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Riga fast bread (bread maker)


Dry yeast - 1.8 tsp.
Seeded rye flour - 425 g
Wheat flour - 75 g
Salt - 1.5 tsp.
Honey - 2 tbsp. l.
brew 80 ml of boiling water
- 4 tbsp. l.
Grind cumin in a mortar - 1 tbsp. l.
Rast. oil - 2 tbsp. l.
Water - 260 ml
Additives (optional !!!):
Agram - 1 tbsp. l.
Extra-R - 1 tbsp. l.
Panifarin - 2 tbsp. l. with a slide

Cooking method

  • If you do not add additives, then add 1 tsp for sourness. apple cider vinegar. Honey can be replaced with molasses, brown sugar, or plain sugar.
  • One batch for the Pizza Program. It is equal in time to fifteen minutes. Help the silicone spatula to interfere with the flour into the bun. Turn off the stove. To catch an hour and a half on the rise. Our dough will rise by itself in a bucket with the oven turned off and the lid closed. After an hour and a half, switch on the Rye bread program. Don't miss the moment when the batch is over. Look at the bun, if it does not lie unevenly, that is, it is stuck to one edge, or one side is higher than the other, then quickly moisten your hands with warm water, take out the bun, round and smooth it with your hands, and put it back in the bucket. (It would also be necessary to make several cuts on the roof surface with a sharp knife. Then it would not crack.) Five minutes before the start of Baking, that is, when the display shows 1:05, open the lid, and quickly and gently grease the roof of the bread with lukewarm milk (slightly heated to the temperature of fresh milk) using a silicone brush. Sprinkle with cumin seeds. Close the lid and leave to finalize the program (that is, then the bread will begin to bake with us). Get out of the bucket. Allow to cool completely on a wire rack, cover the bread at this time with a linen towel.
  • I spied the cooking technology from Pest - gastronomic reviewer here:
  • 🔗
  • The proportions were changed according to GOST - 85 percent of rye flour accounts for 15 percent of wheat. According to GOST, it is sown rye flour and 2nd grade wheat flour that goes to Riga bread. Honestly, I don't like sown flour. For me, she lacks the spirit of bread. But I had an open bag, so I used a seeded one. I think it will be even better with the peeled one. She took Wheat Bakery Sokolnicheskaya, she had not met second-rate flour for a long time. Your flour may be less moist than mine. Then a little more water is required, approx. 10-20 ml. This can only be determined by the kolobok. By the way, when adding flour or water to the bun during kneading, I cover the bucket on top with a plastic bag, and then nothing is sprayed. Just do not forget to remove the bag at the end of the batch. )))
  • Real Riga bread is made with the addition of white malt (well, what happened to me !!!), so its color is not black, but gray. And it is baked in the form of loaves.
  • Have Pest there is a version of the bread made with sourdough and fresh yeast. Here:
  • 🔗
  • Here are the recommendations Pest:
  • 1. Knead the dough.
  • 2. Proving dough for 2-3 hours.
  • 3. Knead the dough again quickly.
  • 4. Second ascent 1 hour.
  • 5. Baking
  • And now I started to customize Panasonic 255 programs:
  • 1. Switch on the Pizza program. Begins immediately (without proofing) a batch of 15 minutes. Then there is a pause in the Pizza program, and we turn off the stove immediately after the first batch.
  • 2. Then I counted: in order for me to have 2-3 hours of eating, I first let the dough stand for an hour and a half in the oven off, then turn on the Rye mode. The temperature leveling begins for 45-60 minutes, which, adding to our one and a half hours in total, will give 2-3 hours of rise.
  • 3. Next, according to the Rye program, the kneading starts, equal to 10 minutes. What we need.
  • 4.Further, according to the program, the rise of the dough, equal to an hour twenty-hour thirty-five. The error in comparison with the Pest's technology in twenty to thirty minutes, at a cool temperature in the room, I considered acceptable. If the weather was very hot, the oven could have been turned off earlier, and turned on for Baking for one hour.
  • 5. Next, according to the Rye program, there is Baking bread for 1 hour.
  • If your oven does not have a Rye Bread mode, then I suggest trying this baking scheme:
  • After putting the ingredients in the HP bucket, choose a short batch in your programs. (In my oven, this is Pizza mode - 15 minutes.) After kneading the bun, let the dough rise in a closed HP for 2-3 hours. Then turn on the short batch again (8-10 minutes).
  • After the second batch be sure to cut the roof with a sharp knife !!! This bread has been proofed for a long time, and otherwise it will crack, like mine ... Schedule 1 hour for the second ascent. Before baking, grease with milk, sprinkle with caraway seeds. And turn on the Baking for 1 hour.
  • Such a nuance. I originally added 280 ml of water to the dough. At the first kneading, the bun was perfect. And after the second kneading, my dough, which had already risen, broke. The gingerbread man began to smear, so I had to add three tbsp. l. sown flour. As a result, I reduced the water in the recipe to 260 ml.
  • Riga fast bread (bread maker)


