salad "hedgehog"

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Hedgehog salad


chicken breast 1 PC.
canned green peas 1 b.
eggs 5 pieces.
garlic 1 slice
cheese 300 gr.
mayonnaise 250 gr.
olives for decoration 10-15 pcs.

Cooking method

  • The recipe is taken from the forum site. Author of the recipe Аlicka.

  • Mix together: finely chopped chicken breast, canned peas, egg yolks mashed with a fork, a clove of garlic, cheese grated on a coarse grater. Season with mayonnaise. Place in a slide on a plate. Spread on top with a mixture of: finely grated cheese, egg white, with mayonnaise. Cut the olives into 4 pieces, make "needles". Make circles out of olives, these are eyes and a nose. It turned out the Hedgehog!

The dish is designed for

500 gr.

Time for preparing:

1 hour


You don't have to decorate or shape, but serve in a salad bowl is also very tasty!

Made without registration. Loved the taste of the salad. IMHO - a worthy replacement for the boring olivieshechka I will repeat it unambiguously. I hope that during the holidays I will ripen for registration. Although, no doubt, the salad is delicious anyway.
Thank you!

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