Butter crackers from pasochek / Easter cakes

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Butter crackers from pasochek / Easter cakes


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  • I have so many pies, Easter cakes, that my family is simply not able to eat them .. but it's a pity - this is a delicious bun with raisins and candied fruits! so today I learned how to dry wheat crackers turned out to be brittle and crunchy, what I need

  • Cut the bead in half and then cut into slices 1 - 1.5 cm thick.

  • dry to an even blush in a hot oven at a temperature of 165C for 25-30 minutes. turn over every 5-7 minutes.

  • cool on a wire rack, or fan them on the table. do not stack in a pile, so as not to soften from residual heat.


I read Luda's LJ how to dry them properly. used to dry longer and at a lower temperature - 100-120С, it turned out crackers - with a run and you won't bite, but these cool, fragile ones have already been half-pressed

As soon as the recipe arrived in time, I was just sitting and looking at two Easter cakes, the poor have been standing for more than a week ... well, I don’t want them already, I’ve ate .. now I’ll make the right crackers
And I fry in the oven under the grill, only I need not be distracted by anything, they can burn out right away - they brown very well!

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