Now - EVERYTHING !!! ))) Delicious bread for you!
I gave detailed answers to all questions in "Rye tips"

Found in the internet recipe for Riga bread according to GOST. Taken at Cooking.

Bread Riga (from the book of Prof. L. Ya. Aierman)

Produces a piece hearth in the form of loaves weighing 0.4-0.8 kg.

Rye flour 85
Wheat flour 10
White malt 5
Salt 1.5
Yeast 0.2
Molasses 5
Vegetable oil 0.05
Cumin 0.4
Potato flour 0.1

The dough is prepared in the way - brewing, dough, dough.

Welding: Rye flour 25-30
Water 57-60
Cumin 0.4
Malt 5

Flour, malt and caraway seeds are mixed, poured over with hot boiling water and stirred until smooth. After 2 hours, the infusion must be stirred for 3-5 minutes, after which it is left for 20-30 hours. The brew during this time cools down to 30c at a room temperature of 25-38c.

Welding - all
Sourdough - 10

As a starter, the dough of the previous preparation is taken, which has stood for 5-6 hours.
You can also use a pre-cooked porch:
Ripe dough 5
Rye flour 5
Water 5-6

Sourdough temperature 28-29 degrees. Should cast 5-5.5 hours.
After that, the leaven should be evenly distributed throughout the brew. Dough fermentation lasts about 6 hours.

Opara - all
Rye flour 55-60
Wheat flour 10
Salt 1
Molasses 5

The rest of the flour is introduced into the dough and the dough is kneaded, the fermentation of which lasts 1-1.5 hours.
When cutting by hand, the dough is formed into oblong loaves, which are stacked for spreading on a floured board for 15-20 minutes (avoid drafts and in order to avoid crust on the loaves, grease them with water).

When planting in the oven, the loaf is lightly ironed with wet hands to give it a more regular shape. The bread is pre-fried at 320-340 s, then baked at 240-250 s. When leaving, the surface is smeared with hot potato paste.
The loaves have a smooth, crack-free, glossy surface.

Measurements of the temperature during the cooling of the tea leaves in the conditions of an artisanal bakery showed that in 4 hours the temperature drops to 60 s, in the second 4 hours to 52 s, and by 12 o'clock already to 45 s.
The optimum saccharification temperature of flour in the brew is about 60c, at temperatures below it sharply slows down .. It is advisable to keep the infusion at a temperature close to 60c for 4-6 hours, then quickly cool to 30c and ferment.
Baking bread from dough, cooked on the infuser, standing for 4-5 hours at a temperature of 60C and quickly chilled, gives bread of impeccable quality.

Everything is given in kg and liters.

The recipe is great! I baked rye bread for the first time. The result is obvious

The top was cut 2 times, put it on two proofers, baked for 60 minutes (probably 50?) The crust was too hard ...

