Curd bread (bread maker)

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Curd bread (bread maker)


1 pack of soft (without grains) cottage cheese 250 mg
egg 1 PC
water 160 ml
margarine (preferably creamy) 80 g
wheat flour 500 g
sugar 120 g
salt (fine) 1 tsp
dry yeast 2 tsp (measured)

Cooking method

  • I take a large cup (500 ml). I stir the cottage cheese with the egg, add water. It turns out the consistency of sour cream. I heat the margarine to a liquid state. Everything is laid out according to your bread maker. My liquid is laid first. So:
  • 1. Curd + egg + water;
  • 2. Margarine;
  • 3. Flour;
  • 4. Sugar + salt + yeast

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

Sweet pastries


Thank you, the recipe is interesting

But, as if to look at the photo of bread for clarity
I apologize to the moderators, until I have mastered what to do with photos!

Read this thread and insert your photos into recipes and other posts, where necessary
I support, interested in bread. Photo to the studio!
And what is the weight of the bread?
Quote: Candy Light

And what is the weight of the bread?

Working with this theme How much we put in the dough - so much we get!

It turns out that from 500 grams of flour, you get about 750-800 grams of finished bread
Thanks for the recipe!
Instead of margarine (synthetic fat), it is better to use butter or ghee

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