Salad "Yummy"

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Boiled or fried chicken 200g
Colored pepper 3 pcs
Marinated mushrooms 200g
Canned pineapples 200g
Walnuts 30g
Different greens 1 bundle
Mayonnaise 100g

Cooking method

  • Cut the chicken, pepper, pineapple into cubes.
  • Throw the mushrooms on a sieve, drain the marinade, do not rinse. If large, then cut in approximately the same way as vegetables. Chop the nuts. Finely chop the greens. Stir with mayonnaise.

  • Salad

  • Salad Salad
  • Salad Salad
  • Salad Salad


I found this salad in those days when I was just exploring the Internet. Where I picked it up I can't say. Therefore, thanks to the entire Internet for the fact that it exists and there is an opportunity to "pick up" something new for yourself.
The salad was called "yummy". Actually, this is the first why I paid attention to him. Then already on the ingredients included in it.
The taste is very different from the usual salad taste. The combination of salty (mushrooms) with sweet (pineapple), with the addition of meat is very unusual, but at the same time unexpectedly tasty !!
Everyone who comes to visit us has already "hooked" on this salad. They always ask: "Will there be a tasty treat?"
I want to add that initially there was a handful of raisins in the salad. But I found it too sweet for a salad, and I ruled it out. Try it! Bon Appetit!!

Oh, how I was afraid to do it! Most of all, the combination of mushrooms, pineapple and pepper was embarrassing. But since the husky said that it was delicious, then you have to do it!


The most important evaluators, my mothers, were sooo happy with the salad! And I'm just happy about it! The salad is really delicious. but it's one thing when he is liked only by me, and quite another, if close.

Thank you for the recipe !!!
husky, thanks for the delicious recipe! I also did this, but for some reason without nuts, it is also tasty, but with nuts, of course, tastier. And I'm just thinking about what to feed the guests for Easter? And here is the first recipe!
To your health, girls!
izumka, in the original there were nuts! And raisins were also added to this salad. But it seemed to me too much sweet, and I did not add any more of it. But she added greens.
The salad looks very good when it contains multi-colored peppers.
I will definitely do it for Easter too. Minimum labor costs, but a lot of pleasure !!!
I had oooh huge peppers, so only two, red and yellow. But so sweet !!!
And raisins ... not! I wouldn't add it!
And I don't like raisins in salads. Pineapples are a thing! Adore!
with your permission, I took it to the piggy bank
Original person
Thank you very much for the recipe! I cooked for my daughter's DR, everyone really liked it! And most importantly, it prepares quickly and cleanly)))
Summer resident
And how did I overlook such an interesting recipe? I took it to the bookmarks. I'll do it on March 8th.

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