I will recommend the recipe to my friends
tanchik68, wonderful bread! And I would not reduce the baking time, the bread may not be baked. A hard crust is obtained not because of the duration, but because of the large amount of rye flour and the high baking temperature. It can be softened by wrapping the loaf immediately after removing it from the oven in a damp towel. But to be honest, the crust will soften on its own if you store the bread in a plastic bag.
Gasha thanks for the advice! I put bread in the bag, and the crust became softer. I cover it with a towel as soon as I baked it (though not wet, but dry). Until it cools completely.
Thanks for the recipe, it turned out to be very tasty bread! : flowers: I added apple cider vinegar 1.25 teaspoons, the sourness is not felt, next time I will put 2 teaspoons, I have liquid malt, I reduced the amount of water by 30 ml, but still, when controlling the bun, I had to add 4 tbsp. l. rye flour. There is no baking mode for rye bread in LG, I tried to bake for 3 - Wheat bread, the crust is dark, left it in the oven for another 40 minutes, it turned out well, the roof is not very convex, but even.
Does this bread look like a Riga brick or a sencha? otherwise I'm looking for a recipe for Senchu ​​- I really missed his taste
please tell me, and 80 ml, which are used to brew malt, should they be subtracted from the total amount of water, that is, 260-80, or should we add 260 more to those 80? At first I poured everything into HP, then I thought ... well, "kettle" for now, what can I do!
Len OK
Do not take away in any way - it will be very dry! 260 + 80 ml.
Gasha, Thank you so much! The bread is excellent !!! Yesterday I made it according to Vanya's recipe28. did not like it! My husband asked for your Riga ambulance today!
Tell me, should it be dry under the mixer? How much flour to add, I'm completely confused, all rye recipes are different, somewhere there should be a bun, somewhere shouldn't!
Elisssa, I also always have a kolobok in rye bread, only it is denser and dull than wheat. How it should be in words is difficult to explain. You yourself will understand after a while.
Quote: Gasha

ElisssaHow it should be in words is difficult to explain. You yourself will understand after a while.
How many more loaves will I have to spoil ....?
Elisssawhy spoil? After all, even with an ugly roof, the bread is very tasty ... The fifth loaf will be excellent !!!

Everything comes with experience, just do not despair, but continue to bake
and what honey to use for this recipe?
VickyIt is best to use the darkest honey you can find. I use buckwheat. It will give an extra dark color to the bread. But, as a last resort, you can use any honey, you can also brown sugar, you can just sugar.
Elena Kiliba
Gashulka, hello ... It's me ... With flowers to you ... and with questions ... I am delighted with your RYE BREAD "WITHOUT NOTHING" .... but I found this MIRACLE in your storehouse))) ) I want to bake ... But ... as always ... a lot of questions ... No additives ... and no malt either ...
Is it possible to replace something with something and bake some semblance of this amazing bread? ... Well, they do not sell all these bakery additives in our city ... I look forward to advice ... THANKS IN ADVANCE, SUN))))
Hello Lenok!

I wrote here at my leisure "Rye" tips ... Read it, it may come in handy. You can do without additives by replacing them with other products, but neither Riga nor Borodinsky will work without malt. It is the malt that gives flavor and color. What city do you live in? Do you have bakeries? Here you can buy malt. Replace malt with liquid kvass concentrate, dry kvass, just kvass or dark beer. But the last two substitutions are not very suitable for baking Riga and Borodinsky, because the concentration of malt in them is too low for such recipes.

