices, put it in a strong brine for several hours (I don't remember exactly, it seems it was 2 hours), and then water it with r. m. and left in the refrigerator. The most delicate fish is ready in a few hours. The brine is made so that peeled potatoes float ... Personally, I have not heard about potatoes, I know that an egg is lowered and it should float.

I specify that a cube of raw potatoes with a side of 1 cm should float, the solution is called brine. This is a way to salt the caviar and the fish itself (I heard that even lard) of the northern peoples.

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