Pear jam with poppy seeds

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Pear jam with poppy seeds


750 g pears (peeled and cored)
200 g sugar
1 tbsp. l. poppy seed
juice of 1 lemon

Cooking method

  • Cut the pears into cubes, pour over with lemon juice, cover with sugar and set aside for 1-2 hours, or until the pears are juiced and the sugar is almost dissolved.
  • Bring the pears to a boil, reduce the heat and cook for 15-20 minutes, stirring gently and skimming off the foam (I haven't got any foam at all lately). Grind half of the jam with a blender, and leave half in pieces.
  • Fry the poppy seeds in a dry frying pan, crush them in a mortar. Return the jam to the fire, add the poppy seeds, cook for 5-10 minutes or until the desired thickness, stirring all the time.


it unrealistic fantastic soooo delicious !!! I highly recommend trying it !!!

From the portion given above, I got one jar of 0.5 liters. and actually what you see in the photo.

Julia's recipe-La perla is here: 🔗
Many thanks to the author for the recipe !!!

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Pear jam with poppy seeds

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Pear jam with poppy seeds

Innochka, awesome jam, cooked yesterday from 2 kg of pears !!! Thank you immensely. Catch the report:

Pear jam with poppy seedsPear jam with poppy seeds
Quote: Cvetaal
awesome jam

Well ?! And what did I say ?!

Svetulya, my dear little man, I'm soooo pleased that you tried it !!!

Doubly It is triple pleasant that the jam had to taste !!!

And for the report I am so grateful to you !!!

These jars are only a gift to present !!!
Crochet, no, well, why didn't you say before ?! That's always the way, almost without a new jam, I was not left! I still have not all the pears processed, and I have poppy seeds at home!
Resolved, today I will pour another portion of jam into the jars and put it with poppy seeds!

Already laid out in jars. Tomorrow it will cool down, I will try)
Quote: Sweetheart
I will try)

Tanechka, I really hope that you are not disappointed ...

And yesterday I added chia seeds to this jam instead of poppy seeds, about the taste a little later ...

I used to make strawberry jam with chia seeds), it turned out very interesting !!!
Inna, delicious jam turned out when I just cooked and tasted it. And then I put it in a 3-liter jar and rolled up the lid. I cooked it in early August, and now mold has appeared in the jar on the surface of the jam. Of course I will not digest, so it turned out thick. We'll have to open it, remove the mold and probably pour vodka or pour a centimeter of sugar, like raw jam.
Quote: Borkovna
and now mold has appeared in the jar on the surface of the jam

Lenochkawhat a nuisance ...

But I honestly do not know why it happened so ...

I'm really sorry ... very ...

Every year, in the season of local pears, at least a couple of small jars), but I prepare) ...

It is this jam that I store in the refrigerator, since I cook it a little bit and not for long-term storage), is one of the first to be eaten ...

For long-term storage, I would take gelling sugar or regular sugar + "Jellix", or simply increase the amount of white sugar, at least half of the weight of the fruit).

And I repeat), absolutely all the jam with reduced sugar content I roll it up with a machine under cans and store at room temperature, it is stored perfectly !!!
Innochka, I wound up with the blanks and did not answer right away ... sorry ... It's okay, I opened the can, put everything away with a spoon, poured sugar on top and rolled up the can again. It's getting colder now, so everything will be fine!
We have a fever, maybe more than yours, perhaps it influenced. And in the refrigerator ... well, there is simply no free space with blanks. It is busy with various "cold" jams, sun-dried tomatoes, sun-dried peppers.
Irina F
Crochet, Innusik, but you haven't unsubscribed about the taste of chia jam?
How is it?

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