I must say right away that I did not replace malt for anything, because I always have it. But others replaced, you can read about this in this thread:

and here:
Hello! Please tell me the optimal ratio of water and rye flour. Made according to the recipe - a very cool dough turned out, the bread maker could hardly twist it.
A-leks , Hello! It is impossible to indicate the optimal ratio of flour and water, since flour has different moisture content each time. We need to be guided by the kolobok. Please read Rye Tips
Thank you. I actually asked why.It is possible to keep an eye on the bun during daytime baking, but at night it will not work on the timer. Looked at several recipes for rye bread - a very different ratio of water and flour (from 68% to 100%). Check at least approximately - I don't know the coefficient for rye. Admin has the following ratio regarding the wheat bun: "Water - 60% by weight of flour". A small plus or minus, of course, does not count, and usually the bread is normal. I don't want to take the charred lump out of the bread machine in the morning, and you can screw up the engine.

You may need to make a trial baked day for each recipe.
Rye flour is much more capricious than wheat flour, therefore there are more problems with the bun. For this reason, I do not bake rye breads, that is, those with 80% or more of rye flour, in automatic modes. Take lighter bread, where rye flour is 50-60%. These breads can also be baked on a timer machine.

Admin has the following ratio regarding the wheat bun: "Water - 60% by weight of flour".

Rye flour requires more water than wheat flour. I could tell you that the water is approx. 70-80% by weight of flour, but this will be wrong in many recipes.

very different ratio of water to flour (from 68% to 100%)

There is also the fact that some people like denser breads (with small crumb holes and lower ones), while others like tall breads with fluffy nostrils. The more water in the dough, the larger the holes. My family loves dense rye bread.

If you still want to put rye bread on the timer, then first edit the bun for your flour, that is, achieve a beautiful roof during the day. And then you can set the timer.
Thank you! Got it.
Gasha! Please help us to "make friends" with the rye bun! Well, I just can't do it! The first time I baked your rye fast, I did everything as you advised, I even printed out your rye tips and peeped at them all the time))) So, I sent flour and liquid alongside, the bun was not formed after the first batch, there was some kind of brown clay ( (I began to add flour, and I helped with a spatula and added the remaining half of the butter, but the bun is still not forming !!! I am in shock, my mind is turned off, only emotions! I take out what I got on the table (everything is just awful), add flour and add , I put it in a bucket, distribute and bake. The taste is good, but the bread is just BRICK !! Height-8cm, weight 800 grams, the crust is hardish. Also, the spatula for rye bread bent (((
I'll bake it next time. In the first batch, the bun was formed (pizza mode), in the second batch, the bun falls apart, smears on the walls, I add flour, it doesn't help, I try to help the bun with a spatula, everything sticks, it doesn't work. And most importantly, I don’t understand whether to add water, or sprinkle flour, but what kind of bun should be in appearance well understood from your photos, In general, now I put some kind of brown clay on the baking: (I really love rye bread, but how can I learn to form a rye bun? (((
Don't panic! Bread should be made QUIETLY, in a good mood, this is very important ... At first, I also often panicked, and began convulsively grabbing the flour, then the water, but in this case, nothing good came out ...

the bun did not form after the first batch, there was some kind of brown clay

In more detail ... what kind? Dirty? Lumps? if it is a mess, then add a tablespoon of flour and push the dough from the walls to the shoulder blade, if there are lumps, then just push the dough, without pouring.

the mind went out, some emotions! I take out what turned out to be on the table (everything sticks just awful)

Here I am about the identity ... keep my mind with all my might !!! If you decide to form a kolobok yourself, then you need to be prepared for the fact that the rye dough is very sticky. The table or cutting board must be pre-moistened with water. It is also necessary to form a loaf with wet hands, scrapers help a lot, they are actually sold separately, but I have adapted to use the scrapers that came with the refrigerator (for cleaning it from ice)


Here are the options: 1.most likely, little time was given for proofing. Bread should be put on Baking, only after doubling the dough, not earlier! 2. The yeast may be weak.

In the first batch, the bun was formed (pizza mode), in the second batch, the bun falls apart, smeared on the walls

If the bun begins to smear, then the stove must be turned off urgently. I wrote somewhere about this, that if you knead rye dough for a long time, the bun breaks into a slurry. There is no need to report anything, it will only get worse. If your kolobok has already formed during the first batch - that's just great! The less you knead the rye dough, the better. Then no second batch is needed. It is required only if the bun did not have time to form.

