Roll with nut butter

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Roll with nut butter


Warm water 110 ml
Sour cream 110 ml
Eggs 2 pcs
Salt 0.5 tsp
Sugar 5 tbsp. l.
Sunflower oil (refined) 5 tbsp. l.
Vanilla sugar 1 sachet
Flour 540 g
Yeast 2.5 tsp
Melted butter 100 g
Sugar taste
Peeled walnuts 3 glasses (as small as possible)
Vanilla sugar 1 sachet

Cooking method

  • Put the products for the dough into the KhP and knead according to the Pizza or Dough program. At the end, remove from the bucket, divide into 4 parts, roll each into a rectangle. Put the filling on top, spreading it over the entire surface, and roll up the rolls, starting from the long side. Brush with protein or sweet syrup and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Let it come up and bake at 210 degrees until tender.
  • For filling:
  • grind nuts in a meat grinder, add melted butter, vanilla sugar and sugar to your taste (we like everything very sweet, so I put a lot). Mix everything well.

  • Roll with nut butter


Very, very tasty rolls for coffee or tea. And with milk -

Baked it today. Miracle! Thanks for the O-very good recipe.
valma, to your health! I am very glad that I liked it! We had a lot of our own nuts this year, so I often make these rolls.
Well, thank you very much for the recipe, there is little trouble, and the result exceeds all expectations, the dough is thin, the nuts are spicy, there was no butter in the house, and last night I read your recipe. So the filling was without oil, but with cardamom. I like to add a pounded box of cardamom to the nuts, a good combination. Thank you very much again, I took it to your bookmarks, now I will cook often.
I am writing to you with a question, I decided to repeat your rolls again, painfully my peasants liked them the last time, but the opportunity came out. There is not a drop of vegetable oil in the house. This also happens. If instead of butter, put 150 grams of margarine or butter? Are the same wonderful ones coming out?
Natalia., I think it will work!
Tomorrow I will try, unsubscribe, I will report today I have already put the dough on the buns.

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