I can't ask the moderator to correct the first post right now. She's busy for now. I advise you to try to bake this bread as described in "Rye Without Nothing". Just pre-brew the malt, and put the cumin. That is, a batch on the Pizza program, equal to 15 minutes (only if the bun did not have time to form, we turn on an additional second batch). Then turn off the stove, and let the dough rise to an increase of two to two and a half times. Then we turn on the Baking for an hour and 10 minutes.

About a hard crust on bread is in Rye Tips.

And most importantly, I don't understand, whether to add water, or sprinkle flour

Again - calmly, do not rush, watery - it means - a spoonful of flour, disintegrates into dry pieces - means water.

Everything will work out for you, honestly! I love emotional people, so myself !!! But we should approach the test only with positive emotions !!!

Maybe you first practice on lighter bread, where there is less rye flour? Well, to understand how and what ... Like Darnitsky for her husband ...
Gasha! Thank you very much for the advice, I will try until I succeed! White bread turns out very well, but rye bread is not yet available. If something does not work out, do not be offended, I will torture you or someone else with advice))
What is there to be offended at? Everybody once started ... I will help as much as I can, and if not me, then we have a lot of very friendly and skillful people on the site. They will definitely help !!!
But somehow it didn't work out very well for me
I did it according to the baking scheme for ovens without the rye mode (as described in the initial post). Baking in Alaska 1 hour.

The crumb turned out to be sticky - you chew - it sticks to your teeth

What could be the reason?

Riga fast bread (bread maker)

Updt: baked without additives, but with apple cider vinegar
1 hour of baking is not enough ... another 10-15 minutes ... And let it cool completely before cutting ...
And in appearance - the bread is beautiful !!!
Quote: Gasha

1 hour of baking is not enough ... another 10-15 minutes ... And let it cool completely before cutting ...
And in appearance - the bread is beautiful !!!

I had the same assumption - it was corny underbaked. This is my first attempt at more than half of rye bread.

Next time I will turn on the baking again for 15-20 minutes.
Well, I'll add gluten - today I finally got to the store at VDNKh

In general, I will try again.
I bake such bread. Binaton with homemade baker. she adapted the program to the required conditions as best she could. Only I confused it with other recommendations, in which rye bread is fermented once.
As a result, kneading 1 - 10 minutes
proofing 1 - 20 minutes
kneading 2 - 8 minutes
heating 2 - 2 hours
proofing 3 - 20 minutes
baking 65 minutes
in the end, until the end of the programs 2.5 hours, and the dough has already risen twice. My wheat-rye never rose so much as this one (now the SAF yeast is a moment - for the first time I bake it and panifarin ... maybe this is how they act)

Probably, I will interrupt the program, I will bake.
I'll tell you what happened

PS I had to add 40 grams of water for the kolobok and not add 25 grams of flour.
Lita, be sure to tell us later how the bread turned out, okay?
BREAD turned out !!! rye, real.
while I was writing the previous message, it grew a little more, so I urgently turned on baking for 70 minutes. The roof collapsed a little - it became flat.
Tomorrow I will bake the same one according to the same program, I will keep track of what, and I will not leave for a minute. and I will probably turn off the stove for the duration of the proofing.
Gasha, thank you so much for such simple and so necessary advice. It was thanks to them that I decided on rye bread. Everything is stated intelligibly, it's easy for beginners to figure it out.
Lita, oh, well, thank God! I was very worried about the result ... The fact is that when I was writing this recipe, I was just studying and experimenting ... Now I still recommend sticking to a different technology for baking rye breads described in "Rye Tips". .. That is, one kneading - the shorter, the better ... As soon as the dough is well kneaded, turn off the stove, and with the lid closed and the stove turned off, the dough is defrosted until it increases by 2-2.5 times, then Baking for 10 hours - hour 15 minutes. Take it out, put it on a wire rack, cover with a linen towel until it cools completely ... Good luck and good bread to you!
Thank you.
but the fact is that I want to find for myself 2 recipes for baking in the machine (business and rye bread). because it is not always possible to be in the kitchen and with my little ones you cannot guess when I can leave. so I tried to experiment on this bread. and to my disappointment I learned that in the programmable Binaton I cannot do just one proofing. at least two. and two batches. moreover, the first proofing is not less than 20 minutes and not more than 1.5 hours.
I'm guessing. Better to make the first batch to a minimum and to a minimum, the first proofing, or to distribute the time equally.
Gashun, here in this bread there are two proofers, and I kind of figured out for myself that one current is needed for rye ... Do you think that if you give one proofing, the result will suffer Riga fast bread (bread maker)?
Kroshik, I already explained in the Rye Councils that in my first breads I used a technology that was not the one I came to later. Do as usual - short batch, proofing, baking.
Gashun, take the job:

Riga fast bread (bread maker)

Riga fast bread (bread maker)

Delicious bread !!! But why am I? Bread according to your recipes is always delicious !!! But they still have one significant drawback ... they end very quickly ...

Thank you my dear !!!

P.S. I didn't use additives, well, they ... I only added a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.
Quote: Krosh

P.S. I didn't use additives, well, they ... I only added a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.

Clever girl! That's right! Bread - IN !!!
Gasha, thanks for the recipe!
I have been looking for a recipe for such a bread for a long time. I prepared it today. Delicious! The family is happy)
Avanturin, uraaa !!! Thanks for the kind words!
but my crumb sticks to my teeth anyway. I already give the third bread to the birds. what is the mistake? and baked for exactly 2 hours.
What is the mistake - only you can know ... and I can only guess ... Maybe there is a lot of liquid? Maybe - badly mixed? Maybe - little proofing?
Ig @ Lu
A very good recipe, simple and delicious! I wanted to get this kind of bread! Here is an option based on it:
Yeast - 8g. pressed
Seeded rye flour - 425 g
Wheat flour - 75 g
Salt - 1.5 tsp.
Honey - 2 tbsp. l.
Brew malt in 100 ml boiling water - 4 tbsp. l.
Rast. Oil - 2-2.5 tbsp. l.
Water - 240 ml (plus + 100 ml brewed malt)
0.5 tsp citric acid
Cumin - 1 tbsp. l.
The weight of the finished bread is 930g.
Ig @ Lu, good bread! Thanks for the report!
Gashenka, I baked such bread today. Delicious-tasty turned out! Thanks for the recipe !!!
Here I wanted rye bread with caraway seeds - please, we have everything as in Greece.
I did everything according to the recipe, even added white malt.
But the bread turned out to be unusually low. I look at everyone he has such a heavy brick.
Well, I’ll say more - he’s not that fast. I baked according to the algorithms of the pest, it turned out something a little over 6 hours for me.
To your health, dear! I also really love rye with caraway seeds!

He is fast for the Balts!
Quote: Gasha

He is fast for the Balts!

That's for sure!
I beg your pardon, maybe you can help me too?
The very first question from the blonde - well, no way 4 tbsp. l. malt is not brewed at me 80g of boiling water! There was sooo much malt, it didn't even stir. Maybe my malt is the wrong one? Or are your hands growing out of there?
... about the rest of my problems, I seem to have found everything already here and in the rye tips ...
Olya, right? What kind of spoons do you have? The spoons should be measured and the malt should be poured "under the knife" And what does it mean - did not stir? It's insoluble. You should have a thick wet mass.

Well, if you take not 80, but, say, 100 ml of boiling water for brewing, then this is not critical. Then subtract these 20 ml from the total amount of liquid - and that's